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by Stephen White
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Genre Fiction
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    Stephen White
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    Time Warner Books Uk (April 30, 2004)
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    Genre Fiction
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Though he telegraphs the denouement too early, Stephen White once again turns in a thoughtful, well crafted novel full of interesting insights on marriage, friendship, the human condition, and the Colorado landscape.

Author: Stephen White. Though he telegraphs the denouement too early, Stephen White once again turns in a thoughtful, well crafted novel full of interesting insights on marriage, friendship, the human condition, and the Colorado landscape. From Publishers Weekly. Murder, sex and guilt are all on the couch in bestseller White’s latest (Cold Case; Manner of Death; et. featuring ongoing series hero Alan Gregory, a low-key sleuth/psychologist.

Blinded features Stephen White’s familiar duo of psychologist Dr. Alan Gregory and his buddy . Stephen White attended the University of California campuses at Irvine and Los Angeles before graduating from Berkeley in 1972. Trained as a clinical psychologist, he received a P. Alan Gregory and his buddy, officer Sam Purdy Читать весь отзыв. Alan Gregory and his buddy, officer Sam Purdy. After reading two other books by Stephen White, which were excellent, this was a disappointment. Gregory is trying to deal with his growing toddler along with his wife, who has MS. He sees an old patient, Gibbs Storey in therapy and she tells him that she believes her husband has murdered a former lover and a bunch of other women. I read a little over 1/3 into the book and there was no character development and the one, main? character was not very believable. I kept thinking White was just writing to write another book.

I hoped I hadn’t been obvious when the woman at the desk had asked, One room or two?. I’d hesitated a beat too long-I knew I had. I was waiting for Carmen to say two, but she didn’t. I was waiting for Carmen to say two, but she didn’t ’d say one or something. It might have been my imagination, but I thought she was waiting to hear what I was going to say. After that beat-too-long passed, we both blurted, Two.

White, Stephen, Blinded, Paperback, Very Good Book. Blinded, White, Stephen, Very Good Book. The Best Revenge, White, Stephen, Very Good Book. Missing Persons, White, Stephen, Very Good Book.

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Blinded (White Stephen). Stephen White Blinded. Book 12 in the Dr. Alan Gregory series. Stephen white blinded prologue one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty thirty-one thirty-two thirty-three thirty-four thirty-five thirty-six thirty-seven thirty-eight thirty-nine forty.

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Psychologist Alan Gregory has a new patient - Gibbs Storey, whose looks turn grown men into dazzled adolescents. She tells Alan that she thinks her husband may have murdered one of her friends. Blandly recounting a history of dangerous sexual encounters, Gibbs stuns Alan with another revelation.

On the plus side, Blind has an interesting premise and good character development. It shows the power of wealth and influence over events that others would never get away with The guilty party is, however, pretty clear and there was no surprise for this reader. I also found the ethical dilemma tedious and thin. Gregory seemed even eager to cross the ethical boundary and his excuse or rationalization was weak. Purdy shined in this episode which was a delight. I found Blind a mixed bag, but I almost always find books set in my home town to be a fun read and little pieces like the description of Mo's Bagels or driving the road up Flagstaff Mtn. are truly Boulder.
I'm reading all of Stephen White's Alan Gregory adventures in order. While I found this book ultimately to be worth the read, it lacked the psychological intensity that most of his prior books had. In fact, you'll need to read almost the entire book to finally encounter some captivating action . The plot is an interesting concept but I found myself eager awaiting some real action to take place. However, this book provided a great deal of insight into Sam's psyche, which I found enjoyable.
Four stars for author Stephen White's 12th book in the Alan Gregory series -- specifically for the way in which Gregory emphasizes interesting and perennial character Sam Purdy's involvement in solving a series of murders, tied to the disappearance of a former patient of Alan's. Purdy is colorful, as a Boulder detective, and despite both his health and marital troubles in "Blinded" - he is off on a cross-country search, paired on and off with an interesting female detective, and the narrarator of much of the story.
White has used the device of telling a story from two perspectives before, notably in his last novel, "The Best Revenge", and he's particularly successful with this tool.
Although the chase starts with Alan, who learns from a former patient, Gibbs Storey, that her charismatic and troubled husband may be a serial killer, he is more of a sideline participant in terms of the action. In this installment, Alan's wife, Lauren, is disturbed by a particularly chilling episode in her battle with MS. Raw emotion and fear about the situation is felt from Alan's point of view -- White doesn't get inside Lauren's head in this novel. Having some experience with friends stricken by the disease, I've always been compelled by the educational and awareness aspects of White's
tales, helping his readers understand the MS complex.
What brings this tale down is a repetitive theme of White's -- the therapist's dilemma in not knowing how much confidential information given by patients can be disclosed to the outside world. White's Gregory seems to chafe under the yoke of having to keep disturbing information confidential, and in this novel, a secondary plot involving disclosures by his other patients emphasizes this theme. White last explored this theme in his 10th book, "Warning Signs", and it wore on the reader then. I'm not sure why he chose to emphasize it again, but it was taxing.
Also missing from the book is White's signature twist of plot in the climax. Although he attempts to surprise the reader, the telltale signs of who murdered the young women in question are all laid out, and come as no surprise, based on the way the action unfolds.
These disappointing features are offset by the voice of Sam Purdy (and his strange fascination with a turducken!)and a somewhat shocking disclosure by Sam near the end of the book. Purdy's always been a favorite of mine; his north-country sardonic humor is offset by his keen read of situations and his odd friendship with Alan.
I expect a little more from White, but I did read the book at record speed, a sure sign that he drew me into his tale, despite
the contrivances that ended up annoying me before I finished.
Still a great series -- this book may not be enjoyable to those who aren't familiar with White's earlier work.
White has reached the point that many writers do who write about the same characters book after book. The Alan Gregory books have run their course. You can tell this because each book becomes more ridiculous. Obviously, the author is writing only to fulfill his contract. This book has a silly, predictible plot which is all over the map-- literally. Like most White books, this one starts off good, but just gets sillier as it goes along. The plot is totally unrealistic, as are the actions of the characters. Even Detective Sam Purdy comes out looking like an idiot in this book -- which takes some doing. White needs to find a new protagonist and retire the increasingly annoying Dr. Alan Gregory.
From the beginning, with his novel Privileged Information, I was hooked on the series. Each book has improved and the series shows no signs of growing stale. Perhaps it is the cast of recurring characters and White's ability to let his main character, Alan Gregory, not only share the spotlight with them, but from time to time to give it to them completely. In Blinded, for the first time half of the story is told from Sam Purdy's point of view. We see him as his own person, with his own issues, both personal and medical. I loved it. Some series stagnate when the main couple has children. So far, this one has not.

I started reading the next one, Missing Persons, as soon as I finished Blinded.
I very much admire White's style, tenacity and attention to detail --
especially in the unique development of characters in his offerings; however, it was obvious early on in BLINDED that the husband of the twisted duo was NOT a serial killer as purported by his wife during their bizarre 'sessions'. It was obvious, to me at least,
that she was doing the killing!

An excellent read, nonetheless. I am looking forward to THE SIEGE ...
due out in August, 2009.
Fast read and better than the last few that I have read! I have tried to read them in the order but must have skipped this one long ago. His last few books have left me wanting!
Not one of his best but definitely holds your interest. But pretty predictable toward the middle. Keep up the writing