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by Diane Tropea Greene
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    Diane Tropea Greene
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    Rainbow Books, Inc.; 1st edition (June 13, 2007)
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It was no coincidence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read Breast Cancer as Want to Read: Want t. .

It was no coincidence  . Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read Breast Cancer as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Apron Strings: Inheriting Courage, Wisdom An. reast Cancer by Diane Tropea Greene. 9. Eating Pomegranates: A Memoir of Mothers, Daughters, and the BRCA Gene by Sarah Gabriel. 10. Leaving Long Island by Fern Kupfer. Dr. Marleah Dean Kruzel (PhD, Texas A&M University) is an Assistant Professor in Health Communication at the University of South Florida.

Apron Strings : Inheriting Courage, Wisdom an.It was no coincidence

Apron Strings : Inheriting Courage, Wisdom an.by Diane Tropea Greene. It was no coincidence. There were too many cancer diagnoses in the Tropea family to be coincidental, and Diane Tropea Greene knew it. Apron Strings is the painful but courageous story of Diane and her family, a family that was decimated by cancer. Diane learned that her cancer was caused by the BRCA2 gene mutation for breast cancer, which affected both the women and men in Diane's family.

Author - Diane Tropea Greene. Apron Strings: Inheriting Courage, Wisdom and. Breast Cancer EAN 978156825. 00 руб. Contact us. We dont sell nor produce nor supply.

Diane is the author of Apron Springs, Inheriting Courage, Wisdom an.She speaks extensively to women’s groups about a variety of breast cancer issues, including the subject of genetic breast cancer and genetic testing. Diane has been featured in local and national media discussing her family history with breast cancer, including Family Circle Magazine, Rosie Magazine and New York Newsday. She has also been interviewed for television news stories on ABC-TV, WPIX-TV, News 12 Long Island and WLNY – LI Cable News.

From the Inside Flap.Breast Cancer by Diane Tropea Greene Although dealing with a very serious topic, Apron Strings is an upbeat and optimistic look at what can be learned from the past, and all that the future has in store. When faced with adversity – faith, love, humor and the power of the human spirit will always prevail.

Breast Cancer, speaks at Relay for Life kickoff meeting.

Diane Greene Keynote Part 3. Duration

It was no coincidence. Apron Strings is the painful but courageous story of Diane Tropea Greene and her family, a family that was decimated by cancer. Diane later learned that her cancer was caused by the BRCA2 gene mutation for breast cancer, which affected both the women and men in Diane s family including Diane. But knowledge is power, and the lesson of the Tropea family is important for anyone who suspects their family has too many cancer diagnoses to be coincidental.

A MUST READ: With an easy writing style, Diane shares her personal scrapbook of life, love, family and cancer. This lovely book takes us on the personal journey of a warm, intelligent and successful woman who has faced life's toughest challenges and not only survived, but thrived. Her decisions along the way are pioneering. Her bravery, strength and optimism are truly inspiring.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I've always known what a great guy my cousin, Jay, is... but reading Diane's book gave me new insight into what a terrific person he is and what a wonderful family life they share together with their boys.

Continued health and happiness to Diane and family!

Eileen Greene
Bolton, Massachusetts
Longitude Temporary
The author spoke from her own experience and that of her family having a gene that creates a higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer. She wrote the story in a way that all could understand her emotional delima for preventative surgery. Since my daughter, twin sister and myself are going through this same thing now, it was more than just an interesting book to me.
This book is a must-read for anyone dealing with a family disease, especially for those with an inherited one like the BRCA-1 or BRCA-2 breast cancer gene mutation. It is well written and shows the bond that ties families together, and the humor and love that sets them apart from other families.
The author of this book gives a brief history of her mother's generation, their life growing up and their courage and wisdom facing a disease (cancer) that would ultimately take her mother and each one of her mother's siblings. She then moves on to her own generation, and with great skill and wisdom describes in detail their fight against the enemy that took their parents, and in many cases, how they survived the ordeal with humor and grace.
Read it, then buy a copy for anyone that is undergoing treatment or the death of a loved one. They will thank you for it.
Loved this book! There is a war on Cancer and this family's story of taking action and keeping hope alive, in the face of tragedy, is awe inspiring. Anyone who is battling cancer, genetically predisposed to cancer or fears a cancer diagnosis should read this book. It is expertly written and to the point. Diane Tropea Greene's story reveals how the past health of your family and a knowledge of modern medicine should heavily influence the choices you make when faced with a life altering disease. Greene shows you the devastation the disease caused within her family and the tough choices her generation was able to make to save their lives, while never losing humor and hope.

What I liked about the book is that it is not preachy and it reveals that there is no ONE answer. Greene shows that action and educating yourself is important when faced with Cancer. How well informed you and your family are can make all the difference in tipping the odds in your favor. I've given this book to friends who have lost family to cancer and are battling Cancer themselves. They have all identified with it and loved it. If you know anyone who has lost someone in their family to Cancer and is not actively going to get themselves checked, this book would be a great place to start a dialogue with them. We've lost too many people to inaction. I hope Dane Tropea Greene's book and the Tropea family will change the way people perceive this disease and the way they and their family manage their health care choices. The only wrong answer is to do nothing.
This book is important for men as well. Not just for the men who are standing by their wives, sisters, friends, daughters, mothers. But for the men who suffer from their own "breast" cancer battles. Diane Tropea Greene offers insight into the statistics that men too get diagnosed with "breast" cancer! That was an eye-opener. I had heard it was possible but her story of her beloved uncles' diagnoses really personalizes this little-known fact.

Most of all read this book for the warm, empathetic Everywoman tone Ms. Greene offers her readers. Very inspiring piece of work! I really enjoyed it and was quite moved in spots as she took me along her journey. Check it out.
Ms. Greene has allowed all to learn from her personal crisis. Apron Strings has enlightened me to the many options open to those who suffer with breast cancer. It is a must read for any woman, especially living on Long Island. I am the mother of three daughters and plan to keep my copy of Apron Strings with my reference books. Ms. Greene and her sisters each chose different health options that best suited their situations. Each one of these options are clearly detailed for easy understanding. Diane Tropea Greene may have been cursed with a genetic nightmare, but she has been blessed with a support system filled with family, friends and health insurance.
Apron Strings is an incredible story of a woman who faces many challenges, but takes it into her own hands to do what needs to be done to survive. Written with a realistic and down to earth tone, you can really relate to the author whether you have cancer in your family or not. It is also very informative for anyone suffering from this disease. You will gain an appreciation for what some families go through and what battles are fought against breast cancer, when carrying the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. It will also inspire you when reading of the author's courage to forge ahead through difficult decisions and procedures. A must read!