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by Zane Grey
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Genre Fiction
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    Zane Grey
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    Tor Books; 1st edition (February 15, 1994)
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Home Zane Grey The Last of the Plainsmen. So plans were madefor three of us to ride over and select our mounts. Frank and Jim wouldfollow with the pack train, and if all went well, on the followingevening we would camp under the shadow of Buckskin

Home Zane Grey The Last of the Plainsmen. The Last of the Plainsmen, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17. Chapter 4. The trail. Frank, what'll we do about horses?" asked Jones. Jim'll want the bay,and of course you'll want to ride Spot. The rest of our nags will onlydo to pack the outfit. Frank and Jim wouldfollow with the pack train, and if all went well, on the followingevening we would camp under the shadow of Buckskin. Early next morning we were on our way. I tried to find a soft place onOld Baldy, one of Frank's pack horses.

Home Zane Grey The Last of the Plainsmen. At daybreak our leader routed us out. The frost mantled the ground soheavily that it looked like snow, and the rare atmosphere bit like thebreath of winter. The forest stood solemn and gray; the canyon laywrapped in vapory slumber. Hot biscuits and coffee, with a chop or two of the delicious Persianlamb meat, put a less Spartan tinge on the morning, and gave Wallaceand me more strength-we needed not incentive to leave the fire, hustleour saddles on the horses and get in line with our impatient leader. The hounds scampered over the frost, shoving their noses at the tuftsof. Produced by Mary Starr. Buffalo Jones needs no introduction to American sportsmen, but to theseof my readers who are unacquainted with him a few words may not beamiss. He was born sixty-two years ago on the Illinois prairie, and he hasdevoted practically all of his life to the pursuit of wild animals. Ithas been a pursuit which owed its unflagging energy and indomitablepurpose to a singular passion, almost an obsession, to capture alive,not to kill.

Librivox recording of The Last of the Plainsmen by Zane Grey (1872-1939)Read by Mike Vendetti. As I narrated this book, I found fact to be as exciting as fiction. This part of the west was relatively wild and untamed at this time. Wolves, wild horses, buffalo and other wildlife were quite prevalent, and the Indians were not that friendly. This adventure would never make it to Animal Planet, or as a National Geographic special, because there is quite a lot of what we would consider cruelty to animals, but this is a true story, and life as it was at the turn of the last century.

Zane Grey narrates an experience he had with Charles Jesse Jones, known as Buffalo Jones, who is considered as. .A man who captured musk-oxen from the Northwest Terr The Last of the Plainsmen was a book that could have been non-fiction.

Zane Grey narrates an experience he had with Charles Jesse Jones, known as Buffalo Jones, who is considered as one of the preservers of the American bison (as cited by the National Archives). Much of Grey's true narrative occurs in the early 1900's while Jones, Grey, and several other men pursue illusive mountain lions in and near the Grand Canyon.

Buffalo Jones was the last of the famous plainsmen who rode the trails of the old West. Pearl Zane Grey (1872 – 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the American frontier. The driving force of his life was to capture wild animals aliv. ncluding buffalo and cougars. When he saw that the buffalo were in danger of extinction. Riders of the Purple Sage (1912) was his bestselling book. In addition to the success of his printed works, they later had second lives and continuing influence when adapted as films and television productions.

Now you can read The Last of the Plainsmen free from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone and enjoy .

Now you can read The Last of the Plainsmen free from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone and enjoy other many other free books by Zane Grey.

In a classic western tale, the last of the plainsmen, Buffalo Jones, goes on his final mission to track buffalo, mustang, cougar, and bring them back alive. Reprint.

I am a huge Zane Grey fan. That said, I don't consider this book to be one of his best efforts. For example, while many reviewers lament his overuse of landscape descriptions, I typically find his descriptions of the parts of the country he normally visited to be interesting and even poetic to some extent. However, in this book I thought Grey was overly repetitious. He did not need to keep describing the Grand Canyon and its beauty over and over for the reader to understand that the scene was still there as previously described.
I think anyone who is a Grey reader understands very well that he does tend to repeat his landscape descriptions more than the reader is used to or would find necessary, but that's just Zane. However, it may not be for everyone. But I was even a bit impatient with his technique in this volume.
As to the plot itself, I was initially pleased that the old plainsman was going to try to capture and care for some of the most impressive animals in America. However, as the story unfolded, many animals were killed for various reasons. This tended to bother me, as I consider it a national tragedy that so many of our greatest beasts of the wilderness are either totally gone or nearly so. Further, I'm not sure that his capturing these animals instead of killing them is what they would have preferred if they could express their opinion.
Once again Zane Grey provides a unique insight of a period and location that is revealing and comprehensive.
To have been on this hunt would have filled many a bucket list. A life long hunter, now tied to the passengers seat and the recliner, what I would have traded for that adventure. It has probably been sixty years ago that I last read Zane Grey, yet how beautiful the language. Is it now possible to write for the market in such refined manner? Did all authors of one hundred years ago have such command? No, they all could not. Yet here is Grey, writing of what he knew, in language which could have been comfortable in the British court,confined to western adventure. I venture to say that if he could have been read as widely as deserved, what a different country this nation might today be. What values now vanished would we now hold.

A group of western men, unites their time and fortune, to take a perilous journey to save what they could of nature that they could see was in danger of disappearing. There is little if any slacking of duty, of shared tasks, of care for the group. America's values are preserved. America's treasure is presented as worthwhile. A young America is raised on a standard. Oh, what a vision.
Zane Grey pulled out all the stops on this tale of chasing wild mustangs, buffalo hunts, cougar hunts, and wild musk-ox. Follow the tale of a rag-tag band of plainsmen led by Col. Jones. A feisty, tough old man who will stop at nothing so he can rope (yes I said rope) a wild cougar and bring it back home. They are a breed of men whose resilience and spirit are the stuff of pioneers and mountain men. The kind of indomitable spirit that won the west, and is the subject of much of America's folklore. Along the way they endure seventy degree below zero blizzards, desert dust storms, starving Indians, and a harsh, yet pristine wilderness of incredible beauty. Zane Grey s depiction of panoramic landscapes such as the Grand Canyon is picturesque. One can almost smell the forest's and sense the loneliness of the wilderness. A great read that was hard to put down. Now for my next task which won't be easy. Picking out the next Zane Grey novel to get lost in.
Zane Grey was born a bit before me so I should have grown up with this man in my (then non-existant) library. But now I have a library AND a Kindle, I can delve into his glorious lyrical style. His descriptions are so vivid as to transort you to that spot so you may smell and see what he skillfully lays out on the page. I am in love with his imagination, being able to paint his pictures in hues I have never heard of! He delves deeply into this rich time in history and I am delighted at every page. I will read his every book and treasure them.
A good solid read about some of the frontiersman that formed our great nation. The men that realized early on that steps needed to be taken to preserve the wildlife
I'm still trying to figure out why he wrote this one, and the book format is too large, I still haven't completed this book, as soon as others came in I dropped it! The format is not a good bed time reader!
I wanted to try a different writing and story genre so somewhat by chance I chose Zane Gray. What a treasure! No wonder he is as renowned and respected as he is.
His writing and style is almost like poetry. Certainly loves the American west.
I have never read a book by Zane Grey that was not exciting. Every story he writes makes you feel like your there and experiencing the actual events that are taking place. Big fan.