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by Sally Beauman
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Genre Fiction
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    Sally Beauman
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Also by Sally Beauman.

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The Sisters Mortland book. I always enjoy Sally Beauman's books. Her characters are all so wonderfully flawed, and there is always some sort of scandal underlying everything

The Sisters Mortland book. If I didn't spy, I'd be in the dark eternally  . Her characters are all so wonderfully flawed, and there is always some sort of scandal underlying everything. This book begins by following 13 year old, autistic Maisie, having her portrait painted at her family home in Suffolk. Maisie gives us some insight into her family history, including a glimpse into the lives of her mother, her two sisters and the boys they get involved with, and the ghostly nuns that only she can see. The book skips sudden I always enjoy Sally Beauman's books.

Sally Vanessa Beauman (née Kinsey-Miles, 25 July 1944 – 7 July 2016) was an English journalist and writer, author of eight widely translated and best-selling novels. Beauman was born in Totnes, Devon, England. She was educated at Redland High School and Girton College, Cambridge.

Despite searing grief and longing burned into every sentence, Sally Beauman's The Sisters Mortland will beguile readers from the first page and haunt them long, long after the last. Guardian - Lisa Allardice. Beauman is a captivating and artful storyteller, capable of making us believe the unbelievable.

The Sisters Mortland.

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Winter 1991: As the now-famous portrait of the Mortland sisters is being featured in a huge exhibition, Daniel seeks to free himself of his obsession with these women by unraveling the secrets of that fateful summer. Readers will be transported, fascinated, and have their hearts broken by this page-turning novel of a most extraordinary family. A powerful and haunting story of three sisters and the tragedy at the center of their lives from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Destiny and Rebecca's Tale. Hollywood-and the tangled passions of men and women-takes center stage in this unconventional thriller, the final book of Sally Beauman's seductive and irresistible trilogy of weaving a cast of compelling characters with a moody, multilayered plot, Sally Beauman once again shows why she's the reigning mistress of drama and suspense.

The Sisters Mortland - Sally Beauman.

During the rainless summer of 1967, in a tumble-down English abbey, three sisters have their portrait painted by an artist friend. There is young Maisie, strangely observant, who sees ghosts; Julia, arrogant and beautiful; and Finn, wild and bookish. Maisie, in turn, embarks on a portrait of her own, chronicling a cataclysmic summer and events that will have repercussions two decades later. The Sisters Mortland - Sally Beauman.

Sally Beauman eBook Online Read. Author: Sally Beauman. Published Year: 2013 History & Fiction. Lovers and Liars Trilogy. Published Year: 1990 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2009 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2005 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2014 History & Fiction. ISBN 9781594831058 (978-1-59483-105-8) Time Warner Audio Books, 2006. Find signed collectible books: 'The Sisters Mortland'. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. Learn More at LibraryThing.

My book club read The Sisters Mortland and we failed to find a single character we liked.The book is well-crafted but the story is primarily about mean-spirited individuals or people who are self-focused. The author never made a good case to prove Maisie was a challenged child. In the beginning she seemed the most sane of the lot. Then all at once she was the sister who needed never to be left alone. It is not credible to switch gears so quickly. The one person who has the sole possiblity to be a good guy, Julia's long-suffering spouse, turns out to be one of the major catalysts for the sisters' disasters. I am not sure I will be cruising Amazon for Beauman's next book.
I am not giving up but truthfully this book is a bit slow in the beginning and I'm having trouble getting hooked. The description of the book made me really want to read it and I still do - I am just picking it up and reading a few pages and then getting distracted by the slow story lines and hoping that it will get better as I get deeper into the book...but unfortunately after nearly a year I have not yet gotten halfway into it.
This was a good book, but it jumped around a little to much for me. And, the story line jumped around. But, I still like the book. It was so different from what I read.
I was very curious since my last name is Mortland. Much to my delight the story was gripping. Unlike a great many American stories there was not a happy ending of which we as a nation are so fond. I recommend it as a good read. Margaret Mortland
Michelle G. Heinrich's review, above, is excellent. She calls the book captivating. Well, it has been more than a year since I read it, and it still pulls at me.
This is not a glib, easy to read book. Early on, I almost put it down and moved on to something else. I'm glad I stuck with it. In the early pages I thought the author had her tenses confused, but then I realized it was a matter of technique. At one point I was irritated with the publisher because a little white space could have made the beginning go much more smoothly.
I think the most impressive thing about the book is the author. She is a fine, fine writer and she has made me a better reader. Her prose is excellent; her grasp of language sent me to the dictionary several times. But the thing that impressed me most was what she didn't tell me, what she made me figure out for myself. I don't want to include "spoilers" here, but at one point we learned something about one of the character's past acts, and I thought to myself, "What's going on here? The writer didn't tell me that." Well, actually, she did tell me; I just wasn't listening. She had set up that character so well and had set up situations so well that I should have known what he was doing. More than once, she led me to a logical conclusion that I had simply ignored.
I wish this were out in Kindle format. I read it as a library book, and I would like to have it in my Kindle to read again later.
Sally Beauman, author of The Sisters Mortland, weaves a fascinating and haunting story of love, secrets and grief mixed with a high level of intrigue. Her prose is taut with information carefully doled out throughout the story.

It is 1967 in Suffolk, England where we meet the sisters Mortland. Julie is beautiful, Finn is the intellectual, and 13 year-old Maisie is odd. They live with their mother Stella and grandfather in a crumbling medieval abbey where the nuns of an early era haunt the strange Maisie.

Lucas, a young artist in residence, is commissioned to paint the sisters. Along with Daniel (a local man with gypsy blood) who is a friend of the sisters, and Nick Marlow, a medical student, they all spend a tumultuous summer embroiled in life and love with Maisie as the observer and narrator in the first part of the book.

Lucas' painting captures the essence of the sisters and is completed right before a horrific tragedy occurs at the abbey. Some twenty years later, that painting has become famous and is shown at a retrospective. As Daniel narrates this portion of the book, we see his deterioration as a result of his obsession with the people and the events of that 1967 summer.

Following other catastrophic events that impact the novel's characters, Julie becomes the third narrator and fills in the missing pieces to this unsettling story.

Beauman's The Sisters Mortland, is a beautifully written, powerful and deeply moving story of an impoverished English family and the people whose lives are intermingled with theirs. The reader will be torn between the desire to read quickly in order to learn how it all ends--and to read each sentences slowly in order to savor the words.

Armchair Interviews says: The Sisters Morland is breathtaking and is highly recommended.