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by Elizabeth Montgomery,Anne Rice
Download Beauty's Release fb2
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    Elizabeth Montgomery,Anne Rice
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    Simon & Schuster Audio; Abridged edition (December 1, 1994)
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Kidnapped by enemy soldiers, Beauty is sent across the sea to become a sexual slave in the exotic harem of a mysterious Sultan, in the erotic sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty's Punishment. Book available.

I am a pretty open minded individual but this series delved to far down the dark road for me. I felt these books, each one more horrific than the last, were more about learning to endure physical pain. I did not find most of the description to be erotic in any way. I found these books to be about torture and not eroticism. These books left me feeling queasy and unsatisfied... mentally unsatisfied. I could not find the deeper meaning of the torture.. I could not find love.. I found only sickness and insanity.
I love Ann Rice Novels; She is a master storyteller with a true gift but these books..
Comparing 50 Shades of Grey to these books is like comparing Sesame Street to Steven Hawking!
After finishing 50 Shades of Gray series I wasn't sure where to turn after that great read so I followed the suggestion of other Amazon reviews and read this series. This is the third and final book in the series it is vital that you actually read the series in order. The first being The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty then this book and the third bring Beauty's Release. This book is very strong erotic. I would say way stronger than 50 Shades of Gray. If you're comfortable reading a BDSM book with three ways, lesbian and gay sex scenes then this is the book for you. I like that because it is a 3 books Anne Rice does take the time to develop the characters so you feel you get to know everyone. My only problem now is what to read because few books I've ever read can compare to this series. If you're looking for smoking hot erotica then this is definitely the series for you.

Anne Rice please write more books like this series!!
This form of writing from Anne Rice was totally unexpected, but she did it well. It is erotica with a clear story woven throughout all three books. It is about love vs lust vs desire vs servitude played out in a fantasy kingdom where the royal people become the slaves of the commoners for a few years.

In book 3 the final book, Princess Beauty, Prince Tristan and Prince Laurant find themselves bound and gagged on board a ship headed for yet another kingdom. kidnapped by a Sultan during one of their slave raids they are chosen as being the best of the Princesses and Princes being held by the Queen. Plunged into fearful new experiences the three try to stay together. They serve the Sultan and as they start to find they are enjoying the experience and develop new interests inside the castle the three find themselves wrapped in carpets and taken away yet again. By the close of the book all three have found their destiny's.

WARNING: In the forward Rice does warn that most every page is filled with graphic sex, so be advised. if this is not your cup of tea, pass it by.
Beauty is back, and like any 15 year old her love is fickle. The Prince that saved her, who? She is so over Alexi, and out of the blue mad for Tristan. She and Tristan have been sent to the village outside the Castle where servitude is worse and rape and humiliation are even more rampant. The book is about 250 pages and 50 of them are actual story. The other 200 pages are graphic sex scene's of hardcore BDSM. I wish one or two of them were actually be hot and not so rapey. Can someone please explain to me how no one get's pregnant? There are all these healthy teenage girls have unprotected sex and they are being ejaculated inside of. And don't even get me started on STD's? I didn't like this book, but I will see the trilogy through. The first one was ok, maybe the third time is the charm.
50 Shades has absolutely nothing on this book or this series. I happen to be into many of the things depicted so I enjoyed it thoroughly but it is definitely not for the weak nor the prude and really not even the homophobic or easily disturbed by very erotic and extreme sexual content and what would be considered deviation. Obviously I am into this sort of thing but if you are not, DON'T read this book or series. But if you are, it will tickle every one of your fancies and maybe awaken a few fancies you didn't even know you had!
A change of locale added new dimension to the story, but much of the draw to the novel was in throwing the most interesting characters from the previous two books in with a host of new characters. If the book were rewritten now, with the years of craft Rice has under her belt, I imagine it would be a different book entirely.
I was recently turned on to the Anne Rice "Sleeping Beauty Trilogy" by a book club and this is the best recommendation they have given me to date. The way AR writes puts you right in the midst of the characters, as if you are experiencing their situations as well...and if you are new to BDSM then you are truely in for a wild ride!! I love to read erotica, but usually in the comfort of my own home. Not this! I could not and WOULD NOT put this book down anywhere! This is actually the second copy I bought because I lent my first copy out while I was still reading the first book and did not get it back fast enough.

If you like regular erotica or the full on need a safe word BDSM, this book will take your imaginations to places you did not think possible. It is not just about sex though! There are underlying themes in the book that will have you evaluating and reevaluating how you approach relationships on a mental and emotion level as well.
It is what it is: an erotic novel by Anne Rice. Anyone knowingly reading this is pretty much going to get what they expect out of it.