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by Christopher G. Moore
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Genre Fiction
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    Christopher G. Moore
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    Heaven Lake Press (July 1, 2004)
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    320 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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God of Darkness, Asia Books (1998). Moore's flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in vertiginous landscape "Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.

God of Darkness, Asia Books (1998). ISBN 974-92281-7-0, Heaven Lake Press (1999) reprinted (2004). Cold Hit, Heaven Lake Press (1999). A hard-boiled, street-smart, often hilarious pursuit of a double murderer "In his novels, Moore writes about Bangkok as if it were one of the most famous cities of noir fiction.

God Of Darkness book. I am a big fan of Christopher G. Moore, but was thoroughly disappointed to come across this book, one of his earlier works, after reading maybe 20 of his more recent ones. To the extent that the name of the main character is spelled wrong a couple of times. The plot never took off and the ending just fell flat.

Rahu, God of Darkness, has unraveled the safety nets in the City of Angels. The stories of other writers-locals and expats-maybe likened to sketches or drawings, while those of Christopher G. Moore are paintings or murals. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Even the rich are in a free-fall state when the Thai economic boom goes bust in 1997. A young American, Hurley Ransom Conover, follows his Thai girlfriend to her homeland and finds himself at the center of her family’s turmoil.

Christopher Moore - Fool Series -. (Humorous, Fantasy ) turns things on their head with an edgy 21st-century perspective that makes the story line as sharp, surly . I'd have blessed them if I were still on speaking terms with God. "Out, out, out, ladies," Cordelia said

Christopher Moore - Fool Series -. (Humorous, Fantasy ) turns things on their head with an edgy 21st-century perspective that makes the story line as sharp, surly and slick as a game of Grand Th. "Out, out, out, ladies," Cordelia said. Give me peace with my fool so that I might devise some punishment for him. "

Publisher's inventory.

Christopher G. Moore. Rahu, God of Darkness, has unraveled the safety nets in the City of Angels. Moore is a Canadian author who has lived in Thailand since 1988. God of Darkness, Asia Books (1998) ISBN 974-92281-7-0, Heaven Lake Press (1999) reprinted (2004). He has written over 30 books and hundreds of essays. His novels have won international awards including the Shamus Award and the German Critics Award. Cold Hit, Heaven Lake Press (1999) ISBN 974-92104-1-7; reprinted (2004). The German translation is titled Nana Plaza.

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God of Darkness set in Bangkok follows a group of expats who work for a telecommunications company. As the economic Crisis mounts, the pressures to find and keep a job increases. The lead character, Hurley, is from Seattle and lives inside a Thai family compound. His girlfriend is pressing him for marriage. At the same time, the future father-in-law, is showing Hurley how power and influence, like dope and sex, can become addictive. And his future mother-in-law, introduces him to Rahu worship, or the God of Darkness.

God of Darkness, Asia Books (1998) ISBN 974-92281-7-0, Heaven Lake Press (1999) reprinted (2004).

He is best known for his trilogy A Killing Smile (1991), A Bewitching Smile (1992) and A Haunting Smile (1993), a behind-the-smiles study of his adopted country, Thailand, and for his Vincent Calvino Private Eye series set in Bangkok.

Heaven Lake Press, Trade paperback edition (2004) ISBN:9749228170 Binding is quality trade paperback. New condition. 6" - 9 1/4" tall. Publisher's inventory.

I am a fan of Bangkok fiction and my most recent choice was GOD OF DARKNESS by Christopher G. Moore.
Reading GOD OF DARKNESS was like watching a good movie, for me. I was completely satisfied at the end of this 320 page novel, which I would categorize as both a thriller and historical fiction. What Moore does well is parachute the reader into hostile territory that would otherwise be inaccessible. In G.O.D. you are behind the high walls of a wealthy Thai family compound. One that just happens to make frequent offerings to Rahu, the God of Darkness.

