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by Ben Rehder
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Humor & Satire
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    Ben Rehder
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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 6, 2011)
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    Humor & Satire
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Rehder, Ben. He had been shackled several times before, and had even managed to extricate himself from the infernal devices on a couple of occasions. Those were pleasant memories.

Rehder, Ben. Those were pleasant memories puzzled expressions on the officers’ faces (oppressive pigs!) when Peabody managed to slip his delicate hands free. But this time, the cuffs were just too restrictive

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Bone Dry: Life can get a little wild from time to time for John Marlin, the game warden in Blanco County, Texas-but few incidents compare to the stories flying around town at the start of this new deer season.

First, there are reports of a blonde bombshell who's been raising Cain with hunters, scaring away wildlife and trashing vehicles.

Bone Dry : Blanco County Mysteries. Book in the A Blanco County Mystery Series). Bone Dry:Life can get a little wild from time to time for John Marlin, the game warden in Blanco County, Texas-but few incidents compare to the stories flying around town at the start of this new deer season.

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Edgar Award-nominated author Ben Rehder's Blanco County mysteries have made best-of-the-year lists . Buck Fever Bone Dry Flat Crazy Guilt Trip Gun Shy Holy Moly The Chicken Hanger The Driving Lesson Gone The Next.

Buck Fever Bone Dry Flat Crazy Guilt Trip Gun Shy Holy Moly The Chicken Hanger The Driving Lesson Gone The Next.

Edgar Award-nominated author Ben Rehder's Blanco County comic mysteries have made best-of-the-year lists in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Field & Stream. Bone Dry:Life can get a little wild from time to time for John Marlin, the game warden in Blanco County, Texas—but few incidents compare to the stories flying around town at the start of this new deer season. Hunters are reporting an incredible sight: a six-foot-tall, drop-dead gorgeous blonde is roaming the woods, searching out camouflage-clad men with guns and disarming them with powers of seduction the likes of which none of them have ever come across before. Everyone has a hearty laugh at the expense of a few embarrassed hunters, until one of their own turns up dead in the woods. Now Marlin has a real mystery to deal with. Meanwhile, rumors are spreading about a new Blanco resident, an ex-New Yorker named Sal Mameli who's ruffling feathers with his loud mouth and his penchant for getting his own way, no matter what the cost. Before long, John Marlin realizes he may be the only sane man in town, and he's starting to wonder if he can last much longer himself. It's just the start of another unforgettable hunting season in Bone Dry, the hilarious second novel from Edgar finalist Ben Rehder.Other books by Ben Rehder:The Driving Lesson:Charlie Dunbar had big plans for the summer break, but becoming a fugitive was nowhere on the list. Even more unexpected, his partner in crime is his own ailing grandfather. Now they're on the run, trying to make it across the country to see a special kind of doctor, while the world becomes mesmerized by their journey. They are the subject of heated debates on cable news channels. Thousands of people voice their support on Facebook fan pages. And Charlie's own parents appear on live TV to plead for him to come home safely. But Charlie isn't ready yet. He's determined to get his grandfather to Seattle. The only question is, will the police stop him first? **Recommended for ages 13 to adult.**The Chicken Hanger:Ricky Delgado longs for the same things every American citizen wants: A steady job, a nice home, a decent place to raise a family. The problem is, he’s in the country illegally. He’s been here eight months, keeping a low profile as he works in a poultry plant in South Texas. But when his brother Tomas becomes the victim of random violence while crossing the Rio Grande, Ricky’s shot at the American dream is placed in jeopardy. Because now he wants something even more important. Justice.

Great books have great characters that we as readers care about. Great book have a plot that grabs we reader's attention with a central theme or two, or even three. When whatever the central theme is developed, the action revolves around that theme.

This book doesn't have any of those elements, in my opinion. The characters are okay, but they don't make the reader invested in what happens with or to them. The plot or story was all over the place, and SPOILER warning, it barely,loosely, came together in the end.

