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    Barbara Hall
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    Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition (August 1, 1994)
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Apparently Barbara Hall is a very successful television writer and producer but she's also become a successful author

In an attempt to discover why her life hasn't worked out the way she. Apparently Barbara Hall is a very successful television writer and producer but she's also become a successful author. This book by Hall features Valerie who has a cast of characters surrounding her that have allowed Thank you to NetGalley and Open Road Integrated Media for this free copy. I've never read it so for me it is a brand new read!

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Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a quick, easy read that would be great for fans of Southern fiction.

by. Hall, Barbara, 1960-. ark:/13960/t4gm92f8c. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

A Better Place - Barbara Hall. Fresh ebook deals, delivered daily. Delivered to your inbox every day! A Better Place. For Nick, who would not let me quit. Many-far too many-aspects of life which should also have been experienced lie in the lumber-room among dusty memories; but sometimes, too, they are glowing coals under grey ashes.

Город: Los Angeles, CAПодписчиков: 6 ты. себе: Creator/Executive Producer of Madam Secr. себе: Creator/Executive Producer of Madam Secretary, creator of Joan of Arcadia, author of Charisma, mother of Novelty Daughter, girl behind the Bad Man.

When Valerie Caldwell left Maddock, Virginia, it was to find a greater destiny. No matter that she had no compelling drive, no particular calling, no special talent. No matter that she left behind a brokenhearted fiance Joe Deacon, and broke up the trio of "best friends" that included Tess Brumfield and Mary Grace Reynolds. No matter that no one ever really left Maddock. Valerie didn't care, for she was special. Of that she was certain.And indeed, Valerie was special. She possessed a certain charm, a peculiarly Southern air of seduction that drew to her not only all the boys she met, but the girls as well. The boys all wanted to date her; the girls wanted to be her best friend. Everyone pursued her. Few ever stopped to think whether or not they actually liked her.Now, fourteen years after leaving Maddock, Valerie is going back. It seems to her the only solution, and she wonders in fact why she ever left in the first place. Certainly her life hasn't worked out. Being "special" in Los Angeles proved a lot harder than she had imagined. Even Jason, her husband, has lost most of the charm and promise that drew her to him. Plus he spends all his time writing screenplays that never get produced. And as for acting, her star never ascended beyond the body-on-the-beach level.Yes, Maddock will hold the answers, provide the balm. There Valerie will be back with her loving parents; she can sleep in her own bed, walk the familiar streets, see her old, dear friends. And she will be able to watch again the Millburn boys, young men from the military academy that was the scene of some of Valerie's greatest triumphs. It will be perfect.Why, then, does everything seem so wrong? Why don't Valerie's parents seem particularly glad to see her? Why does Tess seem ill at ease around her, and Mary Grace openly hostile? And while Joe may be married to Tess, does that mean he and Valerie can't be friends, can't talk to each other like before? Valerie senses that while time may seem to have stood still in this very Southern little town, everything has, in fact, changed.Certainly, if things in Maddock haven't changed, they will, for Valerie's return sets in motion a series of events that alter forever the lives of those who were closest to her, forcing them to examine who they are and why they are there, opening new doors to some and for others closing off any hope of escape.A Better Place is a wonderful novel, beautifully written, filled with humor and human truths. It is an auspicious debut of a remarkably talented writer.

very good book. But I didn't like the main lady. too weepy and drank too much.
insightful engaging book. A must for anyone over 30 years thinking about moving back home would be a smart move.
A Better Place came to me from Pat Conroy's publisher (hint hint: naming Pat Conroy in your pitch is a surefire way to get me to review a book!) and, for that reason, I decided to at least read the first chapter and see what I thought. Frankly, I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! It's a quick, easy read that would be great for fans of Southern fiction.

Valerie is one of those Southern belles that owned her tiny town (Maddock, VA) when she was growing up. She's gorgeous, popular with the boys, has more "minions" than actual friends, and always dreamed of moving on to bigger and better things outside of Maddock (kind of like a less slutty Tyra Collette from "Friday Night Lights"). Following her split with her husband, she assumes she's going home to reclaim her former glory...but things don't quite work out that way.

While the overall story is light and somewhat frivolous, the writing is not. Hall offers some wise nuggets on life and deals with broader themes that give the storyline a bit more depth. This is a story of the romanticized notion of "home" and first loves, the power dynamics of friendships, and the incestuous nature of the small-town dating game (I mean, Riggins did date both Lyla and Tyra on "FNL", didn't he?!). But, the biggest theme Hall tackles is, the difference between "people who act and people who don't act", as a minor character in the book puts it. It's a story about taking control of your life or letting it control you:

"No one had ever told him what to do in the absence of someone telling him what to do."

Hall also captured small town life in the South to a tee:

"Valerie disliked urgency; it was one of the things she disliked most about L.A., and one of the reasons she had never really contemplated living in New York. She thought it cast people in a vulgar light, all that hurrying, the frantic chasing of opportunity. People in Maddock were content to let opportunity find them, and if it never came, at least they had spared themselves the indignity of hunting for it."

"Southerners. When in doubt, make coffee. Coffee and iced tea are the solution to any social dilemma."

The characters in A Better Place are all flawed and there isn't really one person I felt myself rooting for. However, it didn't bother me that much because each one serves a purpose in the "life wisdom" themes Hall addresses. Each character represents a different cautionary tale. If you feel more comfortable with books where you like the characters, this may not be the choice for you.

Finally, I grew up in Richmond, so I enjoyed the Virginia setting of A Better Place. The fictional Maddock, VA is located near the NC/VA border and has a military academy. This made me think of the real life Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, VA. There were also numerous references to UVA (my alma mater), University of Richmond (only a few minutes from my childhood home), and Danville (my mother-in-law's hometown). So fellow Virginians, you may enjoy this one!

A Better Place would make a great beach read and is going on my 2014 Summer Reading List.

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