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by Angela Johnson
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    Angela Johnson
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    Zebra; Original edition (October 1, 2009)
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Kensington Publishing Corp. I owe a debt of gratitude to many people for making this book possible.

Kensington Publishing Corp.

Vow of Seduction book. Published January 1st 2009 by Zebra Books. I read this first book in Johnson's series last, so I already knew what was going to happen. But I enjoyed it anyway. Vow of Seduction (Knights of the Crusade, ISBN. 1306658209 (ISBN13: 9781306658201). The story opens with a "gotcha" which I won't talk about.

But inwardly she seethed in frustration. So the brazen slattern had not been lying. Lydia did not understand how Alex could desire the woman. Lydia did not understand how Alex could desire the woman rm so unlike Lydia’s own delicate, though lush and inviting body. Lydia was confident Alex would be hers again very soon and do her bidding. She had wanted him the moment she had laid eyes on him all those years ago. Alex had been young, beautiful, heir to a wealthy barony and easily led by his cock

New York : Zebra Books/Kensington Pub. Collection. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

A full time writer, Angela lives in Topeka, Kansas, with Joe, her very own hero of twenty-one years. Fiction Historical Romance Romance. One fee. Stacks of books.

Praise for Angela Johnson's Vow of g!" . Angela Johnson was born on June 18, 1961 in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Praise for Angela Johnson's Vow of g!" -Susan Johnson"Johnson is one to watch. She attended Kent State University and worked with Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) as a child development worker. She has written numerous children's books including Tell Me a Story, Mama, Shoes like Miss Alice, Looking for Red, A Cool Moonlight and Lily Brown's Paintings.

Angela Johnson fell in love with romance novels in high school. In college, she earned a degree in history. The good fortune and misfortune that beset Rose and Rand makes Vow of Deception a mesmerizing vicarious adventure for the reader.

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Sworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades

Vow Of Gold Sworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades. Captured and left to languish in a lonely prison, the warrior knight is kept alive by the memory of love-and of Lady Katherine's innocent passion as she cried out his name in ecstasy and made him her own.

Vow Of GoldSworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades. Captured and left to languish in a lonely prison, the warrior knight is kept alive by the memory of love--and of Lady Katherine's innocent passion as she cried out his name in ecstasy and made him her own. Upon his escape and return to England, he is shocked to find his beloved is about to marry another man. . . Kat refuses to forgive him. But Alex will not be gainsaid. He vows to seduce her all over again and his searching kisses reawaken the sensual fire they once knew--until an enemy determined to destroy them both closes in. Now Alex must risk everything for the one woman whose love he wants forever. . . Angela Johnson's two favorite subjects are history and romance--and Vow of Seduction is the result. A full time writer, Angela lives in Topeka, Kansas, with Joe, her very own hero of twenty-one years.

I think this author has a lot of potential. As a long-time reader of romance novels, I think I can speak for a lot of readers when I say that this author, being new, has done a good first book and will continue to write intriguing, erotic books.

That being said, this is definitely a first book. And has some of the requisite new-author mistakes that other commentators have pointed out. Some of the sex scenes are beautiful and very well done, but some of them were eye-rolling annoyances. The characters are interesting, and I found the premise of the plot to be intriguing (a thought-dead man returns from a Crusade to a wife he abandoned, whom he has idolized during years in a Saracen prison), but the plot has holes and is not well-developed. The threads do not come together in a beautiful tapestry, although the writing is often quite good, and the characters are engaging. I found the heroine to be worth reading, and the hero a tragic, compelling man. I stuck through some of the other issues because I really wanted them to get their Happily Ever After.

The secondary plots were not as well-done as the primary. And the sudden appearance of Alex's first love about halfway through the book was frustrating, but provided the necessary modus apperandi for the plot to tie up in the end. That being said, though, if you're looking for a good erotic romance, there is a lot of sex, and most of it is quite well-written. All of it makes sense in the plot of the book, because the whole premise of their relationship is seduction.

Given the fact that there were glimmers of real excellence in the book, I really hope that Angela Johnson continues to write. I appreciated the uniqueness of the plot, and thought there were some love scenes that rivaled some of the best I've read in this genre. I will look forward to getting a chance to read another of Ms. Johnson's books at some point in the future. Thanks for an interesting first read.
It is the year of our Lord 1276 as Sir Alex de Beaumont crashes through the back doors of the chapel to stop the ceremony taking place in Westminster Palace. He has just reason to believe these two should not be wed this day...the woman at the alter is already his wife.

Kat, on the other hand, had every reason to believe her husband was dead. Claims of his dead body being found were spread far and wide. So she was shockingly dismayed to see her husband arrive on the day of her second marriage. After all, Alex spent one night in her bed and then left to fight for King Edward at dawn without saying goodbye. Being abandoned did not sit well with Kat, and so with his return, she resolved herself to never forgive Alex for his betrayal.

Alex wants nothing more than Kat's forgiveness. He regrets his decision four years ago to leave his beautiful bride without notice. After spending one year fighting and the next three imprisoned, Alex had plenty of time to regret his mistake. He comes to realize how important Kat is and how much he cares for her. Now that he has returned to her, he strikes a bargain with Kat: He wants three months to properly court and seduce Kat. Should he fail, Alex is willing to give her something that would disgrace him forever: an annulment. Obstacles stand in the way of mending their marriage. Alex believes his captivity was not a happenstance of war, but rather part of a malicious plot against himself and Kat. Alex must not only win back her heart, but must protect her from the evil enemy out to eliminate them both.

Ultimately, Alex thought fighting in the Crusades and being imprisoned were the most difficult trials he had to face in his life. That was until he returned home to the unforgiving wife he abandoned after their wedding night, vowing to seduce his way back into her bed...and her heart.

Vow of Seduction by Angela Johnson is a tale of fear, regret, hatred and love. It had me in its grip from the first chapter. I was intrigued from the beginning on where the story was going and how this couple's story would conclude.

Angela's writing was classic. There were times she gave additional details that in other cases would drag down the story. In her case though, they improved the story. Her details would sharpen the picture of the time period. The historical background she included was wonderful. She had a strong feel for the time period and kept the reader swept away in the classical world she crafted. The chemistry she created between the two leads was undeniably steamy. It was hard to deny the sensual heat between Alex and Kate. The passion they both shared was intense and chilling at the same time.

The hero put his heart of his sleeve from the get-go and it was really a charming and unusual thing to read...he was not the typical hero holding his feelings in reserve:

"Whether you believe it or not, I spent four agonizing years in prison dreaming about you. I vowed that one day I would return to claim you. I know I do not deserve a second chance, but I am going to do everything in my power to earn your forgiveness and win you back."

It was a very enchanting story and I was with the book ultimately until the very end. The last ten pages I became so exhausted with the heroine's anger and frankly, her stupidity. Her anger was justified throughout the book but when her anger seemed to lack merit, she still hung onto it diligently. Perfection would have seen the story fleshed out just a trifle bit more to justify Kat's ultimate change of heart. I wanted to know more of her past to understand why her beliefs were so strong to her.

So ultimately the book wasn't perfect, but that wasn't to say I didn't enjoy it immensely. Romance novels set in Medieval time are not usually my favorite, but if more were written like Vow of Seduction, I would predict my appreciation of the sub-genre would grow drastically.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Heat Level: 4/5

Lisa @ Once Upon A Chapter