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by Neil Tonge,Martin Brown,Terry Deary
Download Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories TV Tie-in) fb2
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    Neil Tonge,Martin Brown,Terry Deary
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    Scholastic; Media tie-in edition (May 4, 2009)
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    144 pages
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Horrible Histories (TV Tie-in). Terry Deary The Horrible Histories exhibition is up and running in museums around Britain until 2003

Horrible Histories (TV Tie-in). In 2003, Horrible Histories celebrates its 10th Anniversary! In 1996 Terry was the best selling British children’s author with 5 of his books in the top ten best-sellers of the year (Waterstones Book Shop tables). The Horrible Histories exhibition is up and running in museums around Britain until 2003. He has also just set up a television production company and is negotiating to make a series of audio tapes and writing radio scripts for BBC World Service.

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This item:Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary Paperback £. 7. Awesome Egyptians (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary Paperback £. 5. Ruthless Romans (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary Paperback £. 9.

Terrible Tudors is a book by Terry Deary published in 1993 and is the first Horrible Histories book published (Along with Awesome Egyptians). 5 years later, another book called 'Even More Terrible Tudors', later called 'Terrifying Tudors', was released containing additional history of the Tudor dynasty. Every one knows that the Tudors were a family that ruled England from 1485 to 1603 but what you dont know is that the Tudors were a murderous and ravenous bunch

Terrible Tudors by Terry Deary, Neil Tonge (Paperback, 2009). Dispatched daily from the UK Authors : Deary, Terry, Tonge, Neil. Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories TV Tie-in). Title : Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories TV Tie-in).

Terrible Tudors by Terry Deary, Neil Tonge (Paperback, 2009). Books, Comics & Magazines Other Fiction Books Other Non-Fiction Books Childrens & Young Adult Books General Fiction Books Children's Fiction Books. Read full description.

This is a list of all the books in the Horrible Histories book series. Originally titled Even More Terrible Tudors. The original versions of the books each had a "The" interjected at the start of their titles. This was removed after 2007. Originally titled Horribly Huge Book of Awful Egyptians and Ruthless Romans.

Читать бесплатно книгу Terrible Tudors. Terrible Tudors ; Slimy Stuarts : two horrible books in one, Terry Deary, Neil Tonge ; ill. by Martin Brown. Two horrible books in one (Deary . Tonge . и другие произведения в разделе Каталог. Доступны электронные, печатные и аудиокниги, музыкальные произведения, фильмы. На сайте вы можете найти издание, заказать доставку или забронировать. Возможна доставка в удобную библиотеку. London : Scholastic, 2009. 288 p. : ill. - (Horrible histories). ISBN 978-1407-10971-8 : Б. ц.

Terrible Tudors - Horrible Histories (Paperback). Terry Deary (author), Neil Tonge (author), Martin Brown (illustrator). Refreshed, renewed, reloaded! Readers can discover all the foul facts about the TERRIBLE TUDORS, including: why Henry VIII thought he'd married a horse, all about terrible Tudor torture and which shocking swear words the Tudors used. With shiny foil cover.

Terrible Tudors Lyrics.

Featuring Ben Willbond & Martha Howe-Douglas. Album Horrible Histories Series 1 Songs. Terrible Tudors Lyrics. Anyone whose lived around These parts, or ever knew’d us Is well aware that you Should never mess with the Tudors. My granddad, Henry Seventh He beat King Richard That’s him pictured Defeating the Tyke He liked his name so much that To keep alive his memory He called his own son Henry What was he like Everyone said Henry The Eighth was a baddy I have to agree Even though he was my daddy.

After fifteen fearsome years on the page, "Horrible Histories" are coming to the small screen - with all the nasty bits intact - of course. This book explains: why Henry VIII thought he'd married a horse; all about terrible Tudor torture; and, which shocking swear words the Tudors used. Join Rattus Rattus and the gang for the funniest, fastest, nastiest and daftest ride through history you're ever likely to see...

No, that headline wasn't sarcasm. I spent years as my neighborhood's go-to babysitter, and after hundreds of nights watching kids, I honestly believe that Terry Deary is using the correct approach in his Horrible Histories books. Kids are often a little more mature, and a lot more bloody-minded, than we give them credit for.

The Terrible Tudors approach, as with any Horrible Histories book, can be summed up as follows. 1) School is boring. 2) Teachers don't teach you any of the cool stuff that would actually make you care about the period. 3) Teachers are, in fact, out to get you. A little heavy-handed, but I've known a lot of eight-year-olds who were very firm on points one and three, and after encountering something like Terrible Tudors would be more than willing to concede point two.

This slim volume contains information on Tudor history, sports, games, medicine, food, religion, and royalty, interspersed generously with cartoons illustrating or commentating on the text. Generous attention is, of course, given to the gross and weird stuff: by opening the book at random I discovered that Henry VII ordered all mastiffs in England to be killed, people believed that witches could turn themselves into butterflies, plague sores might be treated by placing a newly-dead pigeon on them, and that Tudor football (soccer, as we uncultured Yanks call it) had no referees, no rules, and might end with a full-scale village-wide brawl. That kind of stuff tends to stick in your mind.

Terrible Tudors lost a star, though, for raking out the old Oxfordian theory and putting Kit Marlowe in the "did this guy actually write Shakespeare's plays?" role. It never actually says he did, but to be honest, I don't think it belonged in the book; the Oxfordian theory is less an interesting fact and more a "here's the weird stuff people might say about what might've happened but probably didn't," which is a little tenuous.

Overall, though, Terrible Tudors is an excellent example of what Horrible Histories is all about: strange, gross, cool stuff to catch kids' attention and imagination, and bring the past to life in a way a lot of school texts just don't. Definite recommendation.
This book shows us that history can be presented in an interactive way - with questions and facts that make you think - and also in a funny way, because many things our ancestors did seem very curious to us today. A peculiar example is the fact that Queen Elisabeth I bathed only 4 times a year and she was even 'cleaner' than King Luis XIV, who bathed only 3 times a year,
The book has also groase stuff, but hey, this is much true and plausible than what I learned at school. Actually, it was less groase than I thought, because I watched the series before and the peculiarities became stuck in my brain.
Even if this is a children's book, it has very interesting information not found in the history books. I read about the two hypothesis regarding Christopher Marlowe, and who knows, maybe he is the true genius behind the Shakespearean masterpieces.
My daughter devours all of the terrible histories. They make history fun!! I've tried to get my daughter's history teacher interested in using the terrible history series in class--so far, no luck! Any book in the series is a gem!
My twin, 13 year old boys adore all of the Horrible History books. I wish there were more!
I purchased this book as a present for my grandson hoping that it would stimulate an interest in history. It was a great choice as he cannot wait to read more.
its so good and i get heaps of infomation out of it i would defently buy more
sooooo good and amazing
Just what I needed for the classroom -- arrived in very timely fashion.
I love this book!! It is funny and teaches me more than the Eyewitness Tudor book did!! I also like the sequel, Even more terrible tudors!!!