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by Victoria Moran
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    Victoria Moran
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    Lantern Books (May 1, 2009)
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It gets my highest recommendation.

It gets my highest recommendation. -Neal D. Barnard, . President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Courageous, forthright, warm, and informative. The Love-Powered Diet has affected my life. -Benjamin Shield, P. co-author of Handbook for the Soul and Handbook for the Heart.

The Love-Powered Diet book. This can be the last weight-loss book you ever read. The result: falling in love-with yourself, your life, and The Love-Powered Diet!.

In her own quest for freedom from compulsive eating and yo-yo dieting, Moran-once the chubby child of a diet doctor-discovered the power of combining the principles of the Twelve Step Program with the gentle way of eating espoused by yogis and mystics, and now supported b. .

The result: falling in love-with yourself, your life, and The Love-Powered Diet! Specifications.

Author Victoria Moran. Additional Product Features. Place of Publication. The Love-Powered Diet: Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy. Eating for Freedom, Health and Joy. Subtitle Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy. Short Title LOVE POWERED DIET. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

The Love-Powered Diet: eating for freedom, health, and joy. And sometimes people say, But, isn’t health . Victoria Moran: I don’t eat to fill the empty places in my psyche, because that’s beyond the digestive system. And sometimes people say, But, isn’t health contradictory to freedom and joy? Nah. N. Caryn Hartglass: Now, you mention your father was a diet doctor and your mom was a fitness trainer? Victoria Moran: Yup.

The Love-Powered Diet : A Revolutionary Approach to Healthy Eating and Recovery from Food Addiction. Victoria Moran's latest book is a beautiful portrait of overcoming overeating through a nurturing spiritual, emotional, and vegetarian practice. I love that this book has Ms. Moran's personal story of overcoming obesity along with using the 12 Step program and practical insights. Anyone who is looking for the real deal and not some fad diet should read this book! Improve Your Relationship With Food. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 10 years ago.

The Love-Powered Diet : Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy by Victoria Moran P. Title: The Quest for Freedom Item Condition: New. Will be clean, not soiled or stained.

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Put a little love in your heart with Victoria Moran's, The Love-Powered Diet: Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy! 4. Self deprivation is not needed! Satisfy that sweet tooth with Ruby Cooper's, Vegan Cookbook: Vegan Desserts. You can download the Kindle app to any smartphone or tablet.

The Love-Powered Diet. Author and holistic health practitioner Victoria Moran started eating only plants nearly 30 years ago, raised her daughter, Adair, vegan from birth, and maintains a 60-pound weight loss. Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy. By: Victoria Moran. Narrated by: Channa Green. Length: 8 hrs and 50 mins. In Main Street Vegan, Moran offers a complete guide to making this dietary and lifestyle shift with an emphasis on practical "baby steps", proving you don't have to have a personal chef or lifestyle coach on speed dial to experience the physical and spiritual benefits of being a vegan. The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss.

This can be the last weight-loss book you ever read. Finally, make peace with food and have a body you're proud of by drawing on the wisdom and grace already inside you. Replace cravings with calmness. Relate to food as a loving friend, not a feared enemy. In her own quest for freedom from compulsive eating and yo-yo dieting, Moran—once the chubby child of a diet doctor—discovered the power of combining the principles of the Twelve Step Program with the gentle way of eating espoused by yogis and mystics, and now supported by cutting-edge nutritional research. The result: falling in love―with yourself, your life, and The Love-Powered Diet!

I'm a dietitian who works with many people struggling to attain a healthy body weight. I will consider this book "required reading" from now on.

Two of my favorite excerpts:
--"The body is a reflection of what's going on inside: emotionally, intellectually and spiritually."

--"When you change your diet, not with a specific goal weight in mind but because your life and world will be better when you do, your body will take it from there."
The Love-Powered Diet is one of the best books I have read that tackles the very sensitive issue of body image and struggle. It is brilliantly written and shows one person's path of growth and learning that leads her up to a most compassionate life. This book helped me with some of my own internal struggles and allowed me to see that I am not alone when facing similar misconceptions. (and neither are you!) It is wonderfully written and contains a good amount of information on Veganism and health. I highly recommend this book.
Julie Tuesday
This book is amazing. It has changed the way I view myself and food. I do not know a single person that would not benefit in some way from reading this book. It has even made me more conscious of my carbon footprint. I recently switched from paper towels to using a bundle of costco washrags around the house instead.
I have several excellent books by Victoria Moran, who is a gifted and talented writer with lots of good things to say about self-esteem, loving yourself, and being healthy (mentally, physically, and emotionally). So I was very excited and had high hopes when I saw that she had written a new book. However, once I started reading it, my excitement turned to disappointment. First of all, this book essentially reads like one big pro-vegetarian handbook. While there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're looking for, it should have been advertised and promoted as such, so I could have known to avoid it.

Second, as someone who has slowly gained weight over the years since graduating from college, I get tired of this big fad in psychology now that states everyone who is overweight has an eating disorder or emotional issues. No, we all don't. The reality is that most of us in the U.S. are overweight because we are too sedentary (driving everywhere, sitting at desk jobs all day and then watching TV and sitting in front of the computer when we get home), and we eat too many fake, processed foods instead of real foods (including real quality meat). I work in a large international firm with MANY foreign employees and clients (Japanese and European). None of them are fat, and none of them are vegetarians or raw food only eaters either. (I know because I order the catering for meetings and I see what they eat for lunch. I also am good friends with many of them, and several have told me the same thing about their views of Americans and our diets).

The author also promotes a diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat for everyone, without making any distinction between eating a McDonalds hamburger and eating an organic chicken breast sauteed in olive oil. Everyone's body is different, and some people respond better to diets higher in protein. In particular, this is downright dangerous advice for people who are hypogylcemic. I suffer from reactive hypoglycemia, which occurs within half an hour of eating meals. The dietary cure for that is to focus meals around protein and a moderate amount of fat (so food digests slowly). A meal of rice and beans without meat and fat would make me violently ill.

She also states that eating vegetarian will get rid of an obsession with food. The reality is that all of the naturally thin (without dieting) people I know are meat eaters. The most food obsessed people I know are vegetarians -- it's like the new version of anorexia. All they do is write and talk about every last morsel of food they ate and how good it was, complete with posting pictures on facebook. None of my meat-eating friends do that. I don't know what it is about being a vegetarian that makes so many people so obnoxious about it. Why can't they eat that way if that's what feels right to them, and keep their eating habits to themselves instead of pushing their views on everyone else? (Never mind the fact that many vegetarians have cats and dogs, so they're still participating in the killing of animals for food if they feed their pets).

I'll just sum up by saying to buy this book if you are a vegetarian (or are considering becoming one) AND you also believe that your are overweight because you are depressed or have a food addiction or an eating disorder. If not, skip this book and buy another much better book by Victoria Moran ("Fit from Within"). I also highly recommend "Intuitive Eating," by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, if you want to really learn how to listen to YOUR body and eat what it needs to be healthy, and not follow other people's dietary rules that may only work for them.
Good book but error on page 52, Great Invocation is very powerful invocation for Light and Love but is missing the first stanza-"From the point of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men".
I am very disappointed. I bought two of Victoria's books and read this one first. I am not sure I want to open the second one. I liked the first 1/3 of the book, so I was excited about the gold I had just discovered in this author. However, it quickly turned into a rant/preach-y/ better-than-thou lecture on eating vegan.

As another reviewer commented, this would have been fine if it had been publicized as a lesson book on why vegetarianism and veganism is the best choice. I wouldn't have bought it and it would have all been good.