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by Dean Koontz
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Genre Fiction
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    Dean Koontz
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    Headline Book Pub Ltd; New Ed edition (December 1993)
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    Genre Fiction
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Dean Koontz - Dragon Tears Series -. (Horror, Thriller ) Harry Lyon was a rational man, a cop who refused to let his job harden his soul. This book is for some special people who live too far away-.

Dean Koontz - Dragon Tears Series -. Then one fateful day, he was forced to shoot a man-and. with the wish that our modern world really had shrunk to one small town, as the media philosophers insist it has.

even though his descriptive prose is like poetry

even though his descriptive prose is like poetry. young adult behavior going to the dogs, etc.

by. Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by station10. cebu on October 30, 2019.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Harry Lyon, a decent cop struggling to remain rational in a crazy world, finds his sanity threatened after being forced to shoot a man and having a homeless stranger chant haunting words at him predicting his death by dawn.

Author : Dean Koontz. Genres : Horror, Thriller. Series : Published : January 1st 1992.

Bitter as dragon tears, great cascades of sorrow flood down all the years, drowning our tomorrows. Faraway in China, the people also say, life is sometimes joyous if all too often gray. ugh life is seasoned with bitter dragon tears, seasoning is just a spice within our brew of years. MoreLess Show More Show Less.

From that first sentence, Dragon Tears explodes across the page with the excitement, chilling suspense, emotion, and deeply drawn characters that have earned Dean Koontz enormous worldwide popularity. To Harry's dismay, his partner, Connie Gulliver, embraces chaos, urging him to "get in touch with the rhythms of destruction.

Dragon Tears is a 1993 paranormal/horror novel by the best selling author Dean Koontz. The opening line sets the tone "Tuesday was a fine California day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch. The book covers the events of several seemingly unassociated people and how that one day gets worse and worse culminating in a hopeless situation. With real monsters and magic to deal with all are physically and mentally taxed to their limits.

Harry Lyon is a cop who embraces tradition and order. The biggest bane of his life is his partner, Connie Gulliver. Harry doesn't like the messiness of her desk, her lack of social polish or her sometimes casual attitude towards the law. 'Look, Harry, it's the Age of Chaos,' she tells him. 'Get with the times.' And when Harry and Connie have to take out a hopped-up gunman in a restaurant, the chase and shootout swiftly degenerate into a surreal nightmare that seems to justify Connie's view of the modern world. Shortly after, Harry encounters a filthy, rag-clad denizen of the streets, who says ominously, 'Ticktock, ticktock. You'll be dead in sixteen hours.' Struggling to regain the orderly life he cherishes, Harry is trapped in an undertow of terror and violence. For reasons he does not understand, someone is after him, Connie Gulliver and the people he loves.

I don't know why the negative reviews knocked Dean Koontz's "usual formula". I have a suggestion...if you don't like it find another author! This one was full of surprises and plot turns that I did not see coming at all. Fast paced, great character development, and a great plot. His characters grow on you!
I'm a bona fide Koontz fan, been deeply affected by so many of his books, I've even written him a fan letter to which he replied! This is the first book I've given a 3-star rating. Mediocre Koontz is still better than most other suspense writers and I'm glad I read it. However, it's the first time I skipped over page after page after page just to get to the climax. It has all the usual elements, intriguing plot, interesting good guys, deluded and arrogant bad guy with crazy superhuman powers, dialogue that's a little corny and stilted, a genius dog, a little preaching, and all kinds of inventive ways to describe weather and the sea. It's the first of his books where the writing itself seemed, in places, a little sloppy.
Tori Texer
Loved this book! In my journey to read all of Dean Koontz's books this was a surprise. Reading in no particular order I conquered 26 books so far. The characters were interesting in this book. Warning spoiler alert!! Bryan, I found his character be a fascinating sociopath. His scene with the blue eyeballs was so bazaar and insane it took me back a step. The whole scene played vivid pictures in my mind and in color riveted, disgusting and terrorizing me at the same time. Who are you really, Dean Koontz? How do you imagine and write about such perversions? However you do this magic don't stop the madness, please. Bryan's insanity mixed with supernatural powers was one your best characters I think. Don't let the title fool you, readers it a true to the end Koontz book. Thank you Mr. Koontz for another fantastic book.
This is the second time I have read this book & it is a good one. Quite a bit of repetition & long descriptions but you can speed read those & keep up with the story very well. The character development is very good. You know the people (& especially the dog!) & really care what happens to them. The antagonist is very creepy & the protagonists are very likable. The dog is wonderful & the last two pages are very sweet. I was most happy for Woofer.
On a DK scale from 1 to 10, this one is a seven I think. Very good story, well developed characters, that I actually got hooked onto. You also won't see the newest trend, you know where they spend so much time in the monsters mind supposedly to scare you, but really only boosting sales to ghouls with graphic trash and filth. What you will find is one of the best imaginative stories out there. Good paced page Turner.
Good read, classic Koontz. My as good, in my opinion, as The Watchers, Lightning, or Innocence, but a very entertaining book. I especially enjoyed being in the mind of a dog. Not sure if that's the way the inner psychology of the dog mind works, but it was a fun way to explore the universe from a dog's perspective. Thank you for continuing excellence in your writing Mr. Koontz.
I have owned several copies of this book through the years & simply had to get another so I could read it again. The points where he writes from the dog's POV are unique, intriguing & altogether entertaining. Dean Koontz writes with the heart of a poet, a delightfully demented poet.
It was a fun book with multiple stories and characters that were all tied together. It did get darker at times and I loved it. I do feel the ending was a bit rushed though.