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by Paula Quinn
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Genre Fiction
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    Paula Quinn
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    Forever (August 1, 2005)
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    352 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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Series: The Risande Family (Book 2). Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages.

The steamy conclusion to the Risande Family trilogy chronicles the intertwined fates of Lady .

Book in the The Risande Family Series)

2005) (The first book in the Risande Family series) A novel by Paula Quinn.

Paula Quinn is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling American novelist best known for writing historical fiction focusing on Scotland.

series The Risande Family. Books related to Lord of Desire.

Darkly handsome and sensual, Lord Brand Risande - kwn as The Passionate is temptation incarnate.

When the childless king of the islands declares that he will choose his successor from amongst eligible noble families, Sigourney uses her ability to read and control minds to manipulate her way onto the royal island an. .

Lady Brynnafar Dumont is prepared to do anything to protect her people--even seduce the savage who defeated her father. Instead, she confronts Handsome Norman knight Lord Brand Risande, who's hiding a secret and wants nothing to do with her. Original.

I loved this book. However it is not for everyone. This is more of an emotions book then an action book. Someone said they loved Laird of the Mist better. I read that one but do not remember it. I read my review and I gave it 4 stars, and wrote that it was slow at the beginning, but I liked the book. Since I do not remember the book I guess that says it for me. Especially since I did not read the next book in the series. It was good, but apparently not enough to pull me in since that was the first book of hers I had read. This one I am sure I will remember. Probably because I am more of a feelings type of person.

Brand the Passionate loved Colette passionately. Then she betrayed his love with his good friend. Brand closed his heart to love. He was just as passion in his hatred of love and never letting himself love another again. He was called "the Passionate", because before Colette ruined him he lived live passionately, putting everything he had into life. Now he can be cold and ruthless, a lot of the time and had quit living. He is a hard warrior. Brynnafar/Brynna saw Brand and Colette about a year and a half before she meets him. She was spying on him when he was swimming. Loved his zest for live and then when Colette came she saw how passionately he loved Colette, and fell in love with want she saw in his face, and hoped to have that one day. He became her dream love. She is now being forced to marry the Norman that defeated her father, to be able to stay in her home, and then sees it is him. She is shocked by how he was changed. He tells her he will never love her, as he doesn't want to marry her or anyone. She is determined to try and get him to love her. The story is more about the two of them finding their way. Brynna who loves him and tries to prove she is not like Colette and Brand who swears never to love, but finds himself passionately being pulled to Brynna and her fiery nature. I think want I liked the most was his struggle to learn to live again, when he finally admitted he wanted to. He knew he had hurt her, and he was vulnerable, but he sweetly tells her he does not know how to find his way back, but he will be faithful to her love. And no he did not cheat on her.

In one review someone complained he was too obsessed with Colette. Colette's betrayal really hit him hard. All he ever got to see about Colette was her sweet angelic side. She never showed him what a mean evil witch she was, so he was having a hard time understanding how she could have done this to him. He doubted his instincts about people and everything else. Without his instincts it could affect his warrior skills as well. It just shows how passionate he was about everything. Even though he was still drawn to Colette's beauty, he knew he would never betray Brynna, and that he wanted his wife more than he did Colette.

Sex content medium/high
I have wanted to revisit this series for some time, and finally the opportunity came so I jumped in with both feet! I am a great fan of Paula Quinn's work and this just happened to be the first book of hers that I ever read, and a coincidence; it was her first published novel! I wasn't disappointed in this sojourn, I enjoyed it just as much the second time through as I visited with old friends and, well, those gorgeous Risande men!

