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The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world. The Pulitzer Prize-winning epic of the Great Depression, a book that galvanized-and sometimes outraged-millions of readers.

The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world.

The last of John Steinbeck’s play-novelettes, Burning Bright was the author’s final attempt after 1937’s Of Mice and Men and 1942’s The Moon is Down to create what he saw as a new.

The last of John Steinbeck’s play-novelettes, Burning Bright was the author’s final attempt after 1937’s Of Mice and Men and 1942’s The Moon is Down to create what he saw as a ne.

Returning to California, he devoted himself to writing, with little success; his first three books sold fewer than 3,000 copies. Tortilla Flat (1935), dealing with the paisanos, California Mexicans whose ancestors settled in the country 200 years ago, established his reputation. In Dubious Battle (1936), a labor novel of a strike and strike-breaking, won the gold medal of the Commonwealth Club of California.

Burning Bright is a 1950 novella by John Steinbeck written as an experiment with producing a play in novel format. Rather than providing only the dialogue and brief stage directions as would be expected in a play, Steinbeck fleshes out the scenes with details of both the characters and the environment. The intention was to allow the play to be read by the non-theatrical reader while still allowing the dialogue to be lifted and performed with little adaptation by acting companies.

John Steinbeck's Books 1950: "Burning Bright" -A morality story meant to be produced as a play, during which an aging man goes to great lengths to have a child. Corbis via Getty Images, Getty Images.

John Steinbeck's Books. 1927: "Cup of Gold" -A historical fiction based loosely on the life of the 17th-century pirate Henry Morgan. 1932: "The Pastures of Heaven" -Twelve interconnected stories about the people in a valley in Monterrey, California, a place which would become central in many of his later works. 1950: "Burning Bright" -A morality story meant to be produced as a play, during which an aging man goes to great lengths to have a child.

John Ernst Steinbeck, Jr. was an American writer and widely known for receiving the-Pulitzer Prize for his winning novels: the novella of Mice and Men in the year 1937, followed by The Grapes of Wrath in 1939, and East of Eden that was published in 1952. He had a total of 27 books that includes five collection of short stories, six non fiction books, and sixteen novels. He later on was the recipient of the-Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. John Steinbeck’s Background. He was born in Salinas California on February 27, 1902. He was a descent of Irish, English and German.

Здесь вы можете прочитать книгу John Steinbeck The Pearl бесплатно. Juana caught herbreath sharply. Her eyes were bright as she watched him, and shelooked quickly down at Coyotito in her arms to see whether thismight be possible. But Kino's face shone with prophecy. My son will read and openthe books, and my son will write and will know writing. And my sonwill make numbers, and these things will make us free. because hewill know- he will know and through him we will know. And in thepearl Kino saw himself and Juana squatting by the little fire in thebrush hut while Coyotito read from a great book.

1961 Rare Book "The Winter of Our Discontent" John Steinbeck.

Topic: Poetry & Plays. Subject: Literature & Fiction. 1961 Rare Book "The Winter of Our Discontent" John Steinbeck.

Burning Bright,John Steinbeck- 9780330026031. Format: PaperbackTopic: BooksAuthor: John Steinbeck. In America: Travels with John Steinbeck, Mak, Geert, Used; Good Book.

The last of John Steinbeck’s play-novelettes, Burning Bright was the author’s final attempt after 1937’s Of Mice and Men and 1942’s The Moon is Down to create what he saw as a new, experimental literary form.  Four scenes, four people: the husband who yearns for a son, ignorant of his own sterility; the wife who commits adultery to fulfill her husband’s wish; the father of the child; and the outsider whose actions will affect them all. In this turn on a medieval morality play, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck casts an unwavering light on these four intertwined lives, revealing in their finely drawn circumstances the universal contours of vulnerability and passion, desperation and desire. This edition features an introduction and notes for further reading by Steinbeck scholar John Ditsky. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Burning Bright is, no doubt, a beautiful story that captures raw human emotion under particularly trying circumstances. It is an easy read, and perhaps were it any other author I would have rated the book with 5 stars, but this is not Steinbeck's most creative writing.

