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by M. J. Williamz
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Literature & Fiction
  • Author:
    M. J. Williamz
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    Bold Strokes Books (November 3, 2008)
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    259 pages
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    Literature & Fiction
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Kyla and Echo seem to have the perfect relationship until someone shoots at Kyla and causes a car crash that not only takes away her memory that leaves her with only fractured memories of her former life. Seeking a motive, the detectives investigating the case quickly turn their attention to the people closest to her.

This the first book I have read from MJ. I was totally hooked from the beginning. I love an author who's storyline takes on a crazy ride. I have to say that every time I took a right turn the storyline to a left. There were times when I really wanted to smack Kyla and Echo. But I don't think the storyline line would have been as good if the characters were different. I would definitely recommend this book.
I hope MJ writes more! I have read both book & by Kindle a total of three times. Yes, I can say I got wrapped up in, what I call, a mystery, ends up a murder mystery. I wanted to kick both their butts, Kyla & Echo. Both could be pig headed and needed to be up front and honest, but then there went part of the book. Then you had, whew, get me a fan, Jenny stirring the pot. The story is so far from what it seems and but there just has to be love...There always has to be.
This was a good book but it was too short. I wanted the story to last longer.
Love this book. Author MJ knows how to capture your imagination. She has a vision for fun, teasing, and delightful entertainment. Run and buy this book!
This is Ms Williamz’s debut novel. It was riveting and amazing and left me saying OMG more than once. It truly was a thriller and even near the end I still wasn’t sure who the bad “guy” was.

I loved the relationship between Echo and Kyla. There was a big secret going on between the two of them (in addition to the other mysteries going on) that just left too many ideas and possibilities open. I believed in Echo’s innocence but because the book was so twisty turny tummy hurty (in the way a great suspense is likely to do), I wouldn’t have been surprised if the male cop did it! Oh My Gosh, do yourself a favour and read it!!!!
This first book by MJ Williamz was a little difficult to truly enjoy. I actually would give it 3.5 stars, but that rounds up to 4. The book description here is pretty good, so I won't spend time rehashing the details of the story. I think the author shows promise, but didn't come out of the proverbial gate with a clear winner. The characters are not very well developed. Kyla seems to be the most three-dimensional character, but she still seems to lack something. Echo is merely brushed over and the supporting cast is shallow.

I don't mean to paint a dire picture. Even though the characters are anemic, the premise is quite good and the story is well told. The author has enough talent to pull off a comfortable final product. Hopefully, with time, she'll further develop her skills and eventually write a book I'll keep permanently on my shelf.

Bottom line - Not a stellar offering, but a solid read.