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Part of Forrest Gump series by Winston Groom. They'd let us paint with our fingers an make little things, but mostly, it jus teachin us how to do stuff like tie up our shoes an not slobber food or get wild an yell an holler an thow shit aroun.

Part of Forrest Gump series by Winston Groom. They wadn't no book learnin to speak of - cept to show us how to read street signs an things like the difference between the Men's an the Ladies' rooms. With all them serious nuts in there, it woulda been impossible to conduct anythin more'n that anyway. Also, I think it was for the purpose of keepin us out of everbody else's hair.

Forrest Gump is a 1986 novel by Winston Groom. The title character retells adventures ranging from shrimp boating and ping pong championships, to thinking about his childhood love, as he bumbles his way through American history, with everything from the Vietnam War to college football becoming part of the story. Gump is portrayed as viewing the world simply and truthfully. He does not know what he wants to do in life, but despite his low IQ, he is made out to be full of wisdom.

Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump is a Science Fiction novel by Winston Groom. At 6'6" and 240lbs, Forrest Gump is difficult to ignore. This satire follows him from the football dynasties of Bear Bryant to Vietnam, and from encounters with Presidents Johnson and Nixon to pow-wows with Chairman Mao. It also takes in Harvard University, a Hollywood set, and a NASA mission.

Winston Groom’s most popular book is Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump, #1).

Books by Winston Groom. Showing 30 distinct works. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump, by. Winston Groom.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Meet Forrest Gump, the lovable, hurculean, and surprisingly savy hero of this remarkable comic odyssey

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Meet Forrest Gump, the lovable, hurculean, and surprisingly savy hero of this remarkable comic odyssey. After accidentally becoming the star of Univerity of Alabama's football team.

Forrest Gump is a 1994 American comedy-drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Eric Roth. The story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump (Hanks), a slow-witted but kind-hearted man from Alabama who witnesses and unwittingly influences several defining historical events in the 20th century United States

Winston Francis Groom, Jr. is the author of the novel Forrest Gump, off of which the film was based. He also wrote Gumpisms: The Wit and Wisdom of Forrest Gump and a sequel novel named Gump & C. .Categories: Real life.

Winston Francis Groom, Jr.

This book is about Forrest Gump, a so called idiot. But the truth is that he may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him any less worthy his fellow humans respect

This book is about Forrest Gump, a so called idiot. But the truth is that he may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him any less worthy his fellow humans respect. Despite he is under the average intelligence-level, he have done the most amazing thing, which the average people, even them who is cleverer than him, wouldn’t manage. Forrest have done some remarkable things, but all the ever wanted was to be loved by Jenny Curran, a girl that had always been nice to him and that he has known since 1st grade. Despite everything that happens in the book, Forrest always loves her, and would do anything for her, he evens get in jail because of her.

Forrest Gump - Pour les articles homonymes, voir Forrest. Forrest Gump - Filmdaten Deutscher Titel Forrest Gump.

Chronicles the rollicking misadventures of Forrest Gump, an idiot savant college football player whose mathematical genius does not prevent his flunking out and who finds himself drafted for Vietnam

I am probably one of the few that read the book prior to seeing the movie. I really liked the book as it was very satirical and light. It’s written as if you are on the bench next to Forest and he’s telling you the stories of his exploits. It’s very clever and written in “Forest-speak”. I heard they were making a movie about it and I wondered “how the heck are they going to pull that off”? When I saw the movie I liked it but it was much more heavy handed than the book. It was very different and as such I was actually disappointed with it. I understand that Hollywood had to make it more serious and create a story line. Over time I have learned to really appreciate the movie because I am a huge Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks fan and on its own it’s very good....but very different from the book. It would be best to consider them separately as they cannot really be compared to each other. They are that different in my opinion. Both wonderful in their own unique way.
Like many, I saw the movie first and then read the book. I know the book inspired the movie, but, the movie is so ingrained in my childhood, it’s hard to consider it the remake. While reading it, I found myself thinking that it was like a fanfiction to a movie I love.

This story has all of the same characters, some of the same scenarios, and yet manages to be completely different from the movie. This Forrest is not as naive and gullible as the movie Forrest. He expresses his likes and dislikes of people and situations, is a much dirtier character with a lot fouler mouth and mind, is not so enamored with his mother, and he doesn’t seem to have the same moral compass he has in the movie.

The situations in the book are more outlandish than the movie, but the characters themselves feel more believable. Forrest makes mistakes with Jenny, he is not a blameless character riding her rollercoaster like in the movie. Jenny is more driven to do the “right” thing, even if it means walking away from the man she loves. Dan experiences a full existential breakdown over veteran’s treatment after the war, not from not dying in it.

The book and the movie are both great. It’s hard to say which is better because they are completely separate from each other.
For the first time I can say a movie was better than the book it was based upon. The Gump character here is mean spirited and has none of the innocence that made the movie so successful.

It just about spoiled the movie for me.
I have a new-found respect for movie screenwriters after reading this book.I give director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Eric Roth huge credit for taking this halfway decent book and turning it into a fantastic movie. Groom's story is so full of far-out, unbelievable schlock that I have to believe it was written as a joke. I get it that the story is intended to be unbelievable and wacky, but still, the whole NASA astronaut section is just so over-the-top that it sounds like the fantasies of a ten-year old. I think that if I had read the book before I saw the movie, 1) I wouldn't have finished it, and 2) I would not have seen the movie.
Usually the movie cannot compare to the book. Forrest Gump the movie was done so well that it is one of my favorites. While I enjoyed reading the book, it could not compare to the movie. There are some scenes that are in the book that are not in the movie and vice versa. In the movie, everyone remembers the line "Run Forrest, run". Amazingly, the running across the country does not occur in the book. Bottom line: if you love the movie, you might want to read the book. You will enjoy it, but you won't be wowed.
The book is very different from the movie, and there are a lot of things I liked about it. First and foremost, Forrest himself was a little more interesting. He wasn't nearly as innocent as in the movie, and he also had some savant abilities at math, physics, chess, etc. In addition, he was also described as being very large and strong.

On the other hand, the book lost me with a few of the adventures that were simply too outlandish to possibly believe. I won't spoil them, although some other reviewer have, but suffice to say they were ridiculous enough to partially spoil what would otherwise have been a truly wonderful book - at least for me. Leaving them out of the movie really improved it.
Forest Gump is a piece of literature I believe was done total injustice by the movie based on it. I thoroughly enjoyed Forest's exploits. The authors style did his story a great service. However, I know I would have enjoyed it more if I did not have so many preconceived expectations based on the famous movie. It is like reading two different books, both great; both having similar outlines. But from there totally different. Many main characters in one are missing or differently presented in the other. I usually read a book before seeing any movie based on it. Wish I had done this years ago when the movie came out. When Forest Gump (the book) was mentioned in a recent discussion I was part of, I realized I would probably enjoy it. I did greatly enjoy it after I got over all the differences from the movie.
So many reviewers stated that the movie was better than the book, and I have to agree. The movie was more entertaining, more clever, and wrapped up more satisfactorily (IMHO) than the book did. Which is not to say the book was bad - it was good enough. Forrest's voice was still very distinct and interesting. But. The way that the characters and their storylines played out in the movie was much more satisfying, and presented a more unified story, whereas the book seemed to wander a bit. It was good enough to keep me reading, and I wouldn't steer a friend away from it, but I wouldn't suggest rushing out to get a copy, either.