GOD OF DARKNESS is set in 1997 mostly in Bangkok during the Asian economic crisis. Thailand is no stranger to crisis as the current times reflect. Moore has written a wonderful time capsule of this roller coaster, crash and burn period. You land in a Bangkok high society family compound where the central character, Hurley has been convinced by his girlfriend's family to leave the comfort of Seattle, Washington to become part of something he had not anticipated and never experienced in his young life. The drama unfolds when Hurley moves out and it is unclear whether he will return and marry the beautiful May under the heavy handed influence of powerful, potential in-laws. Additional characters include Hurley's 73 year old former professor flying into Bangkok in order to find a Thai wife, a masturbating monkey, a cold blooded hit man and a ditched mia noi (minor wife). Moore is not a cookie cutter writer - he takes chances. An example would be his use of settings. A short time motel room is not particularly clever for Bangkok fiction. But Moore chooses to use that scene. Twice. Two years apart. The same mirrored room. Once for the scene of a murder and a great education for the reader in the realities of privilege, face, ranking and Thai Criminology 101. A second time the unlikely room is used as a safe house, a rapid fire courtship and a marriage proposal. And yet it is all believable in the good times and bad times of anything goes Bangkok. Another strength of Moore is examining what is right in front of us every day in Thailand. An example: Ancients. Moore's term for old people. He uses it dozens of times and each time it seemed better than before. I never tired of it. Moore gives us some of his best writing for last. As Moore puts it: "Life is swimming to shore with cowboy boots on." We get a good slice of that life in God of Darkness. Everything in Bangkok has an Amount and Christopher G. Moore has been around long enough to know all the menus.

If you like accurate interpretations of Thai behavior and want insight into the Asian economic crisis of 1997 or just want to know what goes on behind those high walls in those expensive Bangkok neighborhoods while getting a good thriller of a ride then read God of Darkness by Christopher G. Moore. You'll be glad you did.
Christopher G. Moore has a way of making Bangkok come alive. In this novel, he foregoes his usual Vinnie Calvino detective story and chooses instead to show us a slice of Thailand that we are not likely to ever encounter. This is the life of the wealthy Thai family, wherein the father runs the show, is feared, and keeps close control on all family members. here we have jack Hurley, a US college student in Seattle fall for May, a Thai woman who gives no hint that she comes from one of Thailand's most powerful families. Jack follows her back to Thailand, where he ends up living with her in the family compound. If he marries her, he commits to the compound and the rule of her father. May has her own agenda here, as do so many of the colorful characters that the author brings to life. Well-worth reading for any fan of Bangkok.
It took me back to when mobile phones were a novelty; a status symbol and when Thailand was going crazy. Christopher Moore yet again produces a ripping story that has many twists and turns. I read his books to gain an insight into how Thais think. The Chinese Thai family living in the compound is very close to my experience - my son married into such a family who also lost badly in 1997. Like Hurley my son was told if he hurt his potential wife he would be chased to the end of the earth with dire consequences. No wonder we are always outsiders in their thinking. The professor from Seattle ends up with an unlikely bride - I found where and how he found her somewhat extraordinary but still a good read. If you think finding a Thai bride easy read this and don't say you have not been warned.
Right from the start this book grabs the reader. Regardless of whether or not you have been to thailand you are guided through the secrets of the Thai culture both good and bad. The characters become your companions, their pain is yours. This book has left me longing to return to Thailand my second home and wishing the characters were real people so I can go and meet them. The Author once again has hit a grandslam with this book. Don't try to speed read it or you will find yourself lost and regretting what you missed. I also write books and this Author inspires me to write more and to do better. Thank you sir for your wonderful book. Well worth the price and more.
Aside from writing some very good crime novels, Christopher G. Moore shows some real insight into interpersonal relationships, power, family, loyalty and, strangely, the disciplined schedule of a masturbating monkey. It's astounding that this is one of his very early works. He only gets better over time.
4 stars, classic metaphors, reminds me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but in BK with a trick ending
I have read all of Christopher Moore's novels and have even met the man on several occasions while in Bangkok. It is important to note that this is not a Vincent Calvino novel. The central characters are an American expat that has a high level management job (telecommunications) in Bangkok, his US educated Thai girlfriend, the girlfriend's high society family (who are not quite gangsters) and former college professor that is looking for a wife in Bangkok.

What I really like about this book is how the fictional elements mirrored real life events. I read the novel shortly after release when the Asian currency crisis was wrecking havoc on the Thai economy (The Thai Baht went from 25 to the Dollar to 55 to the Dollar and there were mass layoffs, which caused some of the legions of corporate "office ladies" to look for work in high end hostess clubs). There is an interesting plot along with several sub plots.