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by Chris Kenry
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Literature & Fiction
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    Chris Kenry
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    Kensington; First Thus edition (May 1, 2002)
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    294 pages
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    Literature & Fiction
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Sugar Daddy Summer By Chris Kenry The perfect Husband By William J. Mann The Outline of a Torso By Andy Schell Satisfaction By Ben Tyler

Sugar Daddy Summer By Chris Kenry The perfect Husband By William J. Mann The Outline of a Torso By Andy Schell Satisfaction By Ben Tyler. I read 2 of the 4 stories. Waste of my time .<

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Books by Chris Kenry.

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Published 2002 by Kensington in New York. Sugar daddy summer, by Chris Kenry. The perfect husband, by William J. Mann. The outline of a torso, by Andy Schell.

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Four acclaimed gay authors provide a rollicking collection of novellas that capture the joys of romance under the summer sun, where anything is possible. Original.

Kensington's embarassingly bad cover art aside, Summer Share is a surprisingly effective and well written, if sometimes haltingly executed, collection of ostensible "beach reads." This is not to say, however, that the novellas contained in the book are feather-light or "dumbed down" reads meant solely for pure escapism and nothing more.
In fact, and in opposition to the assessment of the Publisher's Weekly reviewer, William Mann and Andy Schell's entries ("The Perfect Husband" and "The Outline of a Torso," respectively) are injected with emotional depth and genuine feeling that, particularly in this type of collection, is both unexpected and refreshing. In addition, Chris Kenry's "Sugar Daddy Summer" provides, as do Mann and Schell, a pleasant twist on the tiresome and cliched "hunky boy meets and falls in love with other hunky boy" storyline.
That said, Ben Tyler's story, "Satisfaction," ends the collection on a rather more sour note. Tyler, unfortunately, depends on and indeed deploys these aforemention cliches in woeful abundance, includes an excessive amount of gratuitous (and badly written) sex scenes that come off (no pun intended) as both cringingly pathetic and unintentionally hilarious.
Even though Kensington has marketed (and will, no doubt, continue to market) Summer Share as pure, lightweight fare, three of the four authors in the collection prove otherwise. In the process, they manage to put forth a delightfully sweet, yet never (or hardly ever) sickeningly vacuous, range of stories that provide lots of hot fun in the summertime. Enjoy!
4 simple stories of finding and rediscovering love, gay-style... I find that in 3 of them, they fall in love way too fast and the resolutions are way too pat and too perky. BUt who wants to read a party-pooper of a book in the bright, sunny days of summer anyway. But they are all charming in their own way.
But I gave this book 5 stars just because of 1 story - Andy Schell's The Outline of a Torso. It is light, unassuming and sweet at the start but suddenly, you willingly allow yourself to get swept up in the story in order to discover the tangled relationship between Rusty and Ethan. Schell sets up situations and uses other supporting characters to pave that way for a happy ending, but he does it so cleverly that I wished that he could have turned this short story into a novel. I would have loved to delve deeper into this rediscovery of first love.
All four stories are great and I have a wonderful time reading them. My favorite is "Outline of a Torso". Like one of the reviewers, I wish Schell has extended this unique short story into a novel. Schell has written a gem and one wishes there is more. "Sugar Daddy Summer" is commendable and it is worthy of Kenry. Mann is one of my favorite writers and has proved himeself once again with the relatively light hearted "The Perfect Husband". I never like Tyler's style but "Satisfaction" is a fun read and has less "Hollywood" influence which I dread. Do yourself a favor and get this book.
I didn't know what to expect when I purchased Summer Share. The only reason I bought the book was because I wanted to read more gay authors and figured that I could hit 4 birds with one stone. It was the ultimate surprise!
I immediately became engulfed in the worlds that each author created. In this world, true love was paramount and although each protagonist had his share of heartbreaks, each man never gave up hope that one day they would find what they were searching for.
I would recommend this work to anyone, and will probably make my friends read it. If you enjoy reading love stories or are weary of every falling inlove again, this is the book for you! It will change your perspectives and give you hope!
What a wonderful group of stories. Each one is a fun fantasy of ideal love where gorgeous hunky boy meets well-muscled Mr. Right. There's lots of humor, lots of sex, some cool locations, and everyone is rich or going to get there soon. And no matter what obstacles are put in their way, our two love-birds get together in the end just as they should. You could not ask for more fun. Don't look for tough issues here -- or kinky sex; don't look for reality, just read 'em and laugh, sigh, even shed a tear of joy. They're a great vacation read, or for when you're blue. In Summer Share, both you and those little blue birds make it over the rainbow.
What an AWSUME book. I couldn't put it down. All the writers were excellent. That Ben Tyler stands out though among them all.