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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Alan Bernhardt, an actor and playwright moonlighting for a private detective agency, races against time to find a missing woman before the Detroit hitman who killed her roommate.

Alan Bernhardt is just starting rehearsal when his pager goe. Alan Bernhardt is just starting rehearsal when his pager goes off. No one in the small San Francisco theater minds - they know that to make it on the stage, you have to be prepared to do all sorts of odd jobs off of it. But this director's job is odder than most. He works for Herbert Dancer, head of a boutique private investigation service. A corporate secretary has vanished with a sheaf of valuable documents, and it will take an off-Broadway sensibility to bring her home. Bernhardt is just closing in on the woman and her boyfriend when he learns that she isn't running for a profit,.

CORDIALLY, THE motel manager smiled. His name was Farnsworth, she remembered. ted yet. But you don’t mind the heat, I seem to remember. And I’ve missed the desert. Well, you can pretty much take your pick of cabins-at summer rates. Would you like one with a kitchenette? The price works out to be the same as a single room, in season. And there’s only a couple of restaurants in town that’re open.

Bernhardt's Edge book. A moonlighting director finds his sideline more dangerous than. The full list of Bernhardt books is as follows: 1. Bernhardt's Edge (1988) 2. Silent Witness (1990) 3. Except for the Bones (1991) 4. Find Her a Grave (1993) 5. Full Circle (1994).

Collin Wilcox (1924–1996) was an American author of mystery fiction. Bernhardt appeared in four more books after his introduction in 1988’s Bernhardt’s Edge. Born in Detroit, he set most of his work in San Francisco, beginning with 1967’s The Black Door-a noir thriller starring a crime reporter with extrasensory perception. Under the pen name Carter Wick, he published several standalone mysteries including The Faceless Man (1975) and Dark House, Dark Road (1982), but he found his greatest success under his own name, with the celebrated Frank Hastings series.

Bernhardt's Edge - Collin Wilcox. MONDAY September 10th. Bernhardt flipped the script closed, put it on the edge of the stage, stretched, looked at his watch. Okay, that’s the first act. What I’d like to do, I think, is go through all three acts, reading the way we have tonight.

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Bernhardt's Edge (Alan Bernhardt Collin Wilcox. Year Published: 1988. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Year Published: 1990. Year Published: 1991. Year Published: 1993. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Электронная книга "Bernhardt's Edge", Collin Wilcox Collin Wilcox (1924–1996) was an American author of mystery fiction.

Электронная книга "Bernhardt's Edge", Collin Wilcox. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Bernhardt's Edge" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Collin Wilcox (1924–1996) was an American author of mystery fiction.

Alan Bernhardt, an actor and playwright moonlighting for a private detective agency, races against time to find a missing woman before the Detroit hitman who killed her boyfriend can reach her

Good noir begins with good characters, troubled people struggling with dark secrets or a shady past. Betty Giles was an art curator for a large corporation before she went to work for a private collector and discovered that her boss, one of the wealthiest men in the world, indulges a sinister passion. Betty's boyfriend tries to take advantage of that knowledge and before long, Betty and her boyfriend are on the run.

Enter Alan Bernhardt, an actor/director working with a small theater company in San Francisco who moonlights as a private investigator. For years he's been working for an unscrupulous investigator named Dancer. That changes after he takes on the assignment of tracking down Betty Giles. Knowing that he may be placing his life at risk, Bernhardt puts himself in the middle of Betty's drama.

Bernhardt isn't a standard noir detective, as you might guess from his theatrical career. Described as gentle and self-effacing, he's no Sam Spade. He owns guns but doesn't like them. While Bernhardt isn't a stereotyped detective, the hit man who chases Betty and her boyfriend is too stereotypical to be interesting. Still, the hit man's meticulous planning redeems him as a worthy noir character. Betty is sympathetic and believable.

Except for a couple of scenes in which Bernhardt becomes needlessly philosophical (which wouldn't be so bad if his philosophical observations were less shallow), the story moves swiftly. Tension mounts effectively as the novel proceeds to a resolution that is a little too neat, but satisfying nonetheless.
I really enjoyed this book. I found it very easy to read and difficult to put down. It was always moving forward, inviting me to keep reading, to find out what happened next.

This was an interesting thriller and I liked the fact that it took some time to find out the reasons behind the action and events of the earlier part of the book. I found myself eager to keep going, to find out why things had happened as they had.

This story had all the elements that constitute a good thriller for me, a good well paced plot, rounded, believable characters, suspense and action. There were also good reasons to account for the actions of the characters, at least in the eyes of those performing them. Added to that were twists and turns to pique one's interest. I liked that it took time to find out whether the crux of the story was about murder, theft, blackmail or whatever. In the end it was a number of things, all cleverly linked through the characters and their interactions.

I really enjoyed the author's portrayal of his characters, especially the protagonist, Alan Bernhardt. That he was an actor, moonlighting as a private detective was intriguing. I liked how he managed to draw upon his acting skills, and employ them effectively in his role as an investigator.

I would heartily recommend this for any fan of the intelligent mystery thriller. It was an enjoyable read that I found rather hard to put down.

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I used to read Collin Wilcox books all the time, but somehow fell out of the habit. I remember reading this book, back when it came out in 1988, and being amused that he'd changed from 1st person (which he used in his Lt. Hastings series) to 3rd person, when he decided to write a private eye novel. It's supposed to work the other way around.

Anyway, this book introduces a new character for Wilcox, an aspiring actor and playwright (who really wants to direct, of course) who moonlights as a private eye in his spare time. In this current story, Alan Bernhardt is tasked with finding a woman on behalf of the detective agency he works for, and quits when the woman's boyfriend is killed just after Bernhardt finds them, and his boss doesn't care. Bernhardt sets out to find if he unwittingly assisted in the commission of a murder, with interesting results.

The story is amusingly dated. The book was written in 1988, so there are no cell phones, personal computers, etc. Half the cops and bad guys carry revolvers instead of automatics. Everything seems very primitive, and one of the characters sticks out too much if he ventures into small-town America, because he's black and there simply aren't black faces there in California. The whole air of the book is very dated, which I felt made it very interesting, just as an aside to the plot of the story. Quite a good book.
Stage director Alan Bernhardt moonlighting as a private investigator inadvertently leads an assassin to the motel where a woman he had been paid to find and her lover are hiding.

Learning that the lover has been murdered, Bernhardt resigns from the agency he’s worked for, and seeks the killer he unintentionally helped; along the way he falls in love with an aspiring actress, and seeks to rescue and protect the woman he had sought in the beginning, now in danger of being killer herself.

You’ll want to keep the midnight oil burning as you finish this page turner of a not to be missed mystery.