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by Hampton Charles
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    Hampton Charles
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    Chivers Audio Books; Large Print edition (June 1, 1998)
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A Miss Seeton Mystery. Series creator Heron Carvic.

A Miss Seeton Mystery. MISS EMILY SEETON was halfway up the splendid central staircase at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly early in the afternoon of a fine July day in 1972 when it was embarrassingly drawn to her attention that she had quite forgotten to deposit her umbrella at the cloakroom. This was understandable, since all manner of thoughts loosely connected with chess had been jostling each other in her mind during the twenty-minute walk from Charing Cross.

At head of title: Heron Carvic's Miss Seeton.

Hampton Charles has ruined Miss Seeton for me. While the story was decent, adding an extramarital affair for a. .I would like to thank Netgalley and Farrago for an advance copy of Miss Seeton At The Helm, the seventh novel in the series and the second written by Mr Charles. While the story was decent, adding an extramarital affair for a respectful character made me really dislike this book. Miss Seeton stories don't need to have blatant sex strewn about. Through various machinations Sir George Colveden gets Ms Seeton a ticket for his 25th wedding anniversary to the Greek Islands. He feels that her "eye" will be invaluable in the hunt for Professor Witney's antique smuggling contacts.

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Lucky Miss Seeton is thrilled to be 'awarded' a luxury cruise from Venice to the Greek islands, for her . Miss Seeton is a delightful sendup of the amateur sleuth.

Lucky Miss Seeton is thrilled to be 'awarded' a luxury cruise from Venice to the Greek islands, for her services as official artist to Scotland Yard. But also on the good ship Eurydice are her friends, Sir George and Lady Emily Colvedon, who know all about Miss S’s talent for tripping up wrongdoers. And by coincidence of course, there are a couple of well-known warring art experts, one of whom soon ends up dead.

Miss Seeton at the Helm (A Miss Seeton Mystery Book 8. Advantage Miss Seeton (A Miss Seeton Mystery Book 7). Hampton Charles.

Miss Seeton at the Helm (A Miss Seeton Mystery Book 8). Miss Seeton, By Appointment (A Miss Seeton Mystery Book 6).

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Miss Seeton Flies High.

Miss Seeton at the Helm Hardcover – Large Print, June 1, 1998. I don't know who this Hampton Charles is, but will soon find out, because I want to avoid all his books based on his slaughter of this particularly beloved series making. by. Hampton Charles (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. This may be my last Miss Seeton.

Hampton Charles, Heron Carvic. He wrote three Miss Seeton titles: Advantage Miss Seeton, Miss Seeton at the Helm, and Miss Seeton, By Appointment. Prelude Books, 14 июл. 2016 г. 0 Отзывы. A sunny summer’s day at the Hurlingham Club resounds to the thwack of ball on racket, as Britain’s young hopeful, the splendidly named Trish Thumper, seems likely to knock out her American opponent. Miss Seeton is a hoot! I was torn between laughter and eye rolling with each page turn. The characters are loveable and thoroughly British. This is a perfect specimen of classic British mystery.

Emily D. Seeton, aka Miss Seeton or MissEss is the fictional heroine of a series of British cosy mystery novels by Heron Carvic, Roy Peter Martin writing as Hampton Charles, and Sarah J. Mason writing as Hamilton Crane. Cosy Mysteries lists the books as the "Retired British Art Teacher in England Series". Miss Seeton inadvertently draws psychologically and, perhaps, psychically informative sketches that allow Inspector Delphick and his assistant Bob Ranger to solve the crime.

I had enjoyed the previous Miss Seeton books in the series until this one. The title character in the previous books was charming and funny, as were the secondary characters. The books themselves were witty and understated. When this author assumed the series, he (or she) evidently wasn't familiar enough with the characters to portray them faithfully. Miss Seeton has been trivialized and her contributions are not as well described. Sir George Colvedon has been turned into a blustering buffoon, His wife is not much in evidence and The Oracle, Chief Superintendent Delphick, happily married in earlier volumes, engages in a completely gratuitous extramarital affair with Amelita Forby, who is romantically involved with another character, one who doesn't appear in this volume, except as a mention. The more minor secondary characters were not described well enough to be able to keep them straight. I didn't finish the book and I will not read any of the others authored by Hampton Charles.
I liked this book up until the part where the Oracle and Mel began their affair. It was so out of character for both of them. He is supposed to be happily married with a trusting wife and never a thought of straying and then this, where he has no regrets over the evening of wild passion and they even continue after the case is solved. If he was single I wouldn't have had a problem with this, but it just destroyed his charactor credability in my eyes. I wonder what the original author would have thought of this. Kinda like Tarzan messing around on Jane. I almost quit reading this series but since there was another new author (Roy Peter Martin having died in 2014) I decided to give it a try. So far there is no mention of the affair, no longing of them for each other, etc and it seems okay. But still I fear... I hope at some time the new author has a small scene where the oracle expresses is love to his wife in someway and I can forget about this book. That being said, if it happens again then I'm afraid I'm finished with this series.
...and I agree with all the people who didn't love this book. I feel the author wanted to put a little sex into a series that didn't need it...it had enough charm on its own. I don't know who this Hampton Charles is, but will soon find out, because I want to avoid all his books based on his slaughter of this particularly beloved series. And, shame on him...making Sir George into, as one reviewer described it, a buffoon. This may be my last Miss Seeton. I'm so disappointed to see her go before her time, but found this book fairly disgusting in parts.
**Spoilers Included**
I have enjoyed reading the Miss Seeton series. I prefer the characterization of Miss Seeton in these later ones than in the original books.
This will be my last Miss Seeton book though. This mystery was basically phoned in. Mr. Charles seemed to want to point the series in the direction of romance with a bit of mystery thrown in and that has never been a genre I enjoy. Even Miss Seeton seemed to be more of an afterthought in deference to the amorous activities in this book
The sad revelation of Delphick being a philanderer and Mel Forby being nothing better than a tramp was what made my decision for me regarding purchasing any more books in the series.
When Heron Carvic, the creator of the Miss Seeton series, died in 1980 his publishers and estate hired two other authors to continue the series, both under pseudonyms with the initials "H. C." Roy Peter Martin, writing as Hampton Charles, published all 3 of his in 1990, of which this is the last. It is also the worst. Martin and his editors were apparently so eager to be paid that they didn't bother to take the time to read the books by Mr. Carvic. Therefore the relationships and actions of the characters are completely out of whack. Any fans of the series can skip this one. It's worth neither the time nor the money. However, if you can get a free copy from the publisher in exchange for a review and haven't read any of the other books, you might enjoy it. If that fails, check the local library if you must. Fans of the Miss Seeton series should save their money for anything else.
Disappointing. The charmingly unaware Miss Seeton is rarely seen in this book. The gratuitous sexual affair between two of my favorite ‘good’ characters is annoying. No laughs to be found anywhere in this book.
While I generally enjoy reading about Miss Seeton's escapades, this is not one of the the stronger entries. The ending is not in keeping with the rest of the narrative.
I was very disappointed that Charles had to sex up the Miss Seaton book. Charles isn't a patch on Carvic!