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by Margery Allingham
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    Margery Allingham
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    Dent; New Ed edition (1987)
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So it lacks the bonus layer of interest that comes from following the development of a single character over many books and many years of his supposed life.

Thus begins Black Plumes, a mystery by Golden Age writer Margery Allingham. Margery Allingham is one of the British writers of the Golden Era of British mystery

Thus begins Black Plumes, a mystery by Golden Age writer Margery Allingham. Originally published in 1940, the mystery is one of the very few that did not feature Allingham’s famous detective Albert Campion (although he lived not far away from the setting for this novel). Margery Allingham is one of the British writers of the Golden Era of British mystery. She writes exquisitely.

Black Plumes by Margery Allingham. Margery Louise Allingham was an English writer of detective fiction, best remembered for her "golden age" stories featuring gentleman sleuth Albert Campion. Black Plumes by Margery Allingham. ffb: Tether’s End by Margery Allingham. My favourite of the four Queens of Crime is Allingham J K Rowling. Margery Allingham, author of detective fiction, is best known for Albert Campion books. Explore the best Margery Allingham quotes here at OpenQuotes. Quotations, aphorisms and citations by Margery Allingham.

Margery Allingham's classic 1940 mystery. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Thriller & Crime.

A vintage murder mystery. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Nestled along the Adriatic coastline, the kingdom of Averna has suddenly - and suspiciously - become the hottest property in Europe, and Albert Campion is given the task of recovering the long-missing proofs of ownership.

The Albert Campion Mystery series written by author Margery Allingham consists of a total of 26 books which were released between the years 1929 and 1989.

The Crime at Black Dudley. Hardcover Paperback Kindle. The Albert Campion Mystery series written by author Margery Allingham consists of a total of 26 books which were released between the years 1929 and 1989. All the books in this series feature Albert Campion as a suave sleuth having noble blood and living in London. He is assisted by his partner named Magersfontein Lugg.

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The Oaken Heart (1941: autobiographical). Dance of the Years (1943: also known as The Galantrys).

Margery Allingham: A Biography by Julia Thorogood (1991); revised as The Adventures of Margery Allingham as by Julia Jones (2009). The Oaken Heart (1941: autobiographical).

You might not read Margery Allingham's detective novels for the plots, but her stories and insights are . At least twice in my life I have owned the complete works of Margery Allingham, but I keep finding that some have gone astray.

You might not read Margery Allingham's detective novels for the plots, but her stories and insights are so irresistible that guests keep stealing them, discovers Jane Stevenson. The detective-story collection is stockpiled in the spare bedroom, and over the years I have found that the Allinghams effortlessly top the list of Books Most Often Nicked (I stole half of them from my mother in the first place; thin wartime Penguins with brittle, browning paper and advertisements for Kolynos toothpaste or Craven "A"s in the back).

Gabrielle Ivory was once a society beauty of such exquisite arrogance that she stared down a queen. The slashing of a valuable painting at the renowned Ivory Gallery in London, followed by the murder of the proprietor's son-in-law, Robert, sets the stage for another finely tuned Allingham mystery. The proprietor's mother, 90-year-old Gabrielle Ivory, holds the key to the web of intrigue and danger that permeates the gallery.

Allingham brings the reader immediately into the company of two central characters of her novel - "The October wind, which had promised rain all day, hesitated in its reckless flight down the moist pavements to hurl a handful of fine drops at the windows of the drawing room in the big Hampstead house." The Ivory family art gallery is the center point of this mystery. Its multi-generation history is interwoven with that of the family. Founded sometime in "the early years of the last century ... a history of wealth and prestige behind it unequaled in Europe." We have the matriarch Gabrielle, a renowned beauty who famously stood up to Queen Victoria; now slightly unpredictable and acting demented when it suits her, but sprightly and very conscious of what becomes a lady. And her maid Dorothy, of course. Then we have Meyrick, the son, currently on a trip to China and out of reach when needed - but summoned by telegram. There are two grand-daughters , one perpetually prostrated and suffering from nerves and the other, younger - "barely twenty in her dark suit and Paris sailor, with foxes dangling from her hand.." Phillida, the elder, is married to Robert . He appears to be incompetent, nervy, maybe even up to something. But what? The gallery staff are worried. Then there is the obnoxious Henry Lucar, who started as a batmen a,k,a, sergeant to Robert and who has hopes of marrying Frances. Then there is the long-missing Godolphin who was once intending to marry Phillida.. What is his game? Where has he been? David Field, the celebrated painter is central to it all - is he? Why? Suddenly there are murders and Scotland Yard is involved. Everybody does something awfully suspicious. Who done it? Is everybody what they seem to be? What have they to gain? Not Allingham's best.
Set in Britain between the wars, this period mystery revolves around the Ivory family. A series of pranks against the family business turn sinister when one of the family is found dead. From 90-year-old Gabrielle, the failing but still powerful matriarch, to her granddaughter Frances and neurotic granddaughter in law, the book if filled with complex and interesting characters. A fake engagement and the return of a man long presumed dead add to the confusion in sorting out who was the killer. The author did a great job pointing suspicion at one, then another, dropping subtle clues along the way.
A classic example of the 1920's and 30's English detective story. Perhaps rather dated by present standards, with characters richly drawn if somewhat difficult to believe in, such as the family's aged Grande Dame who archly exerts almost tyrannical control. The dialogue may be typical of the period, but it can sound contrived to twenty-first century ears. Good plot, several red herrings, but a logical solution which ,at still surprise the reader. Margery Allingham has few peers in this kind of dated crime fiction, certainly on a par with Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey, and this particular book shows her at her best (unlike the later "Tiger in the Smoke").
Margery Allingham is one of the British writers of the Golden Era of British mystery. I can recall reading all of her books, with appreciation, quite a few years ago. Recently, I got a Kindle edition of Allinghan’s Black Plumes, and was newly inspired by it. Allingham is a gifted writer, whose descriptive passages are gems. She writes exquisitely. The story of Black Pumes is a bit of a period piece, of course, but the quality of the writing shines through the passing years. Aspiring writers can learn a lot from Allingham.
Margery Allingham was a true master of word craft and the weaving of intricate tales.
Like Dorothy L. Sayers, Allingham spun witty tales with clever turn of phrase.
This story entertains - and that, to me, is the thing about Allingham - she never fails to entertain.
What more can one ask?
One of Allingham's best. No, doesn't have her usual characters, but its a great one-off mystery. If you're looking for a good period British mystery, this is a nice departure from the "murder at the country house" genre.
This is one of my favorite study books (and I have many). If you are using audio tapes to learn Italian, then this is the perfect companion for those people (like myself) who are "visual" learners. Just about every page has several small pen & ink illustrations. The book is organized into short lessons/chapters, followed by short question & answer pages. It is all kept very simple and is geared for the traveler. A great bargain at this price, too.

As for the "inferior printing job" as described by another reviewer: This paperback IS printed on inexpensive, newsprint-type paper, and occasionally the dot on top of an "i" will connect to the bottom and it will come out looking like an "l". I personally didn't find it much of a problem.
I usually love British writing & humor, but maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this novel. I finished it, but was tempted, many times to just put it down. Boring.... I loved the very aged Grandmother, but the others, not that much.
Try it, you may like it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.