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by Rhonda Carpenter
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Genre Fiction
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    Rhonda Carpenter
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    iUniverse; 1st edition (October 22, 2008)
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The Mark of a Druid book.

The Mark of a Druid book. Her first fiction fantasy novel was released in 2008. She lives and works in the mountains of Southern California.

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Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The Mark of a Druid - Rhonda Carpenter. Chapter 1. The Morning Of. Naked, except for a tattered woolen blanket, she shivered. Dying ash encrusted embers were all that remained of the fire. Her heavy lids fought to stay open as the haze of what she assumed was sleep slowly lessened.

It's not often a book brings tears to my eyes but this one did, several times. The Mark of a druid is a tale of love and revenge played out during the span of two different lifetimes; the characters.

Have you ever had a dream so real that when you awoke, it didn't leave the recesses of your mind for days? Eve McCormick just did, and this experience will change her life and the lives of those around her permanently. It's not often a book brings tears to my eyes but this one did, several times.

When twenty-six-year-old Eve McCormick awakes, the images from her nightmare are indelible. The dream feels so real she must force herself to get a grip. A Celtic lifetime as a druidess and a strange shape shifter must join or die!

Rhonda Carpenter will be my guest to discuss her book coming out in September, "Mark of a Druid". See ww. hondacarpenter.

Rhonda Carpenter will be my guest to discuss her book coming out in September, "Mark of a Druid". More from No shows at present. Dr. Lee Bowers and her wonderful Guide - Divorce Proof Your Relationship Before You Say ‘I Do’ added 9 years ago. Rhonda Carpenter and Heather Roulo chat with Dr. Sally Witt about ww. odioracket. comadded 10 years ago. Millionaire Mindset Calls with Dr. Sally Witt for Wealth Success and Womenadded 10 years ago.

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The Mark of a Druid Carpenter, Rhonda. ISBN 10: 0595523366 ISBN 13: 9780595523368.

Have you ever had a dream so real that when you awoke, it didn't leave the recesses of your mind for days? Eve McCormick just did, and this experience will change her life and the lives of those around her permanently. A twenty-six year old hypnotherapist who oversees a research project based on discovering the answer to an age-old question, "Is reincarnation fact or fiction?" must learn to trust a Welsh stranger. An ancient Celtic prophecy and long sought-after revenge entangles the past with the present in the struggle for existence that threatens to destroy her project. A druidess and a shape-shifter must join as one to save the Druid way of life, while a Queen conspires to kill Erin's only High King. Will the oaths and agendas of the past reach across the centuries to strengthen or destroy? For more information, please visit The Mark of a Druid

I loved this book. Rhonda Carpenter keeps you interested with great suspense and a wonderfully built plot. With each character you read about you get a little more insight into the real story. Each character's story folds into the big picture and draws you in. I think this was an amazing book that does a great job bringing the fantasy into the modern day. I couldn't put it down. Loved it!
I gave this book 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I purchased the book because of a display I saw for it on Second Life. The trailer intrigued me, so I purchased the Kindle version, which was under $8. I can honestly say that if the less expensive Kindle version hadn't been offered, I would not have spent $20 (the current price) for a paperback book-- especially since the author has released a free audio version of this book, which is available online.

The book is filled with difficult to pronounce Gaelic names like Gormfhlaith. It would benefit from having a pronunciation guide in the back. I listened to sections of the audio book to help me with the names.

If I had the ability to assign stars for the editing of this book, I'd give it less than 1. There were enough typos and other errors in this book as to distract me from being immersed in the story. The person responsible for proofreading this edition should be fired.
First, the errors: There were 37 that were bad enough for me to highlight and add notes "fixing" them. There were several dozen more I didn't bother to mark because I was too into the story to pause! There are many more errors than you usually find in print books, but compared to the average Kindle book it really isn't that bad. It just needs a little touching up. That said, I feel the need to mention that you'll probably be so engrossed in the story you won't notice most errors. It's THAT good, and this is coming from someone who is usually obsessive about errors!

This book is simply amazing. Ms. Carpenter has obviously spent months, if not years, researching the ancient Druid way of life. The scenes from the past are unbelievably realistic, as if you're right there watching and learning from them.

The story involves a group of people who are loosely connected through work. In their past lives, these people knew one another intimately. Through hypnosis and dreams, Eve and her friends and co-workers are able to relive events as the people they were long ago including: Druid leaders, shapeshifters, villains, and a queen who hated them and was (and still is) determined to see them all dead.

As if that isn't interesting enough, there are multiple suspenseful events in the past and present that seem related. Eve feels an uncanny connection to a man she has never met until they both realize they were wed in the past and vowed to love one another through every life until the end of time.

There is heartache among the Druids as the queen's plans ruin the lives of many good people. There is heartache in the present as Samantha, the queen's present-day persona, sets out to destroy those she has hated for centuries. There is mysticism, magic, intrigue, betrayal, love, humor, loyalty - everything a story needs to consume a reader.

I've tried not to give away anything that would spoil the story. I hope I haven't been TOO cautious, as it is hard to explain without detail! All I can say is give it a try. You won't regret it. This is the kind of story that makes the real world disappear. I highly recommend The Mark of a Druid to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience!
I had a hard time putting this down. Great story and well written.
The detail was great and it felt very believable.
When I read books about reincarnation and spirituality, I like there to be some believability to it. This is so obviously trying to be some sort of romance/mystery/I don't know what that it completely misses. For those completely unfamiliar with shamanism of any kind, or celtic legend, or reincarnation who might just be looking for something to read, ok this might be a good time killer. Honestly I became so bored with it I couldn't finish it. The story line is predictable, obvious (in the "real" world) and confusing and transparent in the "other" world. There were parts where the author seemed to have been writing from where writers should, then other parts that seemed forced and artificial, especially when describing male characters so they sound athletic and buff, trying to evoke some sort of romance novel image of a man I guess. Sorry, couldn't finish the book.
Rhonda R Carpenter, in The Mark of the Druid, not only has written a fascinating mystery, she has done her research and created two believeable worlds. The Modern world is one that could be taking place in Los Angeles at this moment and yet the ancient, Celtic world allows us a glance back in time as if we were there.
The Mark of a Druid delves into dream work and the question of reincarnation. I was drawn to the characters and cared what happened to them. I loved reading it and look forward to her next book.
Very good, but -- The story was very, very good. But somehow the ending felt flat, while the "current" day situation was relatively resolved, the "past" just seemed to stop. It would seem since it was "past" that it would have been easy to show the character's finale, but I was left wondering what comeuppance (if any) several of the main characters may have faced. And the frequent typographical and editing errors were very distracting (if I notice, it's really bad). Several instances of dialogue required a guess as to who was speaking, and it was common to have a space in between letters within words, etc. The editing was quite poorly done, which detracted from the potential of the story itself.
Overall I enjoyed the book I have to admit I did have a hard time tracking names they were unfamiliar with me and who they represented but still it was a good read.