So why 3 stars, it isn't a terrible book and would be fine for a long plane trip or waiting in a doctor's office.
Bargain hardback I actually purchased for my father Christmas 2013 after having read and enjoyed "Buck Fever" on kindle way back when (I'll make a habit of buying print versions for my parents if I really like a book in particular since they have yet to join the digital age). Pop loaned it back to me to take with on our Canadian cruise to relax and kill some time. Was a bit taken aback by sexual innuendo at first thinking of him reading the same passages and then realized he is an 80-year old man so what hasn't he seen already - haha! You got your likeable protagonist in John Marlin, a sleazeball gangster and his son, some redneck poachers and plenty of more oddball characters to keep track of in this zany book which kept me guessing as to whom drilled the first victim with a rifle at the start. Lots of fun, glad I had an opportunity to have finally gotten around to reading it and hoping I have as many years as Pop in me as I'd sure like to read all of the Blanco County Mysteries in time. Very good series of books!
Deer season has just opened in Texas, and Blanco County's deer leases are crawling with hunters looking for that perfect shot. There is also a drought in the area that is moving a number of ranchers and deer lease property owners to brush cut their property to conserve what little water is available. Several operators are more than willing to do the job, but there is an obviously-not-from-around-here Nordic beauty who is lurking around those ranches with an agenda that objects to the brush cutting frenzy. When a hunter is shot and killed on one of the deer leases, Game Warden John Marlin is pulled into the investigation. Things become more complicated when a respected rancher and owner of a brush clearing company disappears soon after the body is found.

There are several murders going on in Blanco County, one of which the reader can solve along with the main character, John Marlin. Other murders that occur do so with the full knowledge of of the perps by the reader, but all of the investigations overlap enough to provide new motives to keep the reader interested as the story builds.

Most of the humor is provided once again by two supporting character good old boys, Red and Billy Don. Priceless!

There is lots of action going on in the small county with a hostage situation, a New Jersey gangster in the witness protection program, and a couple of ecological do-gooders to keep things jumping.

I throughly enjoyed " Buck Fever ", however, having read
2nd book " Bone Dry " realize you pulled the old boxers
moves, set them up with your first punch and knock them
out with your 2nd punch.

In 1967-68-69 I was on the Kalispell Police Dept. in
Kalispell, Montana ( 35 miles to Glacier Natl. Park )
At that time all law enforcement in the precise area
shared one radio frequency whether they be, Municiple,
County, State or Federal, and each of us backed up one another.
I spent many midnight shifts on the KPD with a Montana
State Trooper riding in my patrol car since he could answer
his calls from my radio then I promptly carry him to his
parked cruiser in front of the police station.
Due to the inter-agency cooperation I became a good
friend of the Chief Game Warden, he would fly in the state
owned airplane observing action in the woods and streams
then invite me to go bear hunting with him on our mutual
days off to stake out ground above recent deer and elk
kills by hunters.

I Returned to law enforcement in Dade County Florida in
1970 but will always have a million dollars worth of memories
about the people that are native to the state of Montana.
so it is little wonder why your books " BUCK FEVER " and
" BONE DRY " punched all my buttons.

If the outstanding author of these books ever wishes to find
out why archeologists in future centuries will be discovering
many, many various car keys near the Blackfoot and the
Flathead Indian Reservations of Montana ( the answer will
not be found in any public research records ) he should
email me for a surprising and authentic answer.

Billy Bagenstos
The story is told by a game warden.
The main character and most of the people in the story are male. There are two or three females who play modest parts. I note this because as a female so many books I read are written from either gender's p.o.v. or female. This was kind of refreshing to me. The story takes place in inland Texas farm and hunting country. There are clubs you can join for a fee, where one can shoot deer raised to be hunted. There is an environmental issue that finds neighbors on opposite sides.
There were times that I read till I fell asleep at 4 am. The book is what I call "comfortable." Enjoyable enough not to want to stop reading, but not so much tension that one is on edge. I enjoyed this story. I will read more of Ben Rehder's books in the future.