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by Penny Jordan
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Women's Fiction
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    Penny Jordan
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    Harlequin Presents; Original edition (June 26, 2007)
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    Women's Fiction
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Start by marking The Future King's Pregnant Mistress (The Royal House of Niroli, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Apr 05, 2019 Caroline rated it did not like it.

The Future King's Pregnant Mistress. The Royal House Of Niroli. But what will this king-in-waiting do when he discovers his mistress is pregnant? Rule 1 :The ruler must be a moral leader. It's time for playboy prince Marco to claim his rightful place-on the throne of Niroli! Marco Fierezza is used to being obeyed- especially by the women he beds! Emily Woodford loves Marco, but she has no idea he's a royal prince! When she discovers the truth she's devastated-Marco only sees her as his mistress-not his royal wife. "strong" } Emily Woodford loves Marco, but she has no idea he’s a royal prince! When she discovers the truth she’s devastated–Marco only sees her as his mistress–not his royal wife. But what will this king-in-waiting do when he discovers his mistress is pregnant? Impression.

But what will this king-in-waiting do when hediscovers his mistress is pregnant? . Books related to The Future King's Pregnant Mistress.

But what will this king-in-waiting do when hediscovers his mistress is pregnant? In this series. Desert Rogues: The Virgin Secretary. The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife. HarperCollins, электронная книга. Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million copies. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with . HarperCollins

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lt;< 1 2 3 4 . The Future King's Pregnant Mistress. He had never really understood her steadfast refusal to accept his expensive gifts, or to allow him to help her either financially or in any other way with her small interior design business.

Man-woman relationships, Love stories. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by PhanS on June 23, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

But what will this king-in-waiting do when he discovers his mistress is pregnant? .

But what will this king-in-waiting do when he discovers his mistress is pregnant? Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Harlequin PresentsReleased: Jul 1, 2007ISBN: 9781426802812Format: book. He had always known that ultimately he would become Niroli’s king, but he had also believed that this event lay many years away in the future, something he could safely ignore in favour of enjoying his self-created, self-ruled present. However, the reality was that what he had thought of as his distant duty was now about to become his life.

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It's time for playboy prince Marco to claimhis rightful place—on the throne of Niroli!Marco Fierezza isused to being obeyed—especially by the women he beds!Emily Woodford loves Marco, but she has noidea he's a royal prince! When she discovers thetruth she's devastated—Marco only sees her as hismistress—not his royal wife.But what will this king-in-waiting do when hediscovers his mistress is pregnant?

To boring the heroin always gave in to what the hero wanted no matter what she herself wanted so i dont recommend the book
I regret paying for this item. I wanted to like it because the plot summary appealed to me but the writing is terrible. The first three chapters are basically one big infodump. To give you an idea of how much exposition there is, the first line of dialog appears on page 5. In the entire first chapter (14 pages on the kindle) there are exactly 12 lines of dialog. Save your money and by something better.
My sister sent me the link to the book. This review is all her fault but since I ordinarily like my sister, she shall remain unnamed. It's title--brace yourself--is The Future King's Pregnant Mistress. I am so not kidding. See, the hero (Marco) is the disaffected heir to the throne of a Mediterranean island kingdom called Niroli. He's been living in London for years, being his own man and amassing a billion-dollar fortune. Marco is a complete and utter jackass. He's had a live-in girlfriend (Emily) for three years. There's some muddle about the girlfriend/mistress thing because she thinks she's a girlfriend and he thinks she's a mistress who doesn't cost him anything and, of course, she doesn't know he's a prince because he is complete and utter jackass who calls all the shots, tells her right up front he only wants sex and he thinks she's hot so they'll have sex until he's tired of her then she'll have to go away. And she's all, "Oh, he's so sexy and handsome and I love him so, so it's acceptable for him to treat me like a blow-up doll." Within the first 12 pages, I wanted to bash both their heads in with a brick so badly I nearly gave myself an aneurysm.

This kind of nonsense was par for the course back in the day when I started reading Harlequins but the world has changed in the last 35 years. If it weren't for the excruciatingly modest sex scenes, I would have thought it one of the originals from the '70s. But is Marco the Jackass satisfied with merely being a jackass? Oh no, he has to descend to new lows from which no man should ever be permitted to escape. I say once you're down there, you should be hanged by your toes, set on fire and gnawed on by giant, mutant pigs who like their pound of flesh crispy but still breathing.

