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by Karen Stegman-Bourgeois,Ethan Long
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Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths
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    Karen Stegman-Bourgeois,Ethan Long
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    Holiday House (June 12, 2006)
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    32 pages
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    Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths
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Trollerella longs to be beautiful, and serendipitously gets her wish for one night, courtesy of the tooth fairy that inhabits the nearby well

Trollerella longs to be beautiful, and serendipitously gets her wish for one night, courtesy of the tooth fairy that inhabits the nearby well. At the royal ball, Trollerella dances with the prince, but exits (as Cinderella enters) when her manners prove less polished than her appearance. A troll’s entrance into the Cinderella story falls rather flat in this latest fairy tale remake. Trollerella longs to be beautiful, and serendipitously gets her wish for one night, courtesy of the tooth fairy that inhabits the nearby well.

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But she's green and horrible - how can she gain entry to the castle? The story line proves even a Green and Gruesome one can be a winner.

Product Information:TITLE: Trollerella. Item Information:Author : Stegman-Bourgeois, Karen M. We take pride in serving you. Category: Books. Weight: 363. Other Details:Condition : Good. Trollerella by Karen M Stegman-Bourgeois (Hardback, 2006). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Items related to Trollerella. Karen Stegman-Bourgeois Trollerella She has written a novel for adults but this is her first picture book for children. Karen Stegman-Bourgeois Trollerella. ISBN 13: 9780823419180. Karen Stegman-Bourgeois. Stegman-Bourgeois has had varied careers, including singing in a rock-and-roll band. She has written a novel for adults but this is her first picture book for children. She lives in Nebraska. From School Library Journal: Grade 2-4–This retelling of Cinderella butchers the integrity of the original. Trolls Trollerella and her brother Victroll live under a castle bridge. Hes proud of his ugliness, but she longs to be beautiful.

Karen M. Stegman-Bourgeois, Trollerella, Holiday House (New York, NY), 2006. Mary Amato, Drooling and Dangerous: The Riot Brothers Return!, Holiday House (New York, NY), 2006. Teddy Slater, The Spookiest Halloween Ever!, Scholastic (New York, NY), 2006. Amato's "Riot Brothers" series about rambunctious brothers Wilbur and Orville is a perfect outlet for Long's quirky art.

By Ethan Long, Karen M. lt;p Trollerella lives a dismal life in a muddy creek under a castle bridge. One day, after the king's men have passed over her bridge, she finds an envelope that has fallen from their carriage. Trollerella has been invited to a ball! With help from the Tooth Fairy, Trollerella's luck just might have changed forever.

Having always lived a sad and lonely life under the castle bridge, Trollerella is excited when she finds an invitation to a ball that has fallen from the king's carriage, thus with the help of the Tooth Fairy, Trollerella prepares to make herself glamorous for her special night in the hopes of meeting Prince Charming at the big event.

I went into reading Trollerella expecting something different, entertaining, and maybe a little innovative...and while it's cute in it's own way, it never really takes off the way I expected it to. Trollerella, once upon a time, used to dream every night of being beautiful and every day she woke up to the same gruesome reflection and right off the bat, I'm not too impressed with the message that this particular version of Cinderella is pushing...sure traditionally she's a beautiful girl who's also charming, hard working, honest and caring to a fault...we don't know if Trollerella is any of these things, all we know is that she wants to be beautiful.

We are also introduced to Victroll, her brother who exploits his trollness and earns many gold pieces from people traveling over his bridge, he's interesting but only a bit player in this tale and serves only to bump the invitation to Prince Charming's party into the well, which leads Trollerella to dump his huge bag of gold into the well, which in turn brings up the tooth fairy who lives there, who in turn grants Trollerella one wish for all the gold all the while admonishing her for not brushing her teeth.

Trollerella doesn't hesitate for a moment and wishes to be beautiful for one night so she can go to the ball and so the tooth fairy makes her appear as a beautiful maiden to anyone who sees her and she's off to the ball, dances with the prince, who is enchanted by her until the another beautiful girl arrives in a pumpkin carriage. Trollerella leaves the party and apparently loses one of her slippers (she's got huge glass one's like that other chick who arrived by pumpkin carriage). The story goes through the usual search and in the end Trollerella makes a deal with the tooth fairy to promise to brush and floss everyday in return for a spell that will make the prince fall in love with her (because the tooth fairy's magic isn't strong enough to make Trollerella beautiful forever). All this despite the fact that the prince doesn't seem particularly taken with her at the dance, it just doesn't really work for me.

Overall I give it three stars, I'd rather that the prince fell in love with her for who she was in the end instead of being magicked into it with a love spell. I'd also have liked if Trollerella was more ok with who she was, as it is we really don't know anything about what kind of "person" she is beyond she wants to be beautiful...she has no redeeming characteristics or personality and that's not really the message I want to be sending to my children. Trollerella had the potential to be a funny, cute, entertaining and interesting take on the traditional Cinderella story, but it never really made it there. About the only redeeming thing I found about this story are the illustrations, they are perfectly cartoon-like and really are fun!
Trollerella is a modern day Cinderella story, which I've enjoyed reading to my grandchildren. We even get to find out what happened to Cinderella in this story! She finds her happily ever after as well. I liked this book very much as it was a different spin on the fairy tale we all know so well and that made it interesting. It is a cute story to add to your child's reading collection, I highly recommend it!
This book is a great spoof of the original fairy tale. I would recommend it for all children above preschool. It satires magic fairies with a dose of reality. It's a fun read for the adults too, who get to make the voices of such hilarious characters as Victroll and the tooth fairy.

The reality that transcends the magic fairy tale world is that Trollerella is still a troll (and still ugly) but that the prince loves her anyway. Sure, he loves her because of the tooth fairy's magic, but isn't love itself somewhat magical? I believe it helps children think about such concepts from different perspectives. That's why I think it belongs on the reading list of more mature children, perhaps ages 5-8. Preschoolers or younger kindergarteners probably wouldn't appreciate it.

The illustrations are great as well, cartoon-like and funny. Some of them don't seem to coincide with the spirit of the literature, like at the end when it's revealed Victroll steals Cinderella's slipper from the steps (which is why the prince didn't find Cinderella and found Trollerella's slipper instead) and yet the picture shows a huge slipper. Or, when Trollerella's wart is described as huge enough to slip on an engagement ring, but the ring is shown dangling, not snug on the ring.

Anyway, it's definitely one of the most entertaining picture books for children ever. That's why I gave it 5 stars