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by Karen Kelley
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    Karen Kelley
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    Brava; Reprint edition (July 1, 2010)
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Hands Off My Astral Plane!Psychic Selena James is having the kind of week that makes her happy to talk to the dead. First, famously skeptical (and sinfully sexy) writer, Trent Sanders, called her delusional on TV. Next, her outraged mother publicly challenged him to spend two weeks with Selena at the haunted Garvey Hotel. Now, if Selena can't prove ghosts exist, she'll answer to Trent's private wager: one night in his bed. . . Trent Sanders doesn't believe in anything he can't see, taste, or touch, and what he sees right now he would definitely enjoy tasting and touching. Selena James might be a bit kooky, but she's also blessed with a wicked sense of humor, like when she pinched his butt and insisted it wasn't her, but one of the hotel's resident "ghosts." Riiiiiight. But as things move from "haunted" to extremely hot, Trent's starting to believe some things in life just can't be explained. . . "An over-the-top, spunky romance. . . Fans will not be disappointed with the witty humor, wacky characters and sexual tension, and new readers will be hooked." --Romantic Times"Her books are funny and romantic with the perfect blend of spice!" --Gena Showalter

Love ghost story like this
I don't usually read romance novels, so maybe that's the reason I had a hard time reading this book. I enjoyed the idea of the book and the story it told; I struggled with the not-so-creative dialogue, but then nobody writes dialogue like Dean Koontz! (different genre though!) Some parts were a bit funny. Overall it's predictable, somewhat shallow.
DOUBLE DATING WITH THE DEAD, by Karen Kelly is wild, sexy romp of a paranormal that will make you suck it up in a day!

Selena James is a psychic with a very quirky family. She can communicate with ghosts, as they make their presence known to her. Trent Sanders doesn't believe in what he can't touch or he cant see, so he is out to prove that Selena is a scam artist and a fraud.

Tricked by Selena's mother who issues a challenge to both of them, they have to spend two weeks at a old historically creepy, run down hotel. Trent is a pretty skeptical and cynical about ghosts and in the two weeks at the hotel, he is going to prove that ghosts don't exist.

Selena's career is at stake. She can't allow Trent to disprove her theories and for her to lose her job at the newspaper where she writes a paranormal column. Ghosts exist, after all - it's just a matter of proving it to Mr. Infuriating, hot Mr. Miami Vice, Gorgeous Butt that ghosts do indeed exist. If she would just stop looking at his butt long enough to remember that - after all he IS the enemy and one doesn't sleep with the enemy... well, maybe in extreme circumstances!

Throw in a couple of mischievous but well meaning sex-starved ghosts - Dixie and Wesley - a saloon girl and a cowboy who were murdered at the Hotel in the old west and you have a sure recipe for LOL moments and some very wicked, spicy fun! The chemistry between Trent and Selena is sizzlin' hot - you can almost feel it smoke right off the pages! Karen Kelly's narrative is terrific and the dialogue between Trent and Selena is witty and super funny as is the banter between the other characters in the story - including Dixie and Wesley. Loved it! Highly recommended!! 5+ starts! You wont be disappointed!
Selena James is a psychic. So why did she not give herself a warning as to how bad the last week was going to be? First author (make that sexy author) Trent Sanders, on TV, calls her delusional. This outrages her mother to the point that she challenges him to spend two weeks with Selena in the haunted Garvey Hotel. Now Selena has to prove ghosts exist, if she does not, then she has to answer to her private wager with Trent - one night in his bed. With two sex-starved ghosts in residence, it is more of a when, than if, she will spend the night in his bed.

Trent Sanders makes his living being skeptical and writing books expanding on his skepticism. If he can't see, taste or touch it, he does not believe it. He can see Selena James, and he would not mind tasting and touching her. Now, if only she was not a cheat. The dreams she evokes...well they almost make him believe in ghosts.

Double Dating with the Dead is a funny, delightful read. It is an excellent way to spend an afternoon or evening. Karen Kelley writes with a lovely wit that kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed this book very much and I highly recommend it.

reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
Double Dating With The Dead by Karen Kelley is an out of this world hot, sexy and fun read.

Psychic Selena James is tricked by her well-meaning mother into spending two weeks with skeptical writer Trent Sanders. Trent does not believe in ghosts and knows Selena James has to be running some kind of con.

Selena has enough problems with her mother's interference now she has two sex-obsessed ghosts to deal with at the haunted Garvey Hotel. Trying to deal with Dixie and Wesley is bad enough but Selena finds herself wildly attracted to Trent.

Trent thinks this will be a breeze. All he has to do is catch Selena pulling a fast one. But though he tries to explain the odd goings on he can't explain this over the top attraction to Selena.

Double Dating With The Dead is a laugh out loud book. The wit and charm of the characters make this book a treat. The chemistry between Selena and Trent is smoking hot and delicious. A Karen Kelley book is a feel good read.