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by Gary Penley
Download Della Raye: A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole fb2
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    Gary Penley
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    Pelican Publishing; 1 edition (January 31, 2002)
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    240 pages
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What a gift Mr. Penley gives to Della Raye and her family by documenting in such detail the dramatic experiences of an unfortunate girl. This story helps open the eyes of the public to horrors of some experiences in facilities for the insane (especially for those who are not insane). I read it with much interest even though I did not know the family. I was able to meet the author at a book signing. The story of how he came to write the book made it evident that he wrote this as an expression of friendship to the family, which adds depth to this work. What a difficult work it must have been!).

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A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole. Published January 2002 by Pelican Publishing Company. Internet Archive Wishlist

A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole. Internet Archive Wishlist.

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The New York Times Best Seller list is widely considered the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States.

The inspiring story of one woman's struggle to maintain her dignity and strength while confined to a mental institution in the Depression-era South. Eventually, she educated herself, married, raised a family, and managed her own business.

Della Raye was my grandmother. This is her story. There is much said nowadays about athletes and movie stars and politicians. Some of them may even be worthy of some admiration, but Della Raye is an honest to God hero and an Angel that walked among us. The story of my grandmothers life contains lessons for us all. True heroism is defined through the actions of her life. It is a compelling story and a quick read and gives you a peek into a rarely seen world behind asylum doors durring the Great Depression. Give it a read and redefine what it means to heroically overcome circumstances... Love you Raye Raye.
It's been some time since I read this book but most of it is still etched in my memory. It's the sad but true story of a young girl who was dumped into a mental institution even though she was quite normal. Stories like this were far too common not that many years ago and this one will make the reader think about how we used to, and still do at times, treat people who are only slightly different from the norm. A very well written story, well worth your time to read.
Great book if you are interested in psychiatry.
It was a gift for my sister and she loved it!
Very inspiring story. Book in great condition
Gary Penley does a wonderful job in telling the story of Della Raye in “A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole”. He shows how one girl, who was unnecessarily admitted to a mental hospital at the age of 4, can stay strong in such harsh conditions for over twenty years and still come out stronger than ever imagined. I appreciated Della Raye’s own words scattered throughout the book to continually point out that this is not just another fictional book, but the real story of a young girl growing up in a tough living environment. The pictures located in the middle of the book also do a great job of this dose of reality because you can see the expressions on the people’s faces and clearly, and accurately, create an image in your head of the characters and their lives throughout the book. Plus, “pictures are worth a thousand words”. “A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole” is also an excellent piece that evokes many emotions throughout the book. It had me nearly in tears in many parts of the book, which is saying something considering the only books I have ever cried in were the seventh Harry Potter and Marley and Me. I have always been interested in the concept of a mental hospital and very intrigued by the history of the facilities; how the hospitals were ran and what was considered ‘ethical’ to do to the patients. The ‘treatment’ provided to the patients was morally wrong and disturbing which did not aid the patients any, but very well made their situations worse. This is shown in the book by the stripping down during the showers and beatings Della received from her mother after seeing her for the first time in years. Due to continual research on these ‘mental illnesses’, we have come to discover that many of these previously diagnosed ‘illnesses’ are actually small learning or processing disabilities that are very common today, but were unrecognized and not treated back in the early 1900’s. Personally, I admire Della Raye for staying strong throughout her time in the facility because I would have thought that anyone staying there for 20 years would go insane and develop like some her fellow patients. Her strength makes the book worth the read because it is so heartwarming and uplifting. Reading about her going on with her life, marrying and having kids, and opening her own beauty parlor and succeeding in what she wanted to do with her life, while spreading love and forgiveness was the absolute best part of the book for me. “A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole” is a great book and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a true inspiring story.
B. Jones
Della Raye is only one of hundreds of children from age 2 through age 21 who were shipped off by one or both parents to Partlow who simply did not want to care for them any more. Fortunately she, and others whom I personally know, came through it, although they will never forget the nightmares of being locked in a 4 x 4 room for a month for stealing a piece of cornbread, or worse yet, beging stripped naked and taking turns for showers until all patients in that building were finished. No personal clothing, no books, no radios, or newspapers, when a relative of mine was released after ten years, she did not even know how to dial a phone or how to apply for a job. This book is a true story of one person's hell, replicated thousands of times over at least 50 years, and must be read to be believed. Believe me, it is all true.
This is a fascinating real-life story... a sad story... but one of hope and forgiveness.... it will make you cry and wonder how anyone could survive as Della Raye survived.
Imagine being institutionalized in the Deep South during the depression... Imagine the pain and sorrow of a young child separated from her mother--left to live and grow in a mental institution with abusive guards in an unjust system--yet she survived and lived to tell about it!!
I was happy to get to the ending, yet I didn't want it to end. This book had an emotional hold on me!
Realizing that most of us can survive successfully through anything, I thank Della Raye for her story.... She has a great message for all of us.