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by Barbara White Daille
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    Barbara White Daille
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    Harlequin American Romance; Original edition (February 14, 2012)
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White Daille online on Bookmate – {"strong" ["When Caleb Cantrell left home as a dirt-poor teenager, he never thought he'd return as a wealthy rodeo sta.

Barbara White Daille.

No rodeo ever required the courage Caleb needs now-to forgive, to forget and to start over agai. f it's not already too late.

by Barbara White Daille. Books related to The Rodeo Man's Daughter (Mills & Boon American Romance).

The rodeo man's daughter. by. Daille, Barbara White. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin Books.

The Rodeo Man's Daughter Текст.

In The Rodeo Man’s Daughter, an injury has put Caleb Cantrell’s future at risk. All my best to you! Barbara White Daille. Barbara White Daille. When Caleb Cantrell left home as a dirt-poor teenager, he never thought he'd return as a wealthy rodeo star.

About Barbara White Daille. Barbara lives in the sunny Southwest where she and her husband love the lizards in the front yard but could do without the scorpions in the bathroom

When Caleb Cantrell left home as a dirt-poor teenager, he never thought he'd return as a wealthy rodeo star.As a matter of fact, he didn't think he'd return at all. The accident changed all that. It ended his career, nearly ended his life and rekindled a bitterness he thought he'd left in the dust long ago.To rebuild, Caleb has to go back to where it all began—back to Flagman's Folly, New Mexico, and back to his high-school sweetheart, Tess LaSalle. But a ten-year-old secret stands between them, one that could hurt everyone Tess loves, especially her daughter…their daughter…the one Caleb never knew existed.No rodeo ever required the courage Caleb needs now—to forgive, to forget and to start over again…if it's not already too late.

I really love reading western love stories and this book was also very good. There were times, during the early part of the book that I felt it dragged out a little and found myself speed reading thru a few pages until it got interesting again. I did enjoy the story line very much and recommend reading the book. When I read this book, I started reading it and then got sleepy. But, I would only sleep a few hours and when I would waken to make trip to bathroom, would start reading again. Did this routine several times and now it Is early morning and I am writing this review. Enjoy!
I loved the whole book and the storyline I could read this book over and over again. I would recommend this book to everyone
Caleb Cantrell's need to prove he is "somebody" not just the bastard son of the town's whore drove him as he became wealthy as a rodeo rider. After ten years, he returns to Flagman's Folly New Mexico. He cannot believe how unconcerned the people are about who he was "back then". They just seem to be proud of his success--all except Tess LaSalle, the girl he'd left behind. She acts like she wants him gone.

Tess did want him gone. His touch stirred unwanted feelings that she put away long ago. His words when she went to Gallup rodeo to tell him she was pregnant still burn like acid in her heart. He'd said his winnings would save him from having to go back to a "one-horse town with one-horse folks in it"--she was and is one of those "folks". He'd gone on to bask in his new celebrity status with trophies, buckle bunnies, and most importantly, money. She'd gone home and put her life together with meticulous care. Now she copes with financial worries, with a weak real estate market, with her mother, Rosalyn's struggling bed and breakfast Whistlestop Inn, and with her prickly, stubborn, sometime belligerent preteen daughter, Nate.

Nate is precious and loved even though she is a handful at times. She and her friends are "cowboy-crazy" and to them the world is wonder when the rodeo star Caleb Cantrell comes to town. Nate is at the age when issues are black or white--no shades of gray in between. Her emotions are volatile and coming to terms with the shocking changes in her world has her reeling and makes her super difficult at times.

The many secondary characters help move the story along. Rosalyn and Aunt Ellamae create a conspiratorial humor as do Nate and her three best friends. They all love Caleb's self-centered rodeo stories. Judge Baylor, Sam Robertson, and others help Caleb gradually let go of the "chip on this shoulder". Dana Wright and Joe Harley prove to be tried and true friends of Tess and support her in some really tough situations.

For some reason, I did not feel that I was having a vicarious experience with the characters. I felt I was on the outside looking in on conflicts but with little else going on--rather like a Mexican Standoff. However, the U-turn Caleb makes that shows his maturation and his ability to stop thinking about just himself and what he wants and needs makes the story come alive. It also shows Nate in a whole new light that reveals her redeeming qualities. They become far more likeable characters. They both do some amazing growing up.

Barbara White Daille has a smooth, expressive writing style with subtle metaphors, humor, and a setting that seems authentic. Her sense of small town living is right on, and made this book a worthwhile read.

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Caleb grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, son of the town trollop and no clue who his father was. He never had friends in school, only one person would talk to him, Tess. Tess and Caleb fell in love, but Tess made him keep their relationship a secret. Feeling like he wasn't good enough for Tess, Caleb left town and her for the Rodeo. Ten years later, after a career ending injury, Caleb is back in Flagman's Folly, to show the town and Tess he is something now. When he finds out Tess' secret all his plans change.

The Rodeo Man's Daughter is a sweet, emotional second chance at love story featuring a H/h with major baggage to work through and love for each other that has simmered in the back of their hearts for ten years. This is a Harlequin American Romance, there are no sexual scenes, just a couple of kisses. That being said, it does not take away from the story, it actually works better for this book because Caleb and Tess have too much to work through to get to reach their HEA, throwing sex in would have just complicated matters more.

Caleb and Tess' daughter, Nate, is precious, she and her friends' cowboy worship was an added delight to the story. Tess' Mom, Aunt El, Nate and her crew's attempts to get Tess and Caleb together added a nice touch of meddling matchmakers to the tale. I love the small town feel Barbara White Daille created with Flagman's Folly. I have not read the first book, A Rancher's Pride, but do want to go back and read it, as well as the third book, Honorable Rancher, coming out August, 2012.

If you enjoy emotionally charged, second chance at romance stories, you will enjoy The Rodeo Man's Daughter.

3.75 Stars
As an impoverish teenager Caleb Cantrell left Flagman's Folly, New Mexico over a decade ago to join the rodeo. His only regret is leaving behind his sweetheart Tess LaSalle, but he rationalized she could do much better than a poor non bitter person like him.

A recent near fatal injury has all but ended Caleb's sterling career, He returns home wealthy but the acrimony he thought he left behind remains in his gut. Caleb comes back with a chip on his shoulder. However, his plan to for a second chance with Tess goes nowhere as the single mom refuses to have anything to do with him. When he learns her daughter is his, he rages at Tess for never telling him though he knew he never gave her a chance. Finally calming down, Caleb wants to be part of the lives of his two beloved females, but Tess doubts his staying power fearing he will hurt her and their child.

This is an engaging second chance at love tale starring two wounded warriors carrying tons of emotionally crippling baggage. Although the theme has been used frequently, fans will enjoy Caleb's return to Flagman's Folly (see A Rancher's Pride) as he works his toughest contest ever, winning back the trust of the woman who was a pregnant teen though unaware of her condition when he abandoned her.

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