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by Christopher Pike
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Science Fiction & Fantasy
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    Christopher Pike
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    Hodder Childrens Book; 2nd edition (September 30, 2003)
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    176 pages
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    Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Hodder Children's Books. a division of Hodder Headline plc. Chapter 1. I am a vampire, and that is the truth. But the modern meaning of the word vampire, the stories that have been told about creatures such as I, are not precisely true

Hodder Children's Books. But the modern meaning of the word vampire, the stories that have been told about creatures such as I, are not precisely true. I do not turn to ash in the sun, nor do I cringe when I see a crucifix. I wear a tiny gold cross now around my neck, but only because I like it.

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The Last Vampire Series. 6 primary works, 11 total works. Book 1. The Last Vampire. Alisa Perne is the last vampire.

The Last Vampire(The Last Vampire 1). Author: Christopher Pike. Summary: The book opens with a brief narration. A young woman named Alisa Perne, who appears to be in her late teens, is not what she appears to be. She is a 5,000 year old vampire, and to her knowledge the last of her kind. Many of the things supposedly harmful to vampires are discovered not to be true. Alisa can stay out during the day, though such a feat was incredibly difficult until she aged a couple thousand years.

The Last Vampire series consists of books written by Christopher Pike and chronicles the life of the 5,000-year-old "last vampire", The titles were originally released under "The Last Vampire" series name.

The Last Vampire series consists of books written by Christopher Pike and chronicles the life of the 5,000-year-old "last vampire", The titles were originally released under "The Last Vampire" series name, but when recently published was changed simply to "Thirst". Several previously released books were compiled together to make up earlier volumes of the "Thirst" series.

Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of American author Kevin Christopher . Christopher Pike only wrote one book in this forty-seven book series. The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever (1996). The Last Vampire 7: The Eternal Dawn (2010).

Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of American author Kevin Christopher McFadden (born November 12, 1955). He is a bestselling author of young adult and children's fiction. Other writers of this series include Caroline B. Cooney and Diane Ho. The Last Vampire 8: The Shadow of Death (2011). The Last Vampire 9: The Sacred Veil (2013).

The Last Vampire is a ongoing series that has run from 1994 to 2013 with an upcoming book announced. In 2009, it was rebranded as Thirst 18 years after the last book was published to captialize on the new teen vampire trend set by the Twilight series and others. Included of Thirst N. : The Last Vampire. Included in Thirst No. 2: 4. Phantom. 6. Creatures of Forever. Separate Titles: 7. Thirst No. 3: The Eternal Dawn. 8. 4: The Shadow of Death.

The terrifying sequel to The Last Vampire. Alisa Perne is a 5,000-year-old vampire. She and her partner, Ray, thought they were the last of their breed, but suddenly they are confronted by a series of brutal murders that could only have been caused by others like them. 1 225. Published: 1994. 5: The Sacred Veil.

Alisa Perne is the last vampire. For five thousand years she has been living among humans, living off humans. Beautiful and brilliant, she hunts alone. She thinks nobody knows her secret. But someone is stalking her. Someone wants her dead. And Alisa has a choice to make; to keep a long-held promise or protect the mortal she seems to be falling for!

Argh, this book makes me want to take my head in my hands and weep from the massive head ache it causes. I'm giving three stars for the sake of my 13 year old self who is crying out at ear splitting levels about how much she loved this book and another star for a unique premise and I'm leaving that last star empty - as empty as Pike's writing skills and as hollow as his characters. Oh, and now that you've read that horrid, discouraging little line let me tell you how much you should read this book.

Back in the 90's Pike popped out these books like pippity pop popopopop. It was incredible to watch really - every month you could go to the grocery store and there'd be another one waiting for you at the check out stand. Which was exciting for you if you were a young tween who didn't know good writing from a hole in the ground but for the rest of us . . . well, I'm sure you get the idea. And that's really a shame because the premise for this is terrible original and well done. Oh how I wish that Pike had spent more time crafting the story and the characters.

The main character here is Sita - a 5,000 year old vampire who does not originate from Romania, or even the less common but still popular Egypt but India. She's the bride of the original vampire, Yaksha, which sounds like a bad cliche but is played out quite well. I won't give away the creation mythos for vamps in this world but suffice to say it is rather interesting. Trouble pops up when one day Yaksha takes his armies to do battle with Krishna and Arjuna - as in yes, the actual Hindu deities. Needless to say Yaksha's people end up on the loosing side of the battle. Afterwards both Yaksha and Sita want to live so desperately that Krishna decides to spare them and tells them the conditions in which they might do so, but seeing as he's a trickster god at times things don't mash up - Yaksha can live as long as he kills all the other vampires. Sita can live as long as she never makes another vampire. See the problem? And so a battle of wills ensues where Yaksha tries to get Sita to break her promise to the divine in order to fall from his grace.

