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by Marianne Stillings
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Marianne Stillings has loved stories with happy endings since she was three years old and her mother read her .

Marianne Stillings has loved stories with happy endings since she was three years old and her mother read her The Little Golden Book of The Ugly Duckling.

The second in the Darling Detectives series by Marianne Stillings. Ethan Darling is hired to be the bodyguard for Georgiana Mundy, host of a popular culinary TV show. This is what I'd call a light romantic suspense. The main focus is really the romance with a light suspense element to keep the story going.

Used availability for Marianne Stillings's Satisfaction. November 2007 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

Arousing Suspicions, Satisfaction, and Killer Charms. Darling Detectives Series. 3 primary works, 3 total works. Book 1. Arousing Suspicions. by Marianne Stillings. Detective Nate Darling has put up with a lot of . ore.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and . The Darling Detectives Trilogy - Marianne Stillings.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Or at least that's what Inspector Andie Darling, undercover on the streets of San Francisco, is determined to prove. Sure, the sexy Scotsman may say he's a clairvoyant, but Andie's never believed in second sight-or love at first sight. So why does his sweet talk turn her into a lovestruck fool? He'd know that Andie Darling always gets her man.

Detective Nate Darling has put up with a lot of weird things since he's moved back to San Francisco-healing crystals, free range tofu, the SF Giants. But he's drawing the line at psychic dream interpretations. Tabitha March claims she can see other people's dreams. In fact, she insists she "saw" a murder, and even provides Nate with explicit details of the crime.

Now I have to wait until September for the last of the Darling Detective Trilogy

Now I have to wait until September for the last of the Darling Detective Trilogy. Here is the list of trilogy Arousing Suspicions(1), Satisfaction(2) and Killer Charms (3~due out September 2008). I would also recommended; Spirited Away by Cindy Miles, Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie and The Remains of the Dead: A Ghost Dusters Mystery by Wendy Roberts. Satisfying Satisfaction!

by Marianne Stillings. Books related to Satisfaction.

by Marianne Stillings.

The Darling Detectives Trilogy; Volume number 2. Satisfaction.

Hotshot private eye Ethan Darling regulary risks his life to collar dangerous criminals, but he's pretty sure his latest assignment will be as easy as apple pie. He's the new bodyguard for Georgiana Mundy, culinary queen and host of her own top-rated TV show. But while protecting the delicious diva from a man in her past, he's surprised to find that it's not just her delectable desserts that are making his mouth water.

It's getting harder and harder for Ethan to keep his mind off the brunette bombshell and on his job. Soon he and Georgie are creating some incredible heat—both in and out of the kitchen. But if Ethan can't hunt down the dangerous enemy out to destroy her, he and his new love are going to get burned.

I'm hooked on romantic comedy, and I'm always looking for new authors, so when I saw all the 5-star reviews, I gave this a chance. The way this book is presented is deceptive. It's all about danger and violence with very little humor, and the characters are not fleshed out at all. I guess there are four main characters (hard to tell, given how thin this is); all four of them dwell on horrible events in their pasts (I was going to say they are tortured by the past, but that would be too much emotion. This is one of those books where the author tells you what characters feel, rather than demonstrating it). There are two kidnappings and two murderers (even though one only plans to murder the heroine before he is killed himself - by a character who comes out of nowhere). Two trusted characters betray the hero and heroine - oh wait one betrayal only seems like a betrayal - my bad! It's all twists and turns with no development of characters or relationships and if that's what you like, go for it. But it's not funny - there are about three conversations where Stillings tries for cleverness - and she never makes you care about what happens. In this case "light-hearted romp" seems to mean terrible things happen again and again but nobody is affected by them. Including the reader.
There have been plenty of accidents and strange occurrences on the set of Georgiana Mundy's top rated culinary show. The management has hired Ethan Darling's company to provide security for Georgie. One look at the woman and the normally office bound Ethan is ready to assign the case to himself. But Georgie, the former flame of a small time gangster is hiding a secret which Ethan plans to discover. Now if he can just survive all Georgie's odd friends and brush up on his feng shui skills...

Stillings latest (a follow up to "Arousing Suspicions" featuring his brother Nate Darling) is another funny romantic comedy heavy on the laughs and sensuality. With lots of red herrings, the reader will have plenty of potential suspects to choose from. Stillings' gift for witty dialogue moves the story along as the duo one ups each other one scene after another.
This is my second book by Marianne Stillings and definitely won't be the last! The story of Georgie and Ethan was fabulous. It was tender and engaging, but also very sexy. Ethan was a tortured soul in need of saving and boy did Georgie save him. Marianne Stillings really knows how to weave any excellent tale and keep you totally engrossed in the story. This is definitely one of those books you need to plan on doing nothing else but reading it! Thank goodness for Hamburger Helper--I didn't want to pry myself away from it too long.
Another keeper author for me! If you like the tales of Erin McCarthy, Susan Donovan, Lori Foster, Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen then please add Marianne to your list of authors to read! You won't be disappointed.
This is the first book I have read of Marianne Stillings and I enjoyed it so much, I have already ordered 2 more. She has likable characters and mixes fun, romance and drama so a reader can run the whole gambit of emotions and feel satisfied at the ending. All in all a very good read and I will keep my eye on her other books.

I put Marianne Stillings in the same category as some of my other favorite authors, Nancy Warren, Amey Garvey, Susan Donavon, Erin McCarthy, Susan Andersen, Christie Craig & Lori Foster. They all write books that are hard to put down and easy to get lost in when you need a break in your day.
I bought this book on a whim and I am so glad I did. I am an avid romance reader and this is one of the best books I have read in awhile. It was full of everything you want in a romance - a good storyline, characters you just fall in love with, and some hot and heavy romance. Not only was it chock full of the romance, but I was laughing out loud quite a few times, which is rare. Quite worth the money!
Let me just say... mmm mmm mmm mm m. So good, well done Marianne. Well done.
I marked my favorite pages to refer back to, I liked the humor in this book it made me chuckle a couple of times.