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Download The Recovery Book: Life-saving Guide for Recovering Alcholics, Addicts and Their Family fb2

by Arlene Eisenberg Howard Eisenberg Al Mooney
Download The Recovery Book: Life-saving Guide for Recovering Alcholics, Addicts and Their Family fb2
Addiction & Recovery
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The Recovery Book book. Al Mooney, Arlene Eisenberg.

The Recovery Book book. Howard Eisenberg (Goodreads Author).

The Recovery Book offers them one of the best lifesaving guides to a. .And a very good book for family members to read for understanding recovery. This is a life saving book along with the Life In Recovery workbook.

The Recovery Book offers them one of the best lifesaving guides to a solution and a meaningful way of life. William G. Borchert, author and screenwriter; screenwriter - My Name is Bill W. Recovery, emancipation from chemical slavery, is a joyful miracle that must be earned one person at a time on a long and challenging journey.

From detox to the three phases of recovery-Saving Your Life, Enriching .

From detox to the three phases of recovery-Saving Your Life, Enriching Your Life, Prolonging Your Life-The Recovery Book leads addicts through recovery's highs, lows, pitfalls, and challenges. Includes sections on AA and other support groups, exercise, health, the Clean and Sober Recovery Diet, and quitting smoking. Addressed primarily to recovering addicts and their families, this book relies heavily on the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) game plan for success. Arlene Eisenberg, 1934-2001 Arlene Eisenberg was born June 8, 1934 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, daughter to the Head of the Sanitation Department.

In addition, The Recovery Book covers new knowledge about addiction . The Recovery Book is your guide to restoring sanity and living the rest of your life as a sober person.

In addition, The Recovery Book covers new knowledge about addiction mechanisms and neuroplasticity, explaining how alcohol and drugs alter the brain. The authors outline a simple daily practice, called TAMERS, that helps people to use those same processes to remold their brains around recovery, eventually making sobriety a routine way of life.

Al Mooney, who lectures internationally on recovery, writing with medical and health journalists Howard Eisenberg and Catherine Dold, covers all the latest in addiction science and recovery techniques. A new understanding of gender and addiction leads to revised insights, techniques, and new hope for treating women in recovery.

Al J. Mooney, Arlene Eisenberg, Howard M. Eisenberg. Written for the 23 million Americans struggling with alcohol and drugs, it is . More).

By: Al J. Mooney; Catherine Dold; Howard Eisenberg . Publisher: Workman Publishing Company. Print ISBN: 9780761176114, 076117611X. Dr. Al J. Mooney has been helping alcoholics and addicts get their lives back for more than thirty years, using both his professional and personal experiences at his family’s treatment center, Willingway, and most recently through his work as medical director for The Healing Place of Wake County (NC), a homeless shelter. The Recovery Book will help millions gain control of their mind, their body, their life, and their happiness.

Please join us for a webinar featuring renowned addiction and recovery expert Al J. Mooney, . e in Sobriety. Mooney will discuss the Recovery Zone System, the foundation of his books, and will also answer your questions about addiction and recovery. WHEN July 16, 2019; 2 .

As of 2016, Howard Eisenberg continues to write in tribute to Arlene's honor. In 2000, The What to Expect Foundation was created by Eisenberg's book team to provide educational resources to needy families. In 2001, Eisenberg was posthumously awarded the 2001 Career Achievement Award by the American Society of Journalists and Authors. In 2000, Eisenberg, along with her husband was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Hunter College.

It succeeded in drawing the truth out where my friends and family had not been able to. Most of all, it made me finally be honest with myself.

This book helps fill in the empty spaces that people, and their families face before, durring, and after treatment. It is a GOOD book to keep handy for reference. It succeeded in drawing the truth out where my friends and family had not been able to. Thank you, to the authors. Thank you, thank you. The best Step-By-Step Recovery Book.

First, this fantastic book covers eating disorders as well as alcoholism and drug addiction. It also includes co-dependency, smoking and how to parent well when you child is caught in addiction.

We in the healing professions who work with people who are plagued with these issues know that overlap between these addictions, disorders and mind sets are all too common. Plus, an individual may identify with one description and minimize or be oblivious to others that also undermine is or her life.

