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by Cassie Edwards
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    Zebra (October 1, 2000)
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Cassie Edwards began writing her bestselling historical romance novels in 1982.

Cassie Edwards began writing her bestselling historical romance novels in 1982.

Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author of over 100 historical romance novels. She has been published by Dorchester Publishing, Signet Books, Kensington Publishing and Harlequin. Edwards began writing romances in 1982 and released her 100th novel, Savage Skies, on August 28, 2007. Although her earlier books were classic historical romances, the vast majority of her novels involve Native American tribes. Edwards's grandmother was Cheyenne.

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Praise for Cassie Edwards "A sensitive storyteller who always touches readers' hearts.

Raised in luxury in San Francisco, exquisite Elizabeth Easton thought Seattle a raw, rough frontier harbor. Praise for Cassie Edwards "A sensitive storyteller who always touches readers' hearts.

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Cassie Edwards began writing romances in 1982 and went on to sell more than 10 million copies of over 100 novels .

Cassie Edwards began writing romances in 1982 and went on to sell more than 10 million copies of over 100 novels, featuring the peoples and customs of different Native American tribes.

Karen Harper Edwards moves readers with love and compassion. Bell, Book & Candle. Fiction Historical Romance Romance. One fee. Stacks of books.

Despite her devotion to the Union cause, Serena Calvert surrenders to a forbidden passion with Wesley, a Confederate soldier, but the turmoil of the Civil War threatens to divide them forever. Original.

This review is of “Forbidden Embrace” by Cassie Edwards.

The book begins in Mattoon, Illinois in 1864. It is here that Serena Calvert, 18, the heroine of the book, lives with her father, Hiram, a doctor, and her younger sister, Priscilla, 16. (Hiram’s wife and the girls’ mother, Julita Kate, passed recently). Serena works as a nurse, helping her father tend the soldiers, both Union and Confederate, that come to their home-which doubles as a hospital-during the Civil War. Hiram is also trying to push Serena to marry a man, Edward Carlson, whom she does not love (and loves even less after he rapes her),

One day, in the performance of her nursing duties, Serena meets Wesley Wyndham, 25, a Confederate Colonel and the hero of the book, who has been wounded. They are immediately attracted to each other, and become lovers. However, Wesley shuns Serena upon finding out that she isn’t a virgin. However, this shunning doesn’t last long.

After an argument with Hiram, Serena decides to leave home to be with Wesley, who has been taken to jail. Serena breaks him out, and together, they head to his home in South Carolina. Both on the trip and after arriving in South Carolina, there are problems for the couple. Serena is raped again and nearly raped another time, both by deserting Union soldiers; they are all killed. Wesley, meanwhile, continues his affair with his former mistress, Kiawah Indian woman Halona, which has deadly consequences. Serena also meets Wesley’s surviving family: his sister, Dorlisa May, welcomes Serena. His mother, Lona Gale, and his brother, Truman Firman...not so much.

Later, Priscilla and Edward-who are now married-arrive in South Carolina. Edward tries to rape Serena again, and it is revealed that Wesley had sex with Priscilla. However, Serena forgives Wesley for his indiscretions, they become parents to a son and have their Happily Ever After.

Upside: I finished the book. That’s all I’ve got.

Downside: I didn’t find either Serena or Wesley to be likeable characters. After Edward rapes Serena, what does she do? Report him to the authorities? To her father? No! She pushes Priscilla-her own sister-to begin a relationship with him in order to save herself!

Wesley is no better. He is a horndog, a bigot,a liar, and a hypocrite. And those are his good points!

Sex: The sex scenes are fairly mild, which is quite different from most of Mrs. Edwards’ books.

Violence: In addition to the violence stated above, there is one killing by Wesley of an Kiawah Indian who tried to kill him. The violence is not graphic.

Bottom Line: “Forbidden Embrace” is total garbage.
I am a huge fan of Cassie Edwards, but I must say this book was just awful! Serena is raped by a family friend, a man her father wants to marry her off to, and blames herself. The morning after her rape she sees Wesley, a wounded Confederate soldier, in her fathers makeshift hospital, and falls for him. Two nights later she is making love with him. I can't swallow being raped one night then falling into the arms of a stranger 2 days later. The book starts off bad and shows no improvement for the end. It's a shame Cassie Edwards felt the need to downplay the seriousness of this issue, the amount of trauma this woman suffers at the hand of Wesley would make any Woman's Crisis center scream. Serena is a victim in every sense and that she forgives Wesley every time is unbelievable, even for being set in an era of the Civil War. I'm so glad Ms. Edwards has improved her writing with time. If this had been my first experience of reading one of her novels, it would have been my last. Save your money fans!
Rolling Flipper
Serena Calvert is the daughter of a Union doctor during the Civil War. During the war, he transformed two floors of the house into a hospital and has recently accepted Confederate wounded who are shackled to their beds. Serena blames her father for her mother's death and harbors secret Southern sympathies. Then, she meets Wesley Wyndham, one of the Confederate wounded, and her secret sympathies flame into rebellion. When he is transferred from the hospital to prison, Serena acts on her feelings and frees him. Together they flee from Illinois to Folly Island, outside of Charleston, South Carolina. This novel has a panoramic scope and some interesting Civil War facts. It also shows its age (originally published in 1982). The use of rape as a plot device made this reviewer especially uncomfortable, and most of the characters are often shown in a less than positive light.