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by Joan Smith
Download Behold, a Mystery! (Thorndike Large Print General Series) fb2
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    Joan Smith
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    Thorndike Pr; Large Print Edition edition (October 1, 1994)
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Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery Series. in Mysteries (Books).

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery Series. Hardcover: 412 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1410423955. Product Dimensions: 6 x . x 9 inches. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle. Josh is caught up in a mystery designed like the traditional Russian nesting dolls. Answer one question and another one pops up. Hardcover: 432 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1410427458. Product Dimensions: . x 1 x . inches. Answer it, and another one takes it place. The conclusion is surprising. I hope there is a sequel.

Behold, A Mystery! book. THE HOLIDAYS HAD TAKEN ON A DECIDED CHILL THIS YEAR . A young lady in possession of a large fortune, but only if she marries one of her murdered aunt's nephews - and does not know who killed the aunt for the money. It's like those horror shows where you are shouting at the the heroine to not open that cabinet, because you know the bad guy is there. I've read 95% of the book, and it doesn't seem to be coming to any conclusion, and then BAM! it's over.

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Book by Smith, Joan

I'm a big fan of Joan Smith and have pretty much all her books that are available on Kindle. When I noticed this new book, I immediately decided to purchase it and read it last night. Her books are normally the perfect length for my late night reading pleasure. I can begin most of her books around 10:00 pm and easily finish one before falling asleep.

She has a fairly standard storyline to most all of her books - a few include mysteries which must be solved. The foundation for this storyline includes the maneuverings of Aunt Hettie who changes her will each year, calling in all the potential heirs for a weeklong stay at her estate each December. In this case, those who stand to inherit are her four nephews, Gregory, Horatio, Otto and Felix. Jessica, Hettie's grandniece has been her companion for ten years following the death of her mother. The visit of the nephews is the highlight of Jessica's year, giving her hope that perhaps one of them might actually propose to her and make her a wife. This year the unthinkable occurs - someone does away with Hettie. When the will is read, it's discovered that she has left everything to her niece Jessica with the condition Jessica marry one of the nephews during the next 12 months. If the marriage to one of the nephews doesn't occur, the inheritance will be split five ways between Jess and the nephews.

This places Jessica in a precarious position as to her own welfare. While she's trying to figure out the lay of the land so to speak, a couple of the nephews are trying to manipulate her into marriage even as one other person is killed and others become the victims of accidents. Jessica's own heart was stolen by Otto many years previously and each year she longingly looks forward to the nephews' visit so she can interact with Otto. In fact, compared to the other men, Otto seems like a good guy in many ways until he begins to come under suspicion due to his own behavior and other potentially related actions to the murders/accidents leaving the reader wondering if he's a straight up guy.

It soon becomes obvious that Otto is the only real choice for the hero in the book. However, he did not satisfy me as a hero type.

#1. Although he professes love for Jessica, he has visited her only once each year during the past ten, choosing to stay in London and partake of Society as he built up his newspaper business and apparently lived the life common to other young men. He's now in his early 30's.

#2. After Aunt Hettie passes and during the following days while everyone is trying to figure out who the murderer is, Otto is caught in a tryst with another woman by Jessica . This is never explained to my satisfaction, i.e., "as in she strong-armed him and he had no other options but to allow the kiss - lol."

#3. Eventually Otto lets Jessica know that he wants to marry her. However, when Jessica quizzes Otto as to why he never came to visit her more than once each year, for those ten long years, his excuses don't hold water - only pi$$. In fact, he tells her that he did write Hettie to ask if he could come more often but Hettie wouldn't allow it. He suggests that Jessica check Hettie's office for the letters he wrote as proof of his interest in Jess. Later, Jess catches Otto placing "made up" letters in Hettie's office. Of course he has an explanation for this deceit.

#4. Otto further explains he couldn't show interest in Jessica because she was only 16 years old when they met, but now she's 26? What the hey? He excuses his delay in romancing Jessica by stating that he wasn't ready financially and it's only been the past three years that he actually knew he wanted to marry her after "mentally" comparing her to other women he knows, plus he's been busy building his business. So a 30 years plus gentleman can't have "the serious talk" with a 20 years plus woman? Also according to the "light-skirtish" woman Jessica caught Otto kissing, Otto has been linked with at least one London lady as a potential marriage partner. Rumor put forth to titillate Jess and the reader's imagination, but never really explained to my satisfaction.

#5. It's only after Otto finds out Jessica will inherit Hettie's wealth that he tells her he was planning to propose to her this year. Too little, too late, Otto. I was so frustrated at the lack of heroic behavior from Otto, it very nearly ruined the book for me.
What I like about Joan Smith is that she's fairly consistent. What I like about Regency is that it's pretty much ageless. What I especially like about this book is that it's a good example of a very good Regency mystery by Joan Smith. If you're looking for romance, well, as another reviewer noted, the Hero is not very "heroic." And maybe, realistically speaking, any of us would have been out of our depth in this particular instance. He certainly seemed to be. All through the story you suspect one after the other of the nephews. And you hope (if you're romantically incline) the one she loves is the "good guy." I loved the way it gradually built up to the climax. And 2 weeks later I still think that this is a very good mystery.
I'm glad that it was brought to kindle.
Great storytelling and engaging characters, but marred for me (a British reader) by some anachronisms and American usages inappropriate for a story set in early 19th C England, e.g. one of the main characters is called Darren, a name that didn't exist until the 20th C. Still, the story bowls along like a well-made and well-driven curricle, with some satisfying twists and turns, and excursions into Regency low-life territory, and I recommend it to those who love Regency romance.
This is probably the most poorly written of this author's novels that I have read. While the idea for the plot is good, I got so bored with all the conjecture about the suspects. I don't think this seemed realistic in relation to the lack of police activity.
Very nice reading and like always an enjoyable book .
This author never disappointes one .
Thank you
It's a generally good book but at times overly descriptive and other times not descriptive enough. The end felt rushed after the pages and pages of suspense that turned cold at times waiting for something else to happen. A lot did happen though... not poor writing but not great either.
I liked the story and the characters very much. I had an idea of the guilty party but I wasn't sure. It had a scary air about it that I enjoyed.
Like almost all her books, a fun read.