The recovering alcoholic may not recognize that his or her need for sugar is leading to sugar binges and perhaps purging. The person working on drug addiction recovery may consider alcohol a minor and inconsequential substance and doesn't recognize alcoholism as a real issue in his or her life.

A person recovering from an eating disorder may be delighted with the relief she or he gets from alcohol and doesn't understand that she is trading one disorder for another. I've spoken to many women who, in their first year of so called bulimia recovery, became ensnared in alcoholism. They didn't recognize the danger until it was all too obvious.

This book cuts through denial and compartmentalization. The authors use wisdom and knowledge earned through real experience with the recovery community to create a fabulous resource. The Recovery Book addresses almost every obstacle to achieving genuine health and freedom. It's done with kindness and respect as the authors frankly go to the essential issues facing anyone working toward recovery.

For example, when a person is ready to quit a recovery program because "It's not working" the authors say:

"Is this program really incompatible with your thinking? Or is it merely incompatible with your drugging and drinking [or binging and purging or starving or excess exercising]?

This one question alone can help thousands of people stay on their recovery path, regardless of the nature of their specific issue.

This is a big book (almost 600 pages), and it covers a big subject. It takes you through your first decision to get recovery and companions you through every stage. You can be in any state of doubt, emotional rage or grief, or frustration and find your issues discussed in a helpful way.

You can be frightened or bewildered by what's happening in your relationships, social life, love life, financial and work life and find good support here.

I especially like the practical and direct information, advice and suggestions regarding the recovering person's sexual life. Again, the issues covered are relevant to recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders.

There's plenty here to support family members who love someone who needs to be or is in recovery work.

If you are in recovery from any gripping disorder or are thinking about going into recovery, this is a book to keep at your bedside. You can find the pages that describe where you are right now and read the words of healing wisdom and practical advice that will support you in your decision making on your path to solid recovery.

Joanna Poppink, MFT
Los Angeles psychotherapist, speaker
author of Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder
You don't have to be in recovery to use the wisdom this book offers. Written in a newsprint fashion it is simply hard to open this book and not find something that speaks directly to your prent circumstances. It is ordered and if you are more systaematic in your approach this book will certianly cover the topics for you in its rich index of information. a book not to be passed up. Even if it is on the shelf and you haven't picked it up in ahile it will be like a cup of fres cold water on a hot summer's day. Drink up! This is one drink you will be very glad you bought.
I bought this book for my mom who has been an alcoholic for about 8 years. She has been sober for about a month now and has started to read this book. I think for the first time she is finally understanding what her condition is and how to overcome everyday obstacles without drinking. to be honest this is the first time ive actually seen her admit to her previous actions and move forward in trying to be a better mom. she used to be like a zombie everytime after detox. however, this book is teaching her to be happy without being dependent on anything. if you have a loved one in recovery i strongly urge you to get this for them.
The authors discus many topics that a person in recovery might learn about in many AA and other group meetings over a number of years. The authors present an easy to use reference for people in recovery and give sound advice, based on my fifteen years of involvement in AA and NA. A person attending a limited number of meetings, or in a remote geographic location should consider adding this to their recovery tools. "The Recovery Book", in my opionion, is an excelent resource, and a person who follows its guidelines should have a better chance of achieving lasting sobriety.
I actually bought this book for a family member in Recovery because when I was in college, I had bought it when I was studying to be a Drug & Alcohol Counselor. This is a great book for those in recovery!
with almost 600 pages in this book, those interested in recovery or affected by substance abuse will find a wealth of practical information about the recovery process.

each chapter builds upon the previous chapter, so everything flows and is logical.

it is not filled with technical medical jargon that could possibly confuse the reader. Instead it is a no-nonsense guide of "how to" work a recovery program.

I bought this book for a Drug Use and Abuse class I am taking for college, and it is excellent. It covers so many different aspects of the recovery process. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from addiction, or knows anyone that does. it is super informative and a great read!!
Excellent book and excellent on-going resource to read and refer to over and over again! A Social Worker let me borrow her copy of this book when I was in the hospital, so when I got home from the hospital I went right on-line and ordered myself a copy! Also, I paid next to nothing for my copy, and it arrived in excellent condition!