For a beautiful story about life's struggles and the battle of a man against his own conscience, read Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent. For a story that truly captures the human ability to overcome life's disappointments, read Steinbeck's The Red Pony. To witness true literary art and Steinbeck's ability to describe interesting people, their tiny quirks and interesting antics, read Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven.

This book is worth reading, but please don't draw any conclusions about Steinbeck's creative and artistic talents from this alone - he has far better work, even in the short story category, that will leave the reader enchanted and wishing the pages would never end.
all of the work of John Steinbeck is amazing. he was a true master of storytelling, incorporating his friends, family, the times that he lived.
Very. Nice!!! Thanks
This experimental work, a play-novelette defined by the author in his Prologue, presents a challenge to readers, for the limited cast of 4 characters appears in three disparate scenes. The CIRCUS offers the four whose lives are deeply enmeshed: an aging trapeze artist who is tormented by the need to have a son or at least an heir to carry on the generations-old family tradition; his young, second wife, Mordeen, desperate to give him a baby; lusty Victor who yearns for her and craves her love; and Friend Ed who loyally tries the keep the passionate trio in some sort of balance.
THE FARM whisks readers to another locale, a few months later. The same tormented characters but Mordeen is now pregnant. Her ecstatic husband, Joe Saul, does not suspect that it cannot be his. Proud Victor wants her to run away with him, but Friend Ed tries to stave off disaster. THE SEASIDE presents them this time in a small freighter in port: Mordeen’s time draws near and murder is contemplated by two of the doomed quartet. The second act occurs in a hospital room, but readers are kept in suspense about several things. A man craves passing something of his line down, but how much should a devoted wife do to please her obsessive husband? A grim tale fraught with desperation and suspense.
I love Steinbeck, and read as many of his books as I can. I had recently bought this book, and when I needed to read a book for school, took the chance to read this one. It is different in the fact that it is a "play-novelette," as Steinbeck calls it, and is divided not into chapters, but acts. This is a fine mixture of the good qualities of both a play, and a novel. Essentially, it is a novel that can be done as a play without losing any of the author's intentions. However, by the end of the first act, I almost started a new book, as Burning Bright seemed dissappointingly to be the type of book that I could pick up on a trashy romance novel clearance shelf. But I decided to start the next act, since I had little time to turn in my report. It was then that I saw Steinbeck work his magic, and show in a completely unique way that certain things in life are no respecter of class, status, circumstance, or geography. A very well written book, which, like most all of Stenbeck's books, deals with human struggle to lead not only a life, but a life with meaning. I highly reccommend this book to any Steinbeck fan, or anyone else that is looking for a book with peculiar twists, and good insights.
John Steinbeck is one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. His was the ability to paint vivid and stark portraits of America and its people in a minimal amount of words. "Burning Bright" is written in a style Steinbeck referred to as 'play-novelette', a short novel that reads like a play and one that could easily be adapted as such. The story is necessarily compact to fit this format, but Steinbeck explores emotions and actions that reach far beyond the page.

Joe Saul is a man who is eager to pass on his knowledge and his blood to a son. His first wife died childless, while his second wife, Mordeen, has yet to conceive after three years of marriage. Joe Saul is beginning to wonder if the problem lies with him. Mordeen, while younger than Joe Saul by many years, is deeply in love with him and would do anything because of that love. She knows of his desperation for a child and takes matters into her own hands, using a fellow worker as the surrogate father, letting Joe believe that he has finally conceived a son. Yet as the story progresses towards its climax, Joe discovers Mordeen's secret action and must come to terms with what this child means to him.

"Burning Bright" is a fast-paced, dialogue-driven exploration of what people will do for those they love. It is a question that readers can identify with, and Steinbeck offers answers that are truthful and just. The universal storyline shines with intensity and focus, putting it in excellent company with other short Steinbeck works such as "Cannery Row" and "Of Mice and Men".