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by Dean Koontz
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Genre Fiction
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    Dean Koontz
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    Bantam; First Edition edition (October 3, 2000)
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    Genre Fiction
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Tommy Phan is a successful detective novelist, living the American Dream in southern California.

Tommy Phan is a successful detective novelist, living the American Dream in southern California. One evening he comes home to find a small rag doll on his doorstep.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Tommy Phan is a successful detective novelist living the American dream in Southern California.

Dean Koontz, the author of many New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirit of their goldens, Trixie and Anna. Библиографические данные.

Ticktock (1996) is a novel by Dean Koontz

Ticktock (1996) is a novel by Dean Koontz. It is significantly out-of-genre for Koontz: after a typical horror opening, the tone of the plot changes to screwball comedy and the humour increases steadily to the end. The subplot of protagonist Tommy Phan's struggle to reconcile his family's tenacious hold on their Vietnamese roots with his personal desire to be purely American is essential to the plot development.

Read Tick Tock Online Free. Tick Tock is a Horror Novel By Dean Koontz. Enjoy Reading on StudyNovels. Total pages: 35. Start Reading.

Dean Koontz - Ticktock. Dean Koontz - Tick Tock. Dean Koontz - Ticktock. Koontz, Dean - Winter Moon.

Tommy Phan is a successful detective novelist living the American Dream in southern California. One evening he comes home to find a small rag doll on his doorstep. It’s a simple doll, covered entirely in white cloth, with crossed black stitches for the eyes and mouth, and another pair forming an X over the heart. Curious, he brings it inside.That night Tommy hears an odd popping sound and looks up to see the stitches breaking over the doll’s heart. And in minutes the fabric of Tommy Phan’s reality will be torn apart. Something terrifying emerges from the pristine white cloth, something that will follow Tommy wherever he goes. Something that he can’t destroy. It wants Tommy’s life, and he doesn’t know why. He has only one ally, a beautiful, strangely intuitive waitress he meets by chance—or by a design far beyond his comprehension. He has too many questions, no answers, and very little time. Because the vicious and demonically clever doll has left this warning on Tommy’s computer screen:The deadline is dawn.TicktockTime is running out.

This was my first Dean Koontz novel many many many years ago. I still have the physical copy in my library. But was really happy to finally get it for my kindle cause I can adjust the font size.

This is a wonderful scary/thriller novel with a wild mix of humor as well. This is one of the most lighthearted Koontz novels imo while still being scary in his usual way. The main character is an naturalized American that came from Vietnam as a child with his family. He unlike any other member of his family has embraced the American dream with a vengeance though he still loves his family dearly. His desire to become so American causes stress with his family but especially his mother and results in shall be say unforeseen consequences for him and a young lady he comes across while running for his life. Coming home this day he brings a doll inside he finds on his outside porch and it sets in motion the beginning of the end of his life as he knows it.
I love Dean Koontz books, i have ever since I read Odd Thomas (my fave). I love how he makes all the characters I've read, so far, so human. I love how they are goofy yet cool with just enough mystery about them.

I hate romance novels but adore love stories, like this one. I give it only four stars because it did get a little lame once it got going about the doll he found on the porch. Honestly though I don't think this was so much about the doll anyways. I love the story that unfolded with tommy and del. I think Koontz is a just a hopeless romantic :) many of his leads are reminiscent of his earlier works. But of course all writers usually lead back to their old stuff anyways.

Either way, I highly recommend this book. If you can over look the silliness of the doll you get a great love story, also love how he throws in the E.T. stuff. I like seeing he's not afraid to step in either direction easily talking about something spiritual, biblical, or about the unknown.

I feel alot of the older reviews are far too harsh about this book, I say take a read for yourself and you'll find it's not even half bad as some would say.
Great story! First time I've ready a DK book that does not have any paranormal line to it. Very suspenseful. Great setting and good story line! Dean is really a great writer who gets you into the story fast and develops characters you like right from the start!
The characters are great. The plot fantastic! The ending is great and fantastic. I like the plot twist, too. I haven't read Koontz in a long time, but maybe it's time to read another.
Even better reading the second time around!! So unlike all of his other books, but so like him in the suspense, phrasing, & quality of the read!!! Amazing even for one of his early first reads....
Yellow Judge
First of all, I'm a great Koontz fan. He is a superlative writer, and this early book--updated by the author--is an example of his extraordinary talent. FEW writers can combine great adventure and plot WITH excellent characterization. Koontz is a master of doing just this.
Icebound is a departure from Koontz's horror genre. This is strictly a techno-thriller. The action is nonstop--never a dull moment, and all very, very well done. It is about a group of scientists who are carrying out an assignment in the arctic...very believable scenario, I might add. As a result of severe weather storm conditions and sub-oceanic quakes, a large chunk of ice breaks off and they find themselves stranded on an iceberg upon which they had implanted explosives scheduled to go off in 12 hours. There are no American ships that can rescue them because of their distance and the severe weather. Only a Russian sub on a clandestine mission is close enough and has the ability to possibly rescue the team of scientists.
The stories of the men, especially the submarine captain, make you really care about the outcome. Although Koontz, in his afterword, is humble enough to diminish his technological detail as compared with a Tom Clancy, I found the whole thing so real that I was there! I love submarine adventures and to me, this numbers with the best of them.
Noteworthy is the graphic detail of what it must be like to work in such an extreme environment. The descriptions of the arctic and the weather conditions are awesome. Even the death scene where one man dies through drowning is so realistic I could imagine vividly what it felt like to die this way.
On top of the natural perils they face, there is a one twisted mind with them who is obsessively determined to commit murder. This portion of the story is also very well executed.
In short (I should have said this some paragraphs back!), I can find nothing negative to say about this story or writing style. I read it at breakneck speed because it was so riveting. I heartily recommend this book to not only Koontz fans but to anyone who enjoys a techno-thriller.
If you're looking only for a supernatural horror story, this is not the ticket. But...if you love Koontz's immense talent and want to read an exciting thriller, have at it!
This is the story of Tommy Phan, a Vietnamese immigrant that meets a strange blonde waitress and battles a demon that grew out of a rag doll. The story unfolds as Tommy and the blonde (Del) try to survive until dawn. Along the way, there is much more humor that Koontz's other novels as well as the normal amount to trills, chills, and alien abductions. A recommended read for anyone who is a fan of Koontz, wacky blondes and/or mother's curses.
Anyone who likes 40s music, science fiction and delightful characters will be thrilled with this short book. An absolute dream