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by Elizabeth Laird
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Growing Up & Facts of Life
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    Elizabeth Laird
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    B.E.S. Publishing; English Language edition (September 1, 2003)
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    336 pages
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    Growing Up & Facts of Life
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Her critically acclaimed children’s books include KISS THE DUST (winner of the Children’s Book Award), SECRET FRIENDS (nominated for the Carnegie Medal), RED SKY IN THE MORNING (0 330 39867 9, Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal, shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award), and JAKE’S TOWER (0 330 39803 2, shortlisted for the.

The Garbage King is a children's fiction book written by Elizabeth Laird and illustrated by Yosef Kebede. Laird was inspired to write the book after living and working in Ethiopia, where, in Addis Ababa, she saw children who lived on the streets who had inspiring abilities to cope with difficult living conditions. It has received numerous British book awards.

Elizabeth Laird is the multi-award-winning author of several much-loved children's books, including The Garbage King, The Prince Who Walked with Lions and The Fastest Boy in the World. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal many times.

Inspired by the true story of an African childhood lived on the edge of destitution, award-winning Elizabeth Laird's The Garbage King takes readers on an unforgettable emotional journey. When Mamo's mother dies, he is abandoned in the shanties of Addis Ababa. Stolen by a child-trafficker and sold to a farmer, he is cruelly treated.

The Garbage King book. In the afterword, the author, Elizabeth Laird mentions how she knows a lots of boys and girls whole has lived in Addis Ababa. One of them in particular, has helped her write the story. That boy has left a message, saying how he really wants us, the readers of this book, to be grateful about our lives and be happy with it.

Award winning children's author. Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, the Blue Peter Award, the Salford Children's Book Award, the Calderdale Children's Book Award, the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award, the Stockton Children's Book of the Year, the West Sussex Children's Book Award, the Portsmouth Book Award and the Sheffield Children's Book Award.

by. Laird, Elizabeth. Squatter settlements, Abandoned children. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on October 27, 2014. When Mamo's mother dies, he is abandoned in the shanties of Addis Ababa

Inspired by the true story of an African childhood lived on the edge of destitution, award-winning Elizabeth Laird's The Garbage King takes readers on an unforgettable emotional journey.

This novel of unusual power for older boys and girls tells the gripping and dramatic story of homeless street children forced to do whatever they have to do in order to stay alive in the brutal slums of an Ethiopian city. The two main characters, Mamo and Dani, come from stable families but are hurled by circumstances beyond their control into the dangers and deprivations of street life. They find a makeshift way to survive when they are taken into a street gang led by a tough but likable boy named Million. The gang is composed of kids who have never known the security and happiness of family life. Children of our own culture, who take for granted the protections and comforts of home and family, will be shocked when they read this spellbinding story, but they will also learn about the deprivations, uncertainties, and sometimes the stark terror experienced today by too many Third World children. The story of Mamo and Dani, although alarming in its authenticity, is also an inspiring tale of courage and generosity in a world where danger and anxiety are the norm.

Beautifully written sad child book about a group of boys on the streets of Addis. A rich kid who is despised by his father runs away of fear to live with the fathers former colonel when is protective mother falls sick. Another boy, born to an impecunious prostitute mother is picked up by one of her former clients when she dies. Pretending to be an uncle wanting to give the boy a job the uncle ends up to be a trafficker selling him to an impoverished farmer who treats the boy inhumanly cruel. After almost committing suicide he runs away and finds a truck driver who brings him back to Addis where he meets the rich boy on a cemetery while both are looking for shelter. They find protection by joining a group of street children, who beg, pick up food scraps from restaurants and scavenge through garbage. Each of them has to suffer from their own sad story, but by joining bound and find warmth. The formerly rich kid's talent to write stories brings extra BIRR to the group of boys but also the discovery of his whereabouts by his former English teacher.

Reading this while living in Addis myself puts things into perspective. Although one can't help everyone and has to overlook a lot of begging and pick-pocketing one still feels the harshness of their lives and shouldn't become inhuman oneself.

A well written story, teaching a lot of lessons, very suitable for kids aged 10+ but also adults.
I recently returned from a six month stay in Ethiopia. During my time there, I made friends with a man who, I later learned, is the basis for much of the character Mamo. His story is very compelling, and Ms. Laird did a fantastic job of re-creating it in a way that portrayed many of the emotions and events in precisely the way they were described to me by Belete. I did not read the book until my return to the States, and spent the entire time lost in my memories of Addis Ababa. Ms. Laird does a wonderful job of describing life on the streets and life in Ethiopia from the eyes of those who are there. This portrayal is _very_ accurate and the writing is very accessible to readers of many levels. I highly recommend this book!
I first found this book in a library - I told the librarian he was not getting it back LOL. I love it that much! Its so captivating and very emotional. The story stays with you long after you've finished reading. I recommend it to everyone.
This book had many memorable scenes and showed such a variety of complex characters and situations; I never expected the ending. I couldn't put the book down and neither could my husband.
I did not order this book and want it removed.
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Elizabeth Laird, a famous fiction writer, was born in New Zealand 1943. Elizabeth Laird has written many books about issues that are happening today. The issues include slave labour, war, fighting and kidnapping. Her favourite country, Ethiopia, has lot's of issues and even today people are dying and starving. Her books have been shortlisted 3 times for the Carnegie Medal. This book takes place in Addis Ababba of Ethiopia. The story is mainly focused on a 13 year old boy that is escaping death and slave labour. The boy's name is Mamo and he is befriended by another boy, Dani. Dani is running away from his painful life of dealing with his angry father. The two meet and they don't part until they return home. Mamo and Dani both meet other people and decide to join their group.

I think this book is really good and fast-paced, I wasn't able to put it down. This book was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, which to most people is an honor. I would rate this book an 8 out of 10. The fluency of this book is very, very smooth and flowing. The events in this book move quickly so that the reader won't get bored reading too many details. Elizabeth Laird really knows how to write with strategic skills and her ideas flow smoothly. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading or to kids who who have ever considered running away. Elizabeth Laird really knows how to keep people reading.
The Carnegie Award winner, The Garbage King, by Elizabeth Laird, takes place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Elizabeth Laird has visited Ethiopia many times and has taken Ethiopia's real life experiences and made it into this novel. The Garbage King first starts with a boy named Mamo who gets tricked into slave labor. Mamo soon gets free and meets another boy named Dani in a cemetery, who had run away from his abusive father. Together, both boys eventually join a gang and live on the streets with other boys. In order to join the gang, the characters had to give up everything. I think that The Garbage King is an interesting, adventurous and realistic fictional novel. It shows that the Ethiopian people in the area of Addis Ababa are not that wealthy. The author takes the life of the Addis Ababa street children and describes it as a sad depressing way of living. Since the book depicts real life, there are many children who live alone. I recommend this book to people who like real life adventures and problems. If you like to learn about other places in the world, you'd be a happy reader reading this. When I started reading The Garbage King, it seemed like a boring book. After reading several chapters, our book club group had our discussion. It was the best discussion because it made me understand the book from a different viewpoint. If you enjoy books with strong characters and emotions, you'll love this book.