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by Randall F. Ray,Mary Elizabeth Anderson
Download Link Across America: A Story of the Historic Lincoln Highway fb2
Literature & Fiction
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    Randall F. Ray,Mary Elizabeth Anderson
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    Rayve Productions; First Edition edition (April 1, 1997)
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    52 pages
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    Literature & Fiction
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

A book introducing young readers ages 8 to 13 to the Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway: The Story of a Crusade That Made Transportation History Pubished by Dodd, Mead & Company, 1935. Republished by Pleiades Press.

a story of the historic Lincoln Highway. by Mary Elizabeth Anderson. Published 1997 by Rayve Productions in Windsor, Calif. Description and travel, Lincoln Highway, Automobile travel, History, Juvenile literature, Internet Archive Wishlist. There's no description for this book yet.

Mary Elizabeth Anderson. Investigates the growth of the Lincoln Highway, a predecessor of the Interstate system, and describes automobile travel and how it has changed show more.

About Mary Elizabeth Anderson (Author) : Gracie Gannon: Middle School Zero is the sixth book I've written for children.

About Mary Elizabeth Anderson (Author) : Gracie Gannon: Middle School Zero is the sixth book I've written for children more View Mary Elizabeth Anderson's profile. About Randall F. Ray (Illustrator) : Randall F. Ray is a published illustrator of children's books more View Randall F. Ray's profile.

Mary Elizabeth Anderson has written a book that I look forward to reading to my three young grand daughters when they become "of age". Through Gracie Gannon, she has exposed many of the problems facing young girls today. While giving in to peer pressure, struggling to "fit in", and going along with the crowd of bullies would have been the easy way out, Gracie has chosen the higher road.

Rayve Productions; ISBN: 1877810975; (April 1997). Lonely Is The Road - . 50: A Journey Across The Heartland by Wendell Trogdon, Fabian Trogdon (Photographer), Gary Varvel (Illustrator). Backroads Press; ISBN: 0964237180; (April 15, 2001). This book is of interest because it contains a discussion of the cultural mores that helped create America's current car glut-namely, our attitudes toward land use and growth management.

American Road A magazine dedicated to all historic . highways and trails Published by Mock Turtle Press. Official Lincoln Highway Association Books. The Complete Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway (3rd.

A story of the historic Lincoln Highway.

It began with a long-ago dream . . . a road that would run clear across America! The dream became reality in 1914 as the Lincoln Highway began to take form, to eventually run from New York City to San Francisco. Venture from past to present experiencing transportation history.

Topics include Abraham Lincoln, teams of horses, seedling miles, small towns, making concrete, auto courts, Burma Shave signs, classic cars and road rallies.

Color photos along today's Lincoln Highway remnants, black & white historical photos, map and list of cities along the old Lincoln Highway.

Ages 7 - 13 & their parents, grandparents & great-grandparents.

Reading Mary Elizabeth Anderson's "Link Across America: A Story of the Historic Lincoln Highway" was a pure delight!
I heard about this book from a friend of mine. I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present for my nine-year-old nephew. Luckily, I read it before I wrapped it up as a present.

Having grown up in Iowa myself, I related to all of the small towns and points of interests Ms. Anderson described in her book. I have seen so many of the Lincoln Highway signs in my lifetime, but never thought twice about the signs. I had no idea the Lincoln Highway spanned 12 states. I also learned what a "seedling mile" was for the first time in my life.

Basing the book on transportation history for children is something I know my nephew will find so interesting. And oh, those pictures! I remember passing through and seeing Lincoln Highway signs as a child.

This is a book I hope my nephew will enjoy reading and treasure. I know I enjoyed reading "Lincoln Highway."

I now live in Northern California and am close to the historic Lincoln Highway. I now have a richer understanding and view when I see one the old signs.
Capturing a segment of the American transportation legacy, Link Accross America is an enriching children's book focusing on a highway crossing the USA. It is dirrected towards young readers yet providing ample information that most adults just don't know. Everyday history surrounding a nation's roadway is presented to readers or listeners in a format that helps the learner to absorb while also encouraging a curiousity in the past. Illustration, photos, a varying narrative, and a changing book composition demonstrates a text for a larger audience. Road builders, drivers, an older generation, and a growing country are shown using paragraphs grouped into bite sized chunks. Numerous characters add to the narration in telling how a highway came to be. This is a great book because it reinforces history in a way that shows a society progressing through time. I think it is a wonderful book for the mid elementary grades!
This story about the Lincoln Highway is a colorful children's book that adults are enjoying too. The setting for this fictional work is the actual Seedling Mile School in Grand Island, Nebraska, where the students are given bits of information about the historic highway by drivers of antique cars at a road rally.
Interspersed with the interesting facts are color photos taken by the author. Also included are old black and white photos, a U.S. map of the original 1915 Lincoln Hwy. route, a list of towns and other points of interest in each state through which the highway passed, and a collection of Burma Shave jingles that once graced the roadsides.
The book has received high praise from librarians, teachers, other authors, and readers who live along the original route.
Mary has a tremendous interest in preserving the Lincoln Highway. Having been an elementary school teacher she presents her story to children in an interesting and informative way. This is a story that all ages need to hear about America's first "coast-to-coast" highway. In our town, Grand Island, we have an original-mile section of paving of the Lincoln Highway, which was the second such "Seedling Mile" (as those first-paved sections were called) in the United States. This book is about a man's (Carl Fisher) dream of creating a highway acorss America. It tells of the struggle and dedication to build the highway as no government money was available for such projects at the time.
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When we think of historical events, we don't usually think of transcontinental highway building, but Mary Elizabeth Anderson brings alive this oft-overlooked area in LINK ACROSS AMERICA. Although her book is meant for children, I enjoyed reading and learning more about the road I travel almost every day. The photos and illustrations also add to LINK ACROSS AMERICA's interest. Now I want to travel down more of the Lincoln Highway to see what scenic and unusual sites I can find for myself! This book will make a great gift for my nieces and nephews.
Abbie McElroy, a six year old reader from Nebraska--I like to learn about the old times. This book was fun because it talks about kids my age who are in school. They asked a lot of the same questions I was thinking about. Wow, it's hard to believe you had to go across the country in a wagon or train before the Lincoln Highway was made. I wish they still did that. The map in the back of the book is neat. I think it's fun to see where I live and where the Lincoln Highway goes.I also liked to read about the jokes. Please read this book. It is cool.
As the Educational Liaison to schools for the National Lincoln Highway Association, I have used this book, or suggested its use, by the teachers who teach a unit of the LH's history to their students. It is great source of overall information about the highway, presented in an easy to understand format for children. I highly recommend this enjoyable and informational book to all who have traveled or will be traveling our nations highways. A great source to use in a study of transportation.
A friend of mine recommended "Link Across America", and I thourghly enjoyed reading it. I had no idea that the Lincoln Highway even existed, since I grew up here in Michigan. I was also not a fan of history as a kid, but this book is so interesting and easy to read. Children will love it. It is a great part of history that children should not miss out on. I also love all of the colorful pictures.