The book begins as Brynnafar, daughter of Lord Richard Dumont is on her way home from visiting her uncle and her carriage is stopped by a fallen tree. As it was being cleared she wandered off to see a man swimming naked in a lagoon amid the dogwood blossoms, then he was joined by a beautiful woman, she dubbed him her merman. A year later her undefeatable father was defeated by a Norman and their beloved home Avarloch was being turned over to him! In order to keep a Saxon in the home, they agreed that Brynna would marry the Norman, Lord Brand Risande, that very man who defeated him in battle. Then when she saw him, she was speechless; it was her merman, whom she had dreamed of almost nightly, Lord Brand the Passionate!

Brand said not only would he never marry her, he would never care for another woman. He loved once; Colette de Marson and she betrayed him with his best friend. His best friend was now dead, and she was dead to him, but she haunted his dreams. Then he met Brynna. She invaded his soul like vines in a forest, slowly, stealthily; she was intoxicating. Colette appeared at Avarloch uninvited, telling Brand that her father was forcing her to marry an abusive man and she needed to stay with him so he could protect her. All hell broke lose.

When, after finishing a book, it makes me want to do historical research because I was so fascinated with the true story within the fictional one, I call that Amazing! That is exactly what happened with this book. William the Conqueror and King Edward were quite prominent in this story and I wanted to learn more. I also enjoyed the fact that Brynna was a strong woman, she had some low spells, but we all do at times when doubt creeps in. I like the interplay of the men had with each other as friends. William, Brand and Dante get along so well that you can't help but smile at their camaraderie as they joke with each other. In so many books this just doesn't happen, the men are at odds with each other, fighting for the woman. Paula writes friendship wonderfully. She has some very sexy, sensual men and well, let's be honest, don't we all just like to dream about them?

Ms. Quinn painted a picture with words so vividly and so clearly, that I could see each scene unfold as if it were a movie playing across my minds eye. I could almost smell the wood smoke and feel the moss on the forest floor, let alone see picture perfect the half smile of the sated lover. This, my friends, is what I look for in an author. I can ignore little things that would normally push my buttons when there is a master story teller doing her job; taking me on an adventure and making me fall in love with one historical and two fictional characters. I think the one thing that I would change, and I will admit it is because I'm just a little bloodthirsty in my fictional life, it would be for just a little more closure in some areas, but then again, I guess I can imagine all kinds of wonderful grisly things!

Auto buy or not to buy? Let me just put it this way, if there was a way for me to stand over Paula's shoulder and read as she typed, that's where I would be! Next on the list is Dante, in Lord of Temptation and I am looking forward to reading his book again! Ms. Quinn also has 2 other series available. The MacGregor Series, and Children of the Mist Series follow the postscribed MacGregor Clan on the Isle of Skye and she is currently working on Highland Heirs. England or Scotland, take your pick!
By far the best Quinn book that I've read thus far. I always enjoy enemy to lover stories, but this one is topped by none. The hero was so haunted and yet passionate it drew me in instantly. I lived how Bynna could forgive life's darkness so easily and truly she was better person for it. A beautiful love story with soft sweet love and a rare flare of steam once or twice.
Truly a 4 1/2 star book. What a great first novel. Quinn writes better than many seasoned vets. She immediately gets you involved with the seductive setting Brynna watches a couple years before with the very handsome knight and his ladylove in the water making love. Brynna had never forgotten this. He had become the man of her dreams. Then of course she finds out she has to marry a savage knight who has beaten her father in order to save her castle. And she is shocked to find out Lord Brand is her handsome hero. But her heart breaks again when she finds out his betrayal by the beautiful Collette she watched him make love to in the water. She realizes she will never have his heart. This book is filled with intense, loving moments. Brand and Byrnna have a passionate vibrant connection even before Brand is able to release his demons of Collette and finally find love again. The book has many secondary characters that complete a full package of solid, interesting knights and maidens and future kings. All in themselves have interesting personalities and you know another equally good book is in the making. This time period is often not one of my favorites but Brand is the kind of seductive, passionate hero we all would want no matter when he lived. And Bryanna has a heart and a beauty that you know will fill Brand with the happiness he deserves. This one you will read again and again!