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by Sam Savage
Download Firmin (Seix Barral Biblioteca Formentor) (Spanish Edition) fb2
World Literature
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    Sam Savage
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    Planeta Publishing; Tra edition (November 1, 2007)
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Firmin by Sam Savage. Una rata culta es una rata solitaria. Firmin by Sam Savage added 3 new photos to the album Illustration Book. 7 March 2010 ·. Illustration Book.

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A native of South Carolina, Sam Savage received his bachelor and doctoral degrees in Philosophy from Yale University . This is his first novel.

A native of South Carolina, Sam Savage received his bachelor and doctoral degrees in Philosophy from Yale University where he taught briefly. He has worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, commercial fisherman and letterpress printer. by Phoenix, an imprint of Orion Books Ltd

The Prix Formentor (also known as Premio Formentor de las Letras, Formentor . Looking for a way to further open up Spanish literature markets, Carlos Barral organised, through the publishing house Seix Barral, a series of annual meetings of publishers, novelists and critics.

The Prix Formentor (also known as Premio Formentor de las Letras, Formentor Literature Prize and The Formentor Prize) is an international literary award given between 1961 and 1967. After a long break it was re-established in 2011.

Published 2010 by Biblioteca Formentor. Published December 1st 2010 by Seix Barral. Paperback, 165 pages.

by. David Safier (Author).

Samuel Phillips Savage (November 9, 1940 – January 17, 2019) was an American novelist and poet, best known for his 2006 novel Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife. Other published works are The Cry of the Sloth, The Criminal Life of Effie O, and Glass. Samuel Phillips Savage was born in 1940 in Camden, South Carolina. His father, Henry Savage J. a lawyer by profession, was also an author, publishing several books of history and natural history. He graduated from Yale University in 1968

Un relato de humor negro sobre el exilio de una rata, un amor no correspondido y el poder de la literatura. Nacido en una pequena libreria en un decadente barrio de Boston, Firmin aprende a leer digiriendo su nido hecho de un libro cortado a tiras. Pero rapidamente comprende que una rata culta es una rata solitaria. Marginada de su familia, busca la amistad de su heroe, el librero, y de un escritor de ciencia ficcion fracasado. A traves de una serie de desventuras, Firmin es presa de su propia alma creativa, un lugar donde Ginger Rogers puede abrazarle fuerte y donde los libros roidos y las ratas acabadas pueden encontrar a alquien que las adore. A medida que Firmin navega por las calles sombrias en busca de amor y comprension, su soledad y su miedo se tornan humanos en irremediablemente conmovedores. Original de una manera brillante y llena de alegorias, Firmin esta replete de encanto y de anoranza por un mundo que entiende el poder redentor de la literatura.

Told from the perspective of a very literary Bostonian rat, this is certainly a unique book. At first, in the early stages of the novel, it is a light, laugh-out-loud funny and a sort of bibliophiles-version of the Pixar movie, Ratatouille. But make no mistake, the book doesn't linger in this mode for long. As Firmin ages, the book takes on much darker undertones - this is an adult book and not a Disney one. But booklovers will enjoy the comedy of young Firmin devouring literature in his home in a used bookstore - first literally, then metaphorically. Firmin makes for a charming narrator and what starts off as a cutesy story, with genuinely hilarious lines and observations quietly shifts into a darker, more melancholy and cynical novel. The acute observations and Firmin's interactions with both rats and humanity make this slim volume (under 200 pages!) a remarkable debut for Savage. Despite its darker undercurrent, this is an enjoyable, entertaining and ultimately a thought-provoking read.

It definitely is a rather odd book and Firmin's obsession with his "Lovelies" may make some readers uncomfortable. Ginger Rogers' appearance is also rather interesting, but it all plays into Firmin's "rattiness". The relationships constructed between the characters have a startlingly realistic feel to them as well. It truly is a fascinating novel and one that begs to be shared amonst booklovers.
If you have never been around Boston, you probably have never heard of the infamous Scollay Square. If you are familiar with Boston, but are my age (not mentioned here) or younger, then you probably have heard of Scollay Square (Pronounced: Skuly Skwaya) but it did not exist in your lifetime. It was a place where you could get mugged, killed and robbed at the same time by four different people. There were bunches of low-life bars, strip joints and establishments where there were ladies of negotiable affections. Just a short distance away, near the once and now again, gentrified downtown crossing close by the Pilgrim Theater where the famous Fanny Fox performed nightly when she was not in Washington, DC dealing with the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (the Honerable Wilber Mills) in the Tidal Basin in the wee hours of the night.

This book takes place in that famous Scollay Square prior to the destruction and the crooks were driven out and is today known as Government Center where the daily work is the same as before but on a much higher level.

The hero of this book is Firmin, an intellectual rat who was born (along with 12 siblings) in the basement of one of the numerous bookstores in the area (there were some businesses of quality there along with the rest). Firmin is quite a student and is self-educated using the stock in the bookstore. Being a rat, he was unable to communicate with his intellectual equals (for the most part, humans).

This is a funny/sad book. I never thought that I would have sympathy for the life that must be led by a rat, but Firmin is somewhat lovable for a rat and he is a great jazz pianist as well.
Although humanized, the rat Firmin cannot talk, and his interaction with humans is limited by his lack of social conditioning. Firmin assumes, for example, that little gifts will comfort the owner of Scollay Square's Pembroke Books, the shop where Firmin's mama relieves herself of a litter of thirteen. Fortunately or unfortunately, mama Flo only has nipples for twelve, so Firmin quickly discovers that paper in the form of books is quite nourishing. Through the consumption of books, Firmin learns to read and finds out that Boston's Scollay Square is about to be demolished. Norman of Pembroke Books does not return the concerned rat's love, but like a regular human wants rid of the gift giver and leaves him rat poison.

Trying to escape, Firmin makes another big social blunder. He fancies that women, the gentler sex, will be kinder to him, and a very harrowing scene follows. Rescued by a scroungy would-be writer, Firmin dreamily indulges in his two pleasures--reading and porno movies--and waits for the destruction of the famous square.

This short, poignant autobiography is related in first person and contains many references to a range of literary works. The rat Firmin also shares many characteristics associated with the artist--loneliness, alienation, isolation, poverty, as well as a fascination with beauty and the written word. Sam Savage, the actual author, holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Yale University and possibly uses a noble rat to point out the destructiveness and failings of humankind.
In this world of overlong, overwritten, and self important books, it is a pleasure to come across a little gem of a book like Firmin. If you have haunted book shops all your life, worked as a librarian or teacher, or simply love literature, all of which describe myself, you will read this short novel with a constant smile on your face. And then you will re-read it to catch the literary references and puns you missed the first time. Mr Savage has an amazing command of language and uses his skill to pack a lot of humor into this book. I await his next book with eager anticipation.
Fans of 'Ratatouille' will recognize this as a book loving version of the food loving rat of that animated film. The only negative comment I can mention here is that this book is a listener's delight as well which makes it a shame that an audio book version is not available. Highly recommended.