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Bouquet of Barbed Wire is a British television series based on a 1969 novel by Andrea Newman of the same name. It was created by London Weekend Television for ITV in 1976, and another adaptation was released in 2010. The series was notorious for its.

Bouquet of Barbed Wire is a British television series based on a 1969 novel by Andrea Newman of the same name. The series was notorious for its treatment of family and sexual dynamics, focused on the relationship between father and daughter. Prue Sorensen (Susan Penhaligon) is a university student who, after becoming pregnant, marries American actor Gavin (James Aubrey).

A Bouquet of Barbed Wire Paperback – June 21, 2011. Novelist and screenwriter Andrea Newman changed the face of British culture in the seventies with her steamy television serial A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, based on her novel of the same name. by. Andrea Newman (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

A Bouquet of Barbed Wire book. It was the author Andrea Newman’s sixth novel, originally entitled Afternoon, but that changed after she went on a walk with her mother and the dog ran under a barbed wire fence. Manson loves his daughter fiercely  . It tells the story of a successful middle-aged man who is driven half mad by his daughter’s choice of husband, and who embarks on a risky affair, blowing his Many will remember this as the 1976 TV adaptation, starring Frank Finlay, Susan Penhaligon, James Aubrey, Sheila Allen, which drew an audience of 26 million.

She was so genuinely keen on her job, asking him questions without being intrusive, and thinking up ways of streamlining the office routine.

She was so genuinely keen on her job, asking him questions without being intrusive, and thinking up ways of streamlining the office routine aking minutely accurate lunch hours. But it was more than that. He took active pleasure in seeing her there in the outer office as he came and went: she was so clean, so tidy, so suitably dressed, so discreetly scented. She was any man’s dream of a girl with whom to confront the world: This is my secretary. He could be proud of her at meetings.

Andrea Newman, who has died aged 81, was a novelist and screenwriter best known for her steamy dramas of dysfunctional marriages and family life, notably A Bouquet of Barbed Wire.

Andrea Newman, who has died aged 81, was a novelist and screenwriter best known for her steamy dramas of dysfunctional marriages and family life, notably A Bouquet of Barbed Wire, which became one of the talking points of the era when she adapted it for television in 1976 (losing the A in the title). The original story for Bouquet came to her in 1967 when she was passing through Trafalgar Square on the No 11 bus. It concerned Peter Manson – a successful, if conceited, middle-aged, middle-class man – and his daughter Prue, of whom he is paternally jealous.

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"Newman is superb at crawling under the skin of our insecurities about relationships."—The Times

"Andrea Newman has an entertaining ability to shock."—Guardian

Peter Manson loves his daughter fiercely. So fiercely that he almost loses her in his fury when he discovers she is pregnant by her boyfriend, Gavin. Wounded and confused, he begins an affair with his secretary and neglects his wife. Within this short summer, his whole family will be turned inside out, with secrets from the distant past returning to haunt them all.

Andrea Newman is a novelist and screenwriter. She lives in London.

Distasteful characters that I shan’t waste my time on. Plus I didn’t find the prose attractive in any way. Gave up after a few chapters.
The story was rather absorbing and well-written. The author invites her readers to reflect upon relationships and how to balance the contradictions between loving someone and satisfying those needs that cannot be catered for within a relationship.
A run of the mill relationship story, quite well written, but not great literature. A bit more than simple escapism
Most of Andrea Newman's works are now out of print, but during the late sixties and seventies she had the reputation of being the enfant terrible of British literary fiction. "A Bouquet of Barbed Wire" became her most controversial work after it was serialised on television in 1976. Many books, films and television programmes which were considered scandalously explicit during that period have since become part of the cultural mainstream, but this one, with its themes of incest and domestic violence, still seems shocking shock even today.

The novel is reminiscent of the works of Newman's exact contemporary Margaret Drabble and her older contemporary Iris Murdoch in that it deals with the love lives of members of the prosperous middle classes of London and the Home Counties, although Newman seems to deal with her themes with a greater sexual frankness. At the centre of the book is a complex web of relationships between five main characters; Peter Manson, a well-to-do middle-aged publisher, his wife Cassie, their nineteen year old daughter Prue, Prue's American husband Gavin, and Sarah, Manson's secretary with whom he is having an affair.

The most controversial element in the plot is that Manson's feelings for Prue go far beyond a normal father-daughter relationship, verging on incestuous desire. All the other plot developments flow from this. Manson does not dare to break the legal and social taboo against incest, and his affair with Sarah, a girl around Prue's age, can be seen as a sublimation of his feelings for his daughter. He resents Prue's marriage partly out of suspicion that Gavin will not prove a good husband, but also partly out of ill-concealed sexual jealousy. Prue discovers her father's affair, which she sees as a betrayal and informs her mother, leading to a separation between Manson and Cassie. In revenge, Cassie begins an affair with Gavin.

Although this is a work which deals with strong emotions and sexual passions, Newman's style is cold and emotionally detached, as though she were trying to distance herself from her characters, who resemble pieces pushed around a chessboard more than they do living human beings. They never come to life and the motives for their actions often remain obscure. Particularly baffling are the relationships between Gavin and Cassie and Gavin and Prue. Manson's suspicions of Gavin's suitability as a husband prove well-founded, as he turns out to be violent and abusive, on one occasion beating his wife so badly that she has to be taken to hospital. His appalling treatment of her daughter, however, does not prevent Cassie from taking him to bed. Even more offensive is Newman's implication that Prue herself, motivated by masochistic tendencies, deliberately provokes Gavin's behaviour.

Although this is not an overt piece of erotica, Newman's approach to sexual matters resembles that of the pornographer. Whereas the growing climate of liberalism enabled other writers of the period to make use of sexual frankness as a means for exploring the human psyche with greater honesty, for her it seems to have become an end in itself, or at most a means to win herself a reputation for controversy and thereby to achieve a succes de scandale. "A Bouquet of Barbed Wire" resembles a piece of half-hearted pornography, an erotic novel with the most erotic passages bowdlerised. I found it cold, pretentious and lacking in any insight into human relationships, more concerned to shock than to illuminate. Having read this book (the first I have reviewed which I have awarded only one star) it did not surprise me that Newman's reputation has declined so much since the seventies.
Impala Frozen
I read the book after having watched both the dismal latest television re-imagining with Trevor Eve, and the fantastic original TV series on DVD with Frank Finlay et al. The book is literate and well-written - it's not the dumbed-down pap we usually get nowadays. It's quite admirably intelligent regarding the complexity of the relationships between the protagonists. The subject matter is a rarely examined scenario and it is handled sensitively, although some fairly shocking events do occur. I would recommend this book, especially if you loved the original TV series and want to extend your enjoyment!