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by Martha Kirkland
Download That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance) fb2
Genre Fiction
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    Martha Kirkland
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    Zebra; First Edition edition (May 1, 2000)
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That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance). His Lordship's Swan" by Martha Kirkland is a wonderfully warm, funny and engaging read that revolves around the 'pretend' betrothal motif.

That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance). Three For Brighton (Zebra Regency Romance). And Lydia Swann, the heroine of this novel is one of the most engaging and charming of heroines that I've ever come across. Martha Kirkland did a wonderful job of portraying Lydia - thus allowing the reader to fully enter into all of Lydia's feelings and emotions, and making it really easy to identify with and root for her.

That Scandalous Heiress book. That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance). Martha Kirkland is a graduate of Georgia State University and has taught both English and drama at the high school level. 0821766082 (ISBN13: 9780821766088). A classical singer, she believes it was the years she spent practicing scales that gave her the discipline needed to write twenty-six books. She is a lifelong resident of Atlanta, and her family includes a husband and two daughters. Books by Martha Kirkland. The Righteous Rogue (Signet Regency Romance). Martha loves hearing from her readers.

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Items related to That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance). Martha Kirkland That Scandalous Heiress (Zebra Regency Romance). ISBN 13: 9780821766088. ISBN 10: 0821766082 ISBN 13: 9780821766088. Publisher: Zebra, 2000. His Lordship's Swan (Zebra Regency Romance).

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Book – An enchanting and emotional Regency Romance of scandal and second chancesSecrets of a Scandalous Heiress, Book – A captivating and hilarious Regency Romance, a title-less heiress is looking for a lover, but may find more than she bargained for What readers are saying about Secrets of A Scandalous Heiress:"e;interesting, complex characters"e;"e;Lovely book that.

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After inheriting a ramshackle manor house, Miss Marianne McCord finds herself the center of gossip and scandal and the only person she can turn to is the devilishly dashing and notorious Viscount Adam Jenson--a man with a reputation as black as night. Original.

Billy Granson
Another good read from Martha Kirkland. Fun characters and story. You should enjoy it.
I made a list of everything I hated about this book. I won't post it because, frankly, it is unkind. Ms. Kirkland can do much, much better and I hope she does. I suspect the publisher rushed the development of this book, causing a talented author to scramble for a plot that hadn't fully formed in her head. As a result, the book is a jumbled mess.
When orphan Miss. Marianne McCord is notified that she is the new owner of Bibb Grange, she can't wait to move in and get away from her mean great aunt. Even if that means that she has to go alone and unchaporoned she doesn't care because she'll have a home to call her own! However when the only 3 servents quit and leave, and the entire villiage snubs her because there is no other person with her, male or female to act as guaridan or charorone, she almost starts to doubt herself. But she's dealt with snubs before; after all most of her life people thought of her as a byblow. But she doesn't care because now she has her own home and can take care of herself. Except when it comes to her hansome neighbor Viscount Adam Jenson.
Adam has come to his country estate to allow a horrible scandle to blow over. When he first arrives he doesn't want to talk to anybody, however that changes when he meets Miss McCord. This is one woman he just can't seem to get enough of, but yet drives him crazy too! For some reason she just keeps popping up in bad places and almost gets herself killed by his horse!!!
This book had the potential to be a great book. Unfortuntly, the author started too many little plots to help the main plot but never finished them all. For instance, in the beginning of the book the reader is shown the BIG scandle that sent Adam to his estate. The scandle is occasionally brought up thoughout the book showing that it hasn't blown over yet, but in the end is never finished and the truth never relvealed to the reader. Also as a reader I was expecting a few confrontations and only received one, which was the one between Adam and Marianne's cousin, Titus Brougham. Another thing was the way that when Marianne admitted to herself that she loved Adam (which didn't take long) she just seem to start flinging herself towards Adam. It just didn't seem right for the regency period that a girl who wasn't a fortune hunter to try to get a kiss from a man like she did.
Sorry but I give this book only 3 stars. Could've received many more but too many things weren't finished. Better luck next time.
Marianne, an orphan, has lived with a strict great-aunt for nine years, to the dissatisfaction of both parties. So, when Marianne learns of an inheritance from a mysterious benefactor, she jumps at the chance to live an independent existence. She moves from Wales to the distant village of Chelmford, where she begins the task of setting her new home, Bibb Grange, to rights. It's a formidable enough task without the desertion of the Bibb Grange servants and the unfriendliness of the villagers. They do not believe that an unmarried gentlewoman would set up housekeeping alone, and thus believe the absolute worst of Marianne.
The only people willing to associate with Marianne are a young village woman with a child, who becomes her housekeeper, and her next door neighbor, Lord Adam Jenson, a man with a black reputation. Adam and Marianne become close friends, in spite of both their reputations(or perhaps because of), and their rather rocky introduction(he almost ran over her with his horse). Love appears to be in the air...if Marianne and Adam could just admit it to themselves, much less each other. But someone appears to be after Marianne's humble inheritance. She finds evidence more than once that someone has been lurking around Bibb Grange at night...and inside it. Can Adam protect Marianne, especially when his own life appears to be in danger?
Another excellent love story from Martha Kirkland. The hero was a delightful rogue with a good heart and the heroine was a spunky, take charge female. Give this book a try. I doubt you'll regret it.