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by Julie Leto
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    Julie Leto
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    Signet (April 1, 2008)
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Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse) What a great book. I couldn't stop reading it and now I am looking to see if there is MORE to this wonderful fantasy! What girl out there does not relate to the princess fantasy??

Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse) What a great book. we just can't seem to get away from them) but i frequent Julie's blog on plotmonkeys and I couldn't help but pick this book up. Most of the book takes place in 2008, but the story about how the phantom comes to be contained in a picture and trapped in the castle is very interesting and it really was a page turner.

A signet eclipse book.

Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse) Mass Market Paperback – April 1, 2008. by. Julie Leto (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Book 1 of 4 in the Phantom Series.

Julie Leto’s Phantom Pleasures is a delicious story with equal parts passion and adventure. The plot moves quickly, with the relationship building as intensely as the danger. With a Gypsy touch of magic and a flaming redhead, one can’t go wrong. Dark magic and the endless quest for power kick off an exciting new paranormal series by the versatile Leto. A fast and fun start to a most promising series! -Romantic Times. Published by New American Library, a division of. Penguin Group (USA) In. 375 Hudson Street

Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse). Phantom Pleasures (ebook). Published April 1st 2008 by Signet Book.

Phantom Pleasures (Signet Eclipse). Published April 1st 2008 by Signet. Author(s): Julie Leto (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 143620206X (ISBN13: 9781436202060).

Really enjoyed this book can't wait to read the others in this series.

The locals say it’s haunted. Historians say it’s cursed. I so loved it, I'm so mad im finished, I think I go to the start, but wait, will read the rest of the series. Really enjoyed this book can't wait to read the others in this series.

Determined to purchase a haunted island and convert the abandoned castle on it into a resort, hotel developer Alexa Chandler unwittingly releases a phantom trapped in a painting for centuries with a curse tying him to the castle.

Alexa Chandler, an heiress to wealthy chain of hotels, has spent more time doing busines than looking for love in her life especially since being in a car accident. Alexa's stepbrother Jacob is the only part of her family that is left. Alexa's best friend Catalina (Cat) Reyes is a paranormal researcher and investigator. Alexa appears to have inherited an island along with a castle that is Romani in origin. Alexa needs Cat to discover the history of the castle. Cat travels to Texas to search for famous Romani expert Dr. Paschal Rousseau only to learn that he's been kidnapped according to his son Dr. Ben Rousseau. Meanwhile Alexa is intrigued by a painting in the castle of a most handsome man. Alexa could never have dreamed what would happen next. Damon Forsyth was trapped inside a painting in 1747 by Lord Rogan and freed by Alexa. Damon takes form in front of Alexa and is stunned by her beauty and mind. When Alexa realizes how much of life she's been missing out on thanks to Damon. She wants to help Damon win his freedom from the castle. Jacob is caught up in serious trouble that want to control the magic apart of the castle. Will Dr. Paschal Rousseau be found? Can Cat and Ben work together? Can Alexa help Damon? Will Damon admit his feelings for Alexa? What trouble is Jacob in? Your answers await you in Phantom Pleasures.

I really love a good mystery that includes cursed objects and phantoms come to life! This book seemed to be packed full of mystery from first page to the last page. This book was full of lore and intrigue which fascinate me on many levels. I thought the author did an excellent job of crafting such a clever story chalked full of mystery, suspense, and hot men. I will definitely continue to read more of this series.
If you want adventure and romance, this is your kind of book. There's some of everything here. Alexa Chandler is a very rich woman who has recently lost her father and stepmother in a car accident. She is know the owner of a vast empire of hotels. Her stepbrother, Jacob, hives her a deed that he has found in his mother's papers. On the bottom of the deed is one word, Valoran. What is it and why is it written on the deed? The deed is for a castle on an island off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida. Alexa decides this castle is going to be the showcase hotel that will let people know she is as astute as her father was in the hotel business. When she goes there, she finds out that the castle and island are supposedly haunted. She sends her best friend and psychic, Cat, off to find out about Valoran while she goes to the castle. She meets the resident ghost who is Damon Forsyth. H's not really a ghost but to find out more about him, you are going to have to read the book. I highly recommend it and think you'll like it a lot. I know I did
I enjoyed the story however... (I will try to not give away too much) Alexa the main heroine irked my nerves a little bit. She is a competent business woman but acted immature and naive at times. The main male Damon was tempramental at times and his attitude swung like a pendulum but you see a progression from lust to love. The supporting characters had major role in the framing of the story and makes you want to read the other books to see the outcome of what happened to other people mentioned. I will keep it and maybe read the others, we shall see...
3.5 Stars

Business heiress and hotel developer, Alexa Chandler, inherits an island in Florida from her deceased father. On this Island is a castle that was moved there years before from Europe. The island and the castle conjure images from Alexa's youth where she used to fantasize about castles and prince charming. Ignoring the rumors about the haunted island and the castle that won't allow in visitors she sets off to see her new prize. She has her heart set on making this a luxurious getaway.

When she gets to the castle a portrait of a man calls to her, she can hear a whisper beckoning her and as she is captivated by the man in the portrait, she touches it and inadvertently releases the "phantom." Damon Forsyth has been trapped in that painting and in that castle for centuries, when he is released from the portrait he is taken in by the red haired beauty who released him.

OK, I have very mixed feelings about this story. The part that really lowered the rating for me was the main couple; they just didn't have any chemistry for me. A minute after meeting, after setting this Phantom free, Alexa has sex with him. I just couldn't buy it. I realize this is fantasy and believe me I have no problems imagining the impossible. But it seemed to me that even in the land of make-believe a woman would have to digest and accept the phantom factor for say maybe 5 or 10 minutes before jumping said phantoms' bones. It was like men pop out of paintings everyday around her, no big deal.

Then the Phantom/Damon was pretty much a big time jerk. He ran hot to cold in seconds and she just kept coming back for more. I would have left his sorry bum in the castle and found my self another oil based boyfriend! ;) It's hard to get involved in a story when you don't care about the two main characters. Luckily the secondary characters of Cat and Ben had plenty of sizzle, they really made this story. They had all the chemistry and likeability the main couple lacked.

The actual storyline itself is fanciful and well told. Julie Leto created a tale about Gypsies and magic, curses and love, lost brothers and missing civilizations. I loved the story, how Damon got in the painting, the conclusion and I am looking forward to the next book, Phantom's Touch, in December. All in all a good story that could have used a little more time developing the main love story.

Cherise Everhard, April 2008
Julie Leto manages to offer up all the features we know and love about romance novels (crazy plot twists, steamy scenes, etc.) without totally ignoring the female reader's capacity to think or reason. In other words, she writes with a not-insignificant amount of intelligence about strong, capable women in a way that's still fun and readable. If it weren't for a bunch of typos (and omitted words) in the Kindle edition, a bit of repetitiveness, and the lack of one outstandingly appealing character (I liked them all, I just didn't love one so much that I can't wait to pick up the next installment), I would have considered another star.