This is where we start to run into trouble. Pike seems incapable of writing a book that comes in over 250 pages and The Last Vampire is Tiny even by his standards. A complex plot like this needs more time and space to develop and it just isn't given the pages needed. As a result we are asked to completely suspend our disbelief at the best of times. Another big gripe for me is something I'm wrestling with even as I type this out and that's the tone of the narration. Sita is 50 centuries old so we can only assume that it would make sense that she'd express herself a bit differently than you or I might, after all it's perfectly plausible to assume she wouldn't be prone to making juvenile remarks or observations. And Pike does write the tone of an incredibly old being quite well - but that doesn't exactly make for fun reading. Nothing really pops of the page here and it ends up making incredibly dry reading. I'll admit it's a hard balance to write, but it is doable - one only has to look to Anne Rice to see that, but I feel like I still have to give kudos to him for trying.

And now I find myself at the end of my review and still I'm conflicted. Was this a good book? No. Was it a good read? Yes. I feel I have failed to make the distinction between the two here, perhaps it's not a distinction that's easy to make - it might just be the type of thing you have to go into with your eyes wide open and find out for yourself. And so while it might not be the most earth shattering book on the face of the planet there is a reason why it's been in print for so long, and I'm sure that anyone looking to pick it up could be rightfully assured that they could do much worse with their time than to spend an hour or two with this.
Great book series
The series is one of the best vampire stories I have read, very entertaining, and never a dull moment. The author doesn't waste alot of time describing inner feelings which can sometimes get you off track of the conversation between two characters (like twilight sometimes does). The cover doesn't match the book at all, so don't pay attention to that. The new released version of the same older book is Thirst which includes the first 3 books. I bought Thirst then decided I didn't want to wait until Oct for thirst 2 (includes the remainder 3 books), which is where this book pickes up.
I read The Last Vampire series when i was 13, which i am now 22, and the story still affects me today. I have to say that this series is still a favorite of mine, and I remember that when i finished the last book I felt an emptyness for it being over, so I read it again. Sita goes through things that no vampire in any other story has gone through (I dont want to ruin it), and it is an emotional ride. Read this series and you will never forget it!
This book is in great condition and I love it!
Although the story becomes a little more ludicrous as it moves from book to book these are extremely good, quick and fun reads. It's written by an author that is known for writing teen novels so it never got much acclaim I don't think, and yeah it can be cheesy at times, but in the good sort of way. Awesome series at least up to book 6. I ordered but have not finished the 3 new ones that he wrote just recently as these first six were all written in the 1990s
Do not miss this book. One of the best books I have ever read and I am an avid reader!! Do not judge this book by it's cover.
Decided to do a re-read of one of my favorite teen novels The Last Vampire. Alisa is a five thousand year old vampire currently living in Oregon. She has been called into a meeting with a private detective who’s been watching her only to find out that he’s been hired to find her. However she kills him before learning anything other than a name who hired him. The only thing she can do is dispose of the body and clean the office hopefully she can get his son to let her in.

Thanks to being super rich Alisa finds herself registered in as many classes as the detectives son Ray in hopes of being able to get into his computer. However school may not be the only thing she has to overcome when she encounters his girlfriend as well as a student who has can sense there is something different about her. Will Alisa find out who is hunting her down before it’s too late?

Alisa is an interesting character it’s fun to see how her mind works even though she’s 5000 years old she still has issues just like everyone else. This isn’t my first encounter with Alisa I’ve read the series a few times so I knew what to expect because I do remember the story. I know that she’s just going to get better as the story progresses and we learn more about her past as well as why she is the way she is.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read The Last Vampire but it was one of my favorites as a young teen, and even remembers my parents rushing me to the book store to pick up the newest one. I admit that I haven’t read the newer novels that came out in the last few years because I can’t imagine where the story would go after the original story ended. As one of my first vampire series Alisa is still one of my favorites and I think she was ahead of her time. In true Christopher Pike Fashion The Last Vampire is an action packed novel with blood and suspense that leaves you on the edge of your seat till the very end. My only complaint is the story was short but thankfully I have several more novels of Alisa to get my fix.