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by Deepak Chopra
Download Soulmate: A Novel of Eternal Love (Chopra, Deepak) fb2
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Deepak Chopra, the internationally renowned poet-prophet of alternative medicine ( Time ) has turned his talents and vision to fiction with such novels as The Return of. .has been added to your Cart.

Deepak Chopra, the internationally renowned poet-prophet of alternative medicine ( Time ) has turned his talents and vision to fiction with such novels as The Return of Merlin -praised by Booklist for its magical quality. Here he offers an absorbing has been added to your Cart.

Deepak Chopra is the famed author of many spiritual books. I read and reread his work, Life After Death only recently. Soulmate- A Love Story is however a fictional book from Chopra. The novel is published by Hayhouse India. With 290 pages the novel endues some beautiful love lessons alongside spiritual vibes. It tails the life of Raj who is an intern learning to become a psychiatriat. He is engaged to Maya but falls for Molly. Molly is a character quite deep and is likely to change many lives Deepak Chopra is the famed author of many spiritual books

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Chopra’s Muhammad is an outstanding resource for everyone who thinks they should know more about the man who inspired the world's fastest-growing religion. Deepak Chopra presents ten lessons to help build awareness and change the distorted energy patterns that are the root cause of aging, infirmity, and disease.

Official Page of Deepak Chopra

Official Page of Deepak Chopra. Official Page of Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra, MD serves as the Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Foundation, and Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness.

Published by Putnam, 2001, 290 pages, ISBN: 0-399-14798-5. senyum peraturan senang saja. Tak jadi nak buat kejam-kejam. K Soulmate A Novel Of Eternal Love Ebook.

In a new novel by the great spiritual writer and mind-body healing expert, a doctor learns important lessons about love and death from a passionate woman named Molly. Reprint.

In SOUL MATE Chopra twists a Medical Doctor's psychiatric practice into his personal love relationships and all the characters change in the process. Change (and the struggles against change) seems to be a constant theme. Spiritual elements hover on the extremities of an otherwise secular and pragmatic story looking at multi-dimensional liaisons. In my opinion, Chopra takes an almost unbelievable plot and uses his character development to convince the reader of the story’s verity. I highly recommend this book.
After reading many of Deepak Chopra's fine books I am amazed at how well this fiction fits into his "teachings" about ego and ego release. A real love story between three people who discover the value and possibilities that love allows. A simple yet truly profound writing that enables the reader to discover and understand those possibilities along with all the characters involved. Thank you!
Prince Persie
never thought anyone will sell you a book that has 30+ pages missing in the middle of a book. I read 100+ pages only to find out that next 30+ pages are missing in the book. I was extremely unhappy.
Review of "Soulmate" (a novel) by Deepak Chopra. Published by Putnam, 2001, 290 pages, ISBN: 0-399-14798-5.
I chose to review this book because I've been a fan of the mind-body-spirit leader and author Deepak Chopra. I had the pleasure of attending an event featuring him at the Unity Church in Dallas, TX. Dr. Chopra had a charismatic stage presence, and a message of healing that riveted the audience. After reading several of his non-fiction works, including "Creating Affluence" and "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" and "The Path to Love," I wanted to discover how this esteemed author handled fiction.

The main character of the book is a New York City doctor named Raj who is doing an internship in psychiatry. His days are full, yet he feels empty. Although the first paragraph states that Raj "had yet to fall in love" he is already engaged to a social worker named Maya. Call it coincidence or fate, Raj rescues a woman dressed for a wedding on the subway because she is being harassed by "a couple of punks." The opening conversation between the two characters is trite and incredulous. The narrator describes Molly as a popular Broadway lead actress who was a "frantic bridesmaid stuck in midtown traffic with a beat-up car that dies at the worst possible moment. Unable to resuscitate it, she ditches and runs." If you've ever been to New York City, you'd know that taxis are readily available. If a Broadway actress indeed owns a car (most NYC residents don't even drive) the vehicle would be a more reliable ride than the jalopy he describes. Furthermore, Molly claims "to plead with someone to give me subway fare" indicating that she did not carry money. Thus, the knight (Raj) rescues the damsel in distress (Molly) which (in my opinion) is a cliché rendered in fairy tales.

Raj has an affair with Molly, which causes him to question the meaning of love. Chopra offers bits of his ubiquitous wisdom as the love story progresses, making the entire book worthwhile. He writes: "The man who surrenders is always open, always observing. You seek detachment not so that nothing can touch you, but so that you have enough space to find out what is real." That information is an example of why I read his books. As a psych intern, Raj tells Molly, "Therapy is a way to give people better ways to be human...I really believe that." As a facilitator of group therapy and a recipient of counseling, I really believe that too. Occasionally, Chopra gives the reader good metaphors, as with this sentence in reference to a psych patient: " Her shipwrecked mind drifted before it found any port of calm." As for romance, Raj discovers that "He loved Molly and Maya equally" and he has to answer the question "Is it possible to be deeply in love with more than one person at the same time?" You have to read the book to see how the author answers that question.

I would recommend any book written by Deepak Chopra. He has filled a void in our society by teaching us about health and healing, peace and love. If a romance novel gets his message across, then there's no reason not to give "Soulmate" a try. However, my personal preference will be to keep his non-fiction work on my bookshelf.
review by Lynn C. Tolson
First I congratulate Mr. Chopra on writing this piece for the fiction genre. This was a really good book. I have to admit thought, that the true essence of it may be lost to the average reader, unless they are farmiliar with Chopra's philosophies (and not just his) on the mind-body connection, consciousness and of course, Love! It's not the usual romance... its Love of a higher level. He touches on love and death and life as it really is, as it should be. Each of us is a spark of divinity, a link to the other, a part of a whole called consciousness. The Athma! Chopra merged it all into fictional characters and characterization. I loved his medical jargon and psychiatric/pharmacological stanse.

It's a lovely story of love ... the true meaning and power of love!
Deepak Chopra has been making inroads in the fiction field for several years, and this is his best novel to date. Its theme is definitely inspiring and New Age, a love story that brings two people together, only to separate them after the heroine dies suddenly. The first part of Soulmate is about the romance between Raj, a young doctor in New York, and Molly, an actress he meets on the subway. The second, more metaphysical part of the story, takes place after Molly's death when she apparently returns to tell Raj about the true meaning of love and death. I found the style very readable, a real page turner. But the most enjoyable part was to hear Deepak discuss the great question of how love survives death. This is a story of personal redemption that really touches the reader.
This is Deepak's second try with fiction. I am just not sure why I like it.
I would recommend it to anybody who has done trainings with Deepak. Or for those who are fascinated by this teachings. And, boy, he is a very good teacher. His books, tapes, CD's and trainings about the mind/body connection are groundbreaking and practical. This book will help you in learning more and deeper. As a learning tool this is effective.
As fiction... as a novel to read, with a glass of wine beside the couch? I am not sure. I like his entertainment efforts in poetry and music much better.
The story is revealed in some other reviews, so I leave it right here and now:
Good foor students and Deepak-fans,
...forgettable for other folks.
Go out and buy his CD with Dave Stewart though.
I was looking forward to a great lesson about love, attraction and respect but surprisingly it gives lame excuses for cheating in two situations (like people haven't got enough excuses by themselves). Submissive behavior on the part of the cheated one is predominant as well. It depicts the psychiatric profession in the USA as completely disinterested in its patients improvement, which I don't know to what extent is true. Other than that, it is a good story about inspiration and being open to new ideas and approaches.