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by. Dunaway, Laramie.

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Laramie Dunaway, a pseudonym for Raymond Obstfeld, has written over forty other books and screenplays. He is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller for a previous publication. Borrowed Lives, by Laramie Dunaway is a sinfully clever tale. I find the author’s story almost as intriguing as the book.

When tragedy takes the life of her friend, Wren, Luna-a dissatisfied divorce+a7e-assumes Wren's identity, enjoying a new boyfriend, a fabulous job, and danger.

September 2018 : Paperback.

Warner Books, Inc. Hachette Book Group. ISBN: 978-0-446-56856-2.

Borrowed Lives, writing as Laramie Dunaway (Warner, 1993). Moby Dick (Lucent Books, 2003). Borrowed Lives (reprint by Iota Press, 2007). On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Simon & Schuster, 2007). The Joker and the Thief (Delacorte, 1993). Writer’s Digest Handbook of Novel Writing (Writer’s Digest Books, 1993). Lessons in Survival writing as Laramie Dunaway (Warner, 1994). Earth Angel (Warner Books, 1995). Anatomy Lesson (Iota Press, 2008).

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Author of Borrowed Lives, Women on Top, Hungry women, Omnibus, Lessons in survival.

Four books have been written for Lucent Books: Napoleon Bonaparte . Borrowed Lives Aug 23, 2018.

Although he has published extensively under his own name, he has also written under the pseudonyms Pike Bishop (the Western series Diamondback), Jason Frost (the futuristic series Warlord), Carl Stevens (a mystery series), Don Pendleton (the Executioner series), and Laramie Dunaway (Hungry Women, Borrowed Lives, and Lessons in Survival). He wrote the award-winning young-adult novel Joker and the Thief. Four books have been written for Lucent Books: Napoleon Bonaparte, Moby-Dick: Critical Essays, The Renaissance and Nations in Transition: India.

Read online books written by Laramie Dunaway in our e-reader absolutely for free. Author of Earth Angel at ReadAnyBook.

Luna Devon is jealous. While her life is dull, her best friend Wren Caldwell has a life to die for, a life full of men. When Wren tragically dies, Luna is offered a daring, naughty opportunity - to reinvent herself as Wren.

Borrowed Lives, by Laramie Dunaway is a sinfully clever tale. Issued for a reprint in October of 2008, the first edition was published in 1992. I find the author's story almost as intriguing as the book. Laramie Dunaway, a pseudonym for Raymond Obstfeld, has written over forty other books and screenplays. He teaches creative writing at Orange Coast College and is a contributing editor to Writer's Digest magazine. He is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller for a previous publication. He was also nominated for an Edgar Award. He created the pen name, Laramie Dunaway, for this series out of fear he would not be taken seriously as a man writing as a woman. He quote, "came clean", with this edition. He resides in Tustin, California with his family.
Luna Devon finds herself at a stalemate. She was writing her thesis, applying for teaching positions, and in the process of a divorce. She's timid, predictable, and boring. Her best friend, Wren Caldwell, however, is not. She's quirky, gorgeous, and outrageously brilliant. When a bizarre shooting takes Wren's life, Luna makes the decision to reinvent herself... as Wren! Taking the position as a journalist for a trendy California magazine and beginning a romance with a man who just wants her to be herself, Luna aka Wren is in deeper than she imagined. Her ex, Byron shows up ready to go along with the scam. She falls in with a group of ecological terrorists. Her father has taken a preteen Indian medicine woman for his new wife. Luna swiftly discovers her life is the stuff movies are made of.
As with most reprints, the book is a bit outdated with current styles and events. It also had several grammatical errors, but I had the galley copy and expect these will be corrected before publication.
Laramie Dunaway skillfully creates a masterpiece of intelligence, humor, and intrigue with Borrowed Lives. The characters were relatable and believable. There were aspects of the book that the reader will know is coming, such as the shooting in the beginning of the book. However, the author puts such a spin on it that you can't help but feel shocked anyhow. Even the twists had twists. The writing style of this miraculous story is so unique that it's impossible to put down and draws you in at the first chapter. Borrowed Lives is a sassy, brazen, and witty story, sure to entertain any audience.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer
Luna is a very likable character who you easily become very fond of as we watch her accidentaly fall into - and take over - the life of her best friend Wren - who is dead. She is swept along by how easy it is to become Wren - who seems to have had it all. One fatal day someone who knew the real Wren comes along - her ex-convict husband - and totally throws Luna. This twist in the tale results in some hilariouse one-liners and witty comments on life. Luna and Wrens husband become involoed in each others lives and Luna becomes convinced that the husband is up to somthing highly illegal - which leads to a cat and mouse tale around the city ending up in a most unusual setting! The book is very funny and had me laughing outlound throughout. well worth a read!