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by Lynne Banning
Download Western Rose (Historical Romance S.) fb2
Genre Fiction
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    Lynne Banning
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon (1998)
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    288 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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Western Rose (Historical Romance . By Lynne Banning.

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Feel free to check out my other western historical romance book series. If he squinted at the horizon, he saw furls of steam rising up from the ground. They were so thick he wondered if he’d imagined them. Raking his fingers through his hair, he turned and caught his reflection in the hotel’s window.

Home Amelia Rose Silver Heart (Historical Western Romance). She released my hands and slapped hers onto her apron with a There! gesture and started to rise

Home Amelia Rose Silver Heart (Historical Western Romance). Silver Heart (Historical Western Romance), . She released my hands and slapped hers onto her apron with a There! gesture and started to rise. I put out a hand and stopped her and she sank back down to her chair as if she'd known that wouldn't satisfy me. "He fell in love with her.

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Evenings, Maggie, Annie, Sarah, Kitty, Issy, Caroline and I sewed on my dress and on Annie's and Maggie's and, eventually, everyone's. We all wanted new dresses for my wedding. I was afraid to touch mine; afraid the slightest mistake would ruin it entirely. White satin spilled over our laps as we worked; our fingers and mouths working and filling Annie's shop with talk and warmth. My dress had a square neckline that dipped down to where ivory buttons started

We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever .

We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever afters-they transport us back decades, even centuries, and to places we can never go. And when you combine a swoon-worthy love story with a lush historical setting, you've got a recipe for an irresistible literary escape. Heather Graham’s Triumph, the final book in the Old Florida series, follows the star-crossed affair between a Union soldier and Southern belle. War, hostile families, and an unfortunate marriage stand between the two lovers, threatening to destroy their relationship. RELATED: 10 Steamy Historical Romance Novels That Will Get Your Petticoats in a Twist.

Western Historical Romance genre: new releases and popular books, including Under a Falling Star by Caroline Fyffe, The Accidental Guardian by Mary Conne. I love Johanna Lindsey, but this one was just okay to me. I didn't feel the passion between the two main ones as much as normal.

What others are saying. Emma Kaye For You It's Valentine's Day, and candy heart sayings mock Drew Engledown's lonely state. Romance Authors Writing Romance Romance Books Brides Christmas Love Deeply Historical Romance Fiction Reading. Publisher of Fiction in Print and Electronic Formats. What others are saying.

Sally Maguire, being a red-head is very stubborn and emotionally stunted. She wants to be the home-town school-teacher. She loves teaching and kids. And schoolmarms can not be married.

Now comes the good part. Jake Bannister needs the acreage with the water on it to keep his ranch from going under to the drought.

Wiley Thomas Maguire offers Jake a deal. Court and marry Sally and he will make the hundred acres and the water, a wedding present to them. He has no worries about his second daughter, Louisa but Sally seems to have a problem.

She is afraid to grow up.

Oh, there is a lot of carryings on between Jake, who suddenly finds Sally very attractive and Sally, who finds it very scary in the attraction she feels for Jake. She will not marry yet she has no compunctions in giving into her hormones. She doesn't consider the fact that she is "ruined". Very weird!

Bullheaded, headstrong, and wilful - and not recognizing love when it bit her in the behind. Not until her sister opens her eyes and then Jake is engaged to Paula. What a mix-up!

Suddenly at 32, Jackson Bannister is riding around late a night trying to rid himself of his obsession with the little red-haired wildcat. She refuses to marry him - and refuses to give up her teaching position. Her methods of teaching is also creating problems for Sally.

Tom just wishes that Jake had compromised Sally - doesn't say what he would have done.

Definitely Recommended --M despite her lapse in conscience!
Have not read the book yet...but true to the author, Lynna Banning writes great historical love stories.