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by Glade Curtis
Download Your Pregnancy After 30 (Your Pregnancy Series) fb2
Women's Health
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    Glade Curtis
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    Da Capo Press (October 21, 1996)
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Your Pregnancy After 30 book. A complete guide for the mature mother-to-be that addresses such special concerns as high-risk pregnancy, genetic counseling, exercise during and after pregnancy, and childcare.

Your Pregnancy After 30 book.

Authors Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler have good news for thirty- and fortysomething moms: your health may be more important than your age. Your Pregnancy After 3. .

by Glade Curtis (Author). It also might be a bit scary for some, as each week's chapter contains a list of every possible thing that could go wrong with your pregnancy. It's also a bit impractical in odd ways (do you really want to find out only near the END of the first trimester that electric blankets might mutate your baby ?)

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товар 2 Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers (Your Pregnancy Series), Glade B. Curtis, Ver -Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers . Book offers all the answers you need to know before, after and during your pregnancy

товар 2 Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers (Your Pregnancy Series), Glade B. Curtis, Ver -Your Pregnancy Questions & Answers (Your Pregnancy Series), Glade B. Curtis, Ve. Book offers all the answers you need to know before, after and during your pregnancy. Many similar books are on the market, I found this book in a lot sale recently, book was easy to read. Fatigue, twins or triplets, emotional changes, labor and delivery, physical changes, special concerns, emergency guidelines and so much more. I din't read book thoroughly but what I did read was excellent for experienced or new pregnancy.

Now, after more than ten years, Your Pregnancy after 35 has been fully revised with cutting-edge information, addressing nearly every health and lifestyle concern pertaining to “older mothers.

B. Curtis (English) Novelty Book Free Shipp. Your Pregnancy: Week by Week (Your Pregnancy Series) By Glade B. Curtis.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade B. Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Judith Schuler and Glade B. Curtis (2007).

The Pregnancy Series. Alternative & Holistic Health Service. Prepare your body for birth and reduce common pregnancy aches and pains with The Pregnancy Series - Natural Movement for Pregnancy with Helen Cox, exclusive to The Yoga Place North, Adlington. August 14 at 4:30 AM ·. sarawickham.

Especially for the Woman Over 30

Have you chosen to become pregnant in your 30s or 40s? Your Pregnancy After 30 provides sensible, reassuring information that is up-to-date, easy to read and tailored to your specific needs. You'll find the information you need and more in this comprehensive volume. Women who conceive after 30 may encounter special circumstances associated with a first pregnancy. Topics covered include:

-health concerns for women over 30 -multiple births -managing fatigue -work place safety -your health and medical history -tests for you and your baby -nutrition and weight management -high-risk pregnancythe facts -when to consider genetic counseling -first-time or repeat pregnancy -exercise during and after pregnancy

Besides your special health concerns, you will be looking for help in fitting this pregnancy into your busy life. Important issues are covered in a straightforward, caring way, including:

-maternity leave -laws to protect you during pregnancy -how pregnancy affects your partner -the single mother -child-care considerations

Your Pregnancy After 30 can help you feel confident that you can handle pregnancy. It will make you a better partner with your health-care professional throughout the pregnancy and after delivery, to making your experience happy and fulfilling.

Have a happy, healthy pregnancy!

It was bare boned and not particularly useful. Better info from other pregnancy guides.
This is a great book with lots of info.for the 35 and over pregnant women,and those tryn to get pregnant,I loved it and its very easy to understand.
The book was in excellent conditions. Delivery was prompt. Excellent book to read and full of information. Highly would recommend this book to anyone that has lots of questions that need answers.
This book is okay; it provides all of the basic information on pregnancy and would be sufficient if you were interested in a minimal level of information. I found the book to be very easy to read, and very straightforward, but a little superficial. The appropach to many topics (back to work?, your career and your pregnancy, how your body changes) is so superficial, it almost seems like the author stuck in the chapters because she felt she had to, rather than because she had valuable information to present. Each chapter begins with a statement that is true, but so trite ("Pregnancy is an exciting time") that it seems as if the author is pandering to the reader. The book includes a number of short one-paragraph anecdotes about women and their preganncies. Again, I found most of these anecdotes to be very superficial, without enough detail to make them very interesting or useful. One thing I found to be VERY odd -- the author has "Time-Saving, Energy-Saving Tips" in every chapter, set aside & highlighed in the text. These time-saving tips have absolutely NOTHING to do with the text. For example, in the chpater on your baby's growth, sandwiched in the paragraph in which the author is discussing whether a baby can perceive sounds within the womb, the set-aside tip is If you don't have time to wash your hair, try puttling baby powder in it, brush it out, and style as usual (something I learned from Glamour magazine twenty years ago, but didn't expect to read in a pregnancy book). In the chapter on being a single mother, the "Time-Saving, Energy-Saving Tip" is as follows -- "If your kids string beads or have projects that have a lot of small parts, one easy way to keep them neat is to use an ice-cube tray to hold everything in easy to get to compartments." As if what to do with your kid's craf supplies is the most pressing issue facing an unmarried pregnant woman. The author has tips on how to get spilled soda stains out of carpet, how to store plastic bread bags and grocery bags in old paper towel tubes, and things like that -- and these tips are often more detailed than her tips about pregnancy. One of my favorite "Time-Saving, Energy-Saving Tips", that gets equal billing with bead organization & stain removal is "If you have other children at home, make plans for someone to pick them up from day care or school if you go into labor when they are not at home. Update school or day-care permission foirms to include those whom you want to pick up your children." Duh (my reaction to a lot of stuff in the book). Another anoying fact is the tremendous amount of redundance & repetition. Like magazine & newspaper articles, the author often takes sentences out of the text and highlights them in enlarge, italicized font -- so they are in the text AND in the highlighted form. Problem is, the highlights are often right next to the excerpted text, so you end up reading the same thing twice -- without anything else in between.
On the positive side -- the book is very easy to read, and it contains a great glossary of terms and list of resources. You won't need a copy of Household Hints from Heloise if you buy this, as the author tries to cover pregnancy and household management in one text. The book contains good illustrations. And (this is pretty important) -- this is a reassuring book about pregnancy, not a scary if-you-don't-eat spinach-and-walk-three-miles-a-day-your-baby-has-no-chance-of-being-normal book. Overall, this is okay, and it might be just the thing for some people, but I found it to be a little pandering & superficial.
This book is OK, but not one that I would actually recommend. It's really simplistic and sometimes condescending. It's one of a series of "your pregnancy" books, and I really think that the authors took a basic "your pregnancy" book and slipped in a few bits on "after 35." There are paragraphs that are duplicated almost word for word, for example. The whole book really lacks substance.

Also, the authors write just about every paragraph in terms of the expecting "couple" which might be a given for some people, but I'm not a "couple," so it was a bit frustrating for me. I thought it might be more progressive, since there's a chapter on single motherhood, but again, this chapter seemed to be just stuck in. There wasn't a lot of continuity.

Finally, there are the "time saving" tips that are just odd. I felt like I was reading Good Housekeeping from 1955. The tips really have almost nothing to do with pregnancy. I felt like they were filler.

Hopefully, there are better books out there . . .
After having three kids in my mid/late 20s, my husband and I decided to have another at age 39. I thought it would be great to find a book that talked about the differences.

What I found in reading this book is that it has no more info than any regular preg book-- less actually and the most frustrating part is that it only really addresses the negatives and "issues" you might have to deal with being over 35. There is not one word about the positives about having a baby when you are over 35.

I was so disappointed in this book. :(
to encourage single parent is sinful, the child not having a father is against nature, dont wasre your money on this one