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by Sara Gruen
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Genre Fiction
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    Sara Gruen
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    Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (December 16, 2011)
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    321 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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Home Sara Gruen Riding Lessons. No wonder Jean-Claude called me "the famous Annemarie. Other author's books: Ape House.

Home Sara Gruen Riding Lessons. Jean-Claude is giving a private lesson, supervising from the ground as a student takes a series of low fences on a gray thoroughbred mare. Mutti's bookkeeping is, of course, impeccable. Even if my parents had never mentioned me, my plaques and ribbons are plastered all over the walls. Not to mention the pictures that line the hallway and lounge. To Bob, for so many reasons. Part of Riding Lessons series by Sara Gruen.

Sara Gruen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Water for Elephants and Riding Lessons. She lives with her husband and three children in a conservation community outside Chicago.

Find nearly any book by Sara Gruen. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Wasser fur die Elefanten. ISBN 9783499248450 (978-3-499-24845-0) Softcover, Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag Gmb, 2009.

Sara Gruen is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of five novels: AT THE WATER'S EDGE, APE HOUSE, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, RIDING LESSONS, and FLYING CHANGES. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Rob Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz in 2011.

Are you sure you want to remove Riding lessons from your list? Riding lessons. Thorndike Press large print famous author. Published 2011 by Thorndike Press in Waterville, Me. Written in English.

by Sara Gruen (Author). Riding Lessons: A Novel. QTY: 1. Continue Shopping Checkout. Riding Lessons has been added to your wish list.

Sara Gruen eBook Online Read. Published Year: 2006 Romance & LoveHistory & Fiction. Published Year: 2006. Published Year: 2010 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2004 Romance & LoveHistory & Fiction. Published Year: 2005 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2009 Romance & LoveHistory & Fiction.

Twenty years after a tragic accident destroyed her riding career, Annemarie Zimmer returns to her dying father's New Hampshire horse farm with her troubled teenage daughter and encounters two men who could change her life.

I liked "Water For Elephants" so much that I wanted to read Sara Gruen's first published novel, and I must say that I could hardly put it down, not because the story was so compelling. I just kept reading hoping that this thirty-eight year old woman with a teenage daughter would wise up and quit doing such stupid things. Everything worked out in the end, but I felt dumb for having continued to read to the end of the book. I like horses, and was hoping that the story would be more about the horse and less about the owner. I would say that this is more of a teenage type romance novel than anything, but there are a couple of sexual encounters that could be left out to make this more suitable for young teenagers.
While it's nice to read about horses and grasp a little better how the horse/human bond works and Sara Gruen's writing flows into an effortless and engaging read ... these characters, at least the women, are so irritating that I'm distracted by why Ms. Gruen created them without having them evolve. "Self-absorbed" would be an understated flaw for Annemarie, the divorcing main character who fails at motherhood, relationships, self-awareness, managing her parent's horse farm, being a wife, a daughter -- you name it, she sucks at it. It's worth mentioning that I had read the sequel to this book years ago without realizing I was now reading a 'first' book in this family story. The covers are similar and there is not a notable announcement on either of my copies suggesting a tie in. Only by wondering why these characters seemed familiar did I finally put it together and realize I was not accidentally reading the same book; this was a different one. That's how strong the characters flaws are. I didn't remember the plot, only how unlikable the stoic mother/grandmother, the bratty daughter and Annemarie herself were. Sara Gruen is such a lovely writer but I am left wondering why she would write about such an unredeemable, clueless person as Annemarie. The toleration of her by those around her doesn't make sense and that undermines the plot.
I loved Water for Elephants and At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen.... both were 5 star page turners for me. Riding Lessons was hard to finish... the protagonist was narcissistic and unlikable, and the mostly predictable story d r a g g e d. I have no desire to read book 2.
I truly wanted to love this book. I love horses, and the author's previous wonderful work, Water for Elephants. The good stuff...the MC's love and passion for her horses, and descriptions of how that love looks and feels (and smells). The thing that killed this book is the completely unlikeable main character. She is entirely beyond empathy and sympathy. I read and skimmed and skipped just to find out what happened to the horse, and it was with relief that I was finally able to stop and put an end to the perpetual nonsense that the MC generated.
Sermak Light
Annemarie’s life through the first three chapters. Then she is left to cope for the next eighteen chapters with the consequences, the fallout, the bad decisions, the non-decisions, the foibles and fumbles of her mid-thirties years. Ride it out, Annemarie, and learn about Pappa, about Mutti, about Eva, about Dan, and eventually about yourself. Things the reader knew by the fifth chapter, Annemarie learns by the end. We learn to watch for the same symptoms in our own life-illnesses. Her “litany of disasters is like an Ohrwurm,” a tune you hear over and over again in your ear, an undying repetition of the same tune, perhaps in a different key in later chapters, but the theme rides up over itself repeatedly into our consciousness. We cannot believe that the woman, otherwise sentient and thoughtful, can remember so vividly and still be so forgetful. It stretched the suspension of my unbelief from time to time, but Annemarie is my Schatzlein, too. My eye, along with Mutti’s, turns away, but my heart never gave up on her. She reminds me too strongly of people I love, and even of myself at times. Fine writing, evocative, penetrating, and finally true.
After reading a few pages my reaction was Whaaaaat!? The first pages are filled with run on sentences, sentence fragments and the excessive use of and and because. My first thought was just to put the book down. Instead, I decided to give it a shot. I then thought OMG how does she know about my life, divorce, teenage daughter, small business whose checks bounced and whose employees quit and wondering where I would get the next money to pay salaries and expenses. I also like to ride. I found that I was laughing as I read. Important not to take life too seriously. Read it. It is good for a few laughs. My business was finally successful with the help of a very special friend just as hers was. Uncanny.
I was a huge fan of Water for Elephants and I really liked At the Water's Edge. So when I saw another Sara Gruen I thought for sure I would like it. And I did. Her writing is always well done and the story moved along. I did hate the main character for a lot of this story though. She was so stubborn and stupid and annoying. She just kept making mistakes and covering it up.

A lot of the characters were similar. Stubborn and frustrating. But that didn't deter me too much. I still enjoyed the plot. And I'm not a crazy horse girl. For readers who ARE crazy horse girls, this is a story I bet they can relate to.
This book was a disappointment to me. I was expecting more from the amazing Sara Gruen. As a horseperson I was expecting her research to be more informed -- key aspects of the story made no sense for those who understand the horse world. The biggest issue though is the characters are so unlikeable and the mother/daughter relationship is horrible and no one seems to learn a thing. Honestly, most people who work with animals understand the basics of parenting from their work with animals. This hot mess of spoiled brat, clueless characters just made no sense to me. I kept waiting for things to get better but the only characters you can continue to care about are the grandmother and the boyfriend.