See, Marco decides it's time to return to Niroli to assume his rightful heirdom to the throne but before he can cut things off with Emily, she finds out he's a royal and flips out about how he has deceived her all this time and he's ticked off because she went through his private papers (we don't know why she did that, it was never explained) and then, for reasons completely escaping my ordinarily extremely intelligent brain, they have sex against the wall and he says, "It's been great but you're not part of my life anymore." And she limps off to nurse her broken heart because she loves the lying, vicious jackass with all her pathetic little heart. Mind you, we have no idea why she loves him, because he's never been anything but a complete jackass who controls the relationship from A to Z. He's not even described as being kind to old people and dogs. Or even old people OR dogs. Apparently he's just really good in bed.

But wait! There's more! After a few weeks on Niroli, Marco's getting frustrated because he hasn't gotten any since he dumped Emily so the jackass goes back to London with the idea that he'll whisk her away to Niroli to be his mistress again until he assumes the throne. And does Emily tell him to stick it straight up his royal ass? No. She bites her lip and says, "I really shouldn't" and then she does. Off she goes to Niroli and they immediately fall back into bed.

So where does the pregnant part come in? It's there almost from the beginning but because Emily is such a spineless nitwit, she doesn't put together that throwing up in the mornings, feeling tired, nauseated by the scent of coffee, tender breasts and a thickening waistline = pregnant. Because, of course, no woman in the 21st century has a clue what are the symptoms of pregnancy. We all live in a cloistered convent where conception is never discussed.

So here she is, stuck on this island kingdom, pregnant by the prince who told her at the very beginning of their relationship that THERE WILL BE NO ACCIDENTS and if there are, she'll have to get an abortion. And she's all het up about this because, of course, this was a child made of their love (gak) and it's a tiny bit of Marco she can have forever (double gak). So, scared Marco might try to make her have an abortion, does she do the rational thing, slink off the island and go home to London where (I'm pretty sure) forced abortion is illegal? No. She tells him she needs to go home because she's pregnant and she's telling him so he doesn't think she's leaving because he's not enough or she doesn't care for him or some such utter nonsense. And he's pissed, of course, but he's kind of into the idea of a kid now that one is on the way and he comes up with the brilliant idea that he'll marry her off to one of the courtiers so the kid will be legitimate and you know, around, and he'll get to keep Emily as his royal mistress. Emily is, of course, appalled. So what does she do? She has sex with him again. Then she sneaks off the island.

He follows her back to London a few weeks later, determined that his child will be raised on Niroli but Emily's in a pickle because there's apparently something wrong with the baby and she's been called back in for a second ultrasound. As she's leaving for that appointment, Marco shows up on her doorstep. Does she hit him upside the head with a brick (as I wanted to do)? No, she bites her lip and says, "I really shouldn't" and then of course she does. So off they go to the doctor and the ultrasound shows there's something wrong with the baby's heart. So Emily's distraught and Marco (the flipping HERO) drops her off at home and says, "I have to go back to Niroli." And leaves her there!

See, Marco's had an epiphany. He realizes (after three years!) that he loves Emily and he loves their tiny imperfect child, who could never stand up to the rigors of a royal upbringing and he goes back to Niroli to abdicate his succession to the throne. Even though I'm pretty sure you can't abdicate a throne you don't actually have but hey, why bring reality into this bucket of tripe? Then he goes back to London and there's Emily, who's just seen his abdication speech on TV and pretty much throws her arms around him and is thrilled because now they'll be a family. Even though he's dumped her twice, left her on the doorstep twenty minutes after she learns her baby might have a fatal cardiac problem AND suggested she marry a total stranger so he can have her on tap whenever he gets the royal urge. No groveling. No begging. Not even a bloody apology. But it's all good because he said I love you. Oh, and the baby's fine, too. It healed its little self in utero. No heart problem.

I absolutely loathe myself for reading this all the way to the end. And it's not as if the story was bad enough, the writing was EXECRABLE!! Almost the entire first chapter was a giant info dump. If this had been an actual book instead of on my computer, I would have set it on fire. AND I READ THE WHOLE THING.
The Future King's Pregnant Mistress is the first book in the series The Royal House of Niroli and let me tell you want a dynamic and entertaining story this is; another wonderful story by Penny Jordan.
Once I began reading it I couldn't put it down and I recommend a box of tissues to have near-by!

If you love strong alphas, dominate, proud, sexy, wealthy and throw in soon to be king, then you'll love this story. What took my breath away was how in the end, Marco learns what it is to become humble and what's important in life, the woman he realizes he loves and the child he is soon to father.

Thanks to Penny Jordan for this incredible story!