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by Tina Boscha
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River in the Sea is a fascinating delve into coming of age tales, recommended. I was riveted within a few dozen pages as one of the pivotal events of the book unfolded we agree too, that several months later,I am still thinking about the characters. This book is on the shelf with my other faves' like DuMauier's Rebecca and Bronte sisters' classic characters ie Jane Eyre.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Boscha has best-seller potential. Tina Boscha lives in Oregon's Willamette Valley with her husband andstepdaughters along with two nutty boxers and one silly black cat. Sheis an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient and her work has beennominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her short essay, "The Second Hardest Job," appears in the forthcoming anthology This I Believe: On Motherhood.

Praise for River in the Sea: The book is well written and historically significan. oscha has best-seller potential. Two words I could say to sum up this book are ‘enchanting’ and ‘emotional. t blew me away. Her book is engrossing and horrifying at the same time, a tale of what it’s like to be hungry, sick and worried that life, family and freedom will never be the same again. -Eugene Register-Guard. I could not put it down. The Blue Stockings Society.

We’re watching the final retreat. He told them how the Germans had tried one last time to take the north coast, but together the . and the Canadians had quelled the attack in less than an hour. and the Canadians had quelled the attack in less than an hour hey’d even captured a German officer and four men. He’d been there, seen it all, he said. She, Tine, and Mem were at the table, picking through a basket of new peas, breaking off the tips. And no, no more fighting. We’re just patrolling the retreat. I don’t know when I’ll be back, a day, two maybe?

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Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Tina Boscha's books. Tina Boscha lives in Oregon's Willamette Valley with her husband and stepdaughters along with two nutty boxers and one silly black cat. She has an MFA in fiction, is an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient, and her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. For her next novel, she is working on a good old-fashioned ghost story.

River in the Sea book. In September 2011, Tina Boscha was awarded the Oregon Literary Fellowship so that she could finish River in the Se. .

River in the Sea. Tina Boscha.

When a German soldier's dog bolts in front of Leen's truck, in a fraction of a second, she must make a choice: brake hard, or hit the gas.   She floors it.   What happens next sets off a chain of events that pitches Leen, just 15, and her family against the German forces when they are most desperate - and fierce. Leen tries to hold her family together, but despite her efforts, bit by bit everything falls apart.   And just when Leen experiences a horrific loss, she must make a decision that could forever brand her a traitor, yet finally allow her to live as her heart desires.   Readers who want to immerse themselves in a story with both a plot and characters that keep the pages turning will love River in the Sea. For fans of The Book Thief, Those Who Save Us, and Sarah's Key.   Inspired by events experienced by the author's mother, River in the Sea is a powerfully moving account of one girl reaching adulthood when everything she believes about family, friendship, and loyalty is questioned by war. Appropriate for teen readers age 16 and up.More praise for River in the Sea:"Two words I could say to sum up this book are 'enchanting' and 'emotional' ... it blew me away." --RJ Moore "It is beautifully written ... I didn't really feel like this book was a war story. It's more about how a family deals with the effects of war and the aftermath."--Kara Malinczak, Great Imaginations"Tina Boscha's prose is exemplary; her protagonist in River in the Sea is highly sympathetic; and her setting of Friesland, Netherlands, is alive with details. I fell in love with her tender gaze at the world she creates."-
-Samrat Upadhyay, author of The Guru of Love

I bought RIVER IN THE SEA after hearing Ms. Boscha speak at a writer's group. The story is bitter like cinnamon, and like that spice, has a scent which lures you back; what will happen to this family? I read it primarily as a coming of age tale: the heroine is fifteen in WWII Friesland (Netherlands), and the Nazi occupation has worn everyone thin. Hunger is omnipresent. Basic needs go unmet. Against this background, we observe a resilient girl-becoming-woman who has made a Terrible Mistake and lives in fearful dread of the consequences (real and imagined) for one dark winter. The characters are skillfully rendered and dead-believable. And then there's the prose. Ahhhhh. The writing is just delicious. A treat for those who like their words laid out in interesting and occasionally unexpected patterns. A sumptuous word-feast of a novel. I would recommend RIVER IN THE SEA for lovers of YA, or historical fiction, or literary fiction. I suspect its appeal will prove broad and move across genre boundaries.
I hate historical fiction. I'm serious. I read fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult novels. And sometimes Stephen King.

When I picked up Tina Boscha's book, "River in the Sea," I was not exactly excited (sorry Tina!). I thought...a book about a teenage girl in the Netherlands during World War II? Seriously?

But then I started reading. And kept reading. And couldn't stop reading. Her character, Leen, draws you in and makes you forget that you are even reading. The world falls into place around you and you laugh with Leen, get mad with Leen, and yes, even cry with Leen.

There were moments when I just wanted to stop reading. When the agony and frustration of Leen's situation made me want to scream. But I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to know what happened. I wanted to know if she would be ok.

And that's what makes the book good. Boscha makes you care about the characters. Makes you understand what they were going through and how they survived it. How they lived it.

So, it's good. Read it. You won't want to stop either. Seriously.
What a great historical read. RIVER IN THE SEA is set in the last days of WWII in a small village called Weirum, in the province of Friesland. The story is told as seen through the eyes of fifteen year old Leen DeGraaf. Leen is a bit of a rebel, wanting to work in the field with her father and brother, Isaac, rather than wash and clean with her mother and sister, Tine. When Leen accidentally hits a german shepard dog belonging to a German soldier at prison camp in her village, she believes it sets off a string of events that brings more heartbreak to her already heartbroken family.

Though there is much sadness in this war-time story, there is also happiness, triumphs, and comraderie for the people of Weirum and the DeGraaf family.

The author does a great job of developing the characters of the story and the reader gets to watch as Leen, though wise beyond her years, unwillingly grows from naive, rebellious tomboy to a young woman wanting more out of life than Weirum can offer her. A continuation of Leen's story after she reaches "Amerika" would be awesome.

Though I was not always able to find translation for the Friesan 'dialect' used by the characters in the story, I could usually get the 'jist' of what the author meant. The author used such picturesque language, I was able to picture the village, the dike, the home of the DeGraafs, the barn and Leen's bicycle ride home from Dienum's as I read.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.
The story is beautifully told from the perspective of a 15-year-old caught up in a culture bound by tradition and trying to cope with German occupation in WWII. It is a mesmerizing account of that time in a person's life where they are caught between being a child and turning into an adult -- and there's the decline of a war thrown into the mix.

The reader is confronted with the reality of that time: rationing, hunger, clothing running out, lack of electricity, etc. But it is woven into the story in a way that it is not central (except for one important plot line), yet you definitely feel the deprivation that was endured.

There are a lot of Frisian words woven into the story and they are usually not defined. BUT, the context is such that the reader can pretty easily figure out what has been said.

I wasn't sure if I'd like River in the Sea as I don't like my emotions being yanked around and I was worried about the whole WWII aspect of it (which is so horrifying in and of itself). But, the emotional side of it was not overplayed and the level of heart-wringing was just right, if that makes any sense.

I had to do a little bit of homework to know where exactly the setting for the tale was (Frisland). And it is good to keep in mind that the events of the whole story span just under a year. Otherwise you can get a little frustrated with Leen and want to shake her into some common sense.

As it is, the reader is drawn into sympathy with Leen and is able to be there for all those times enlightenment occurs and she grows up just a little bit more. Sadly, it has to happen rather quickly as the events of the war thrust her into adulthood far faster than would have happened otherwise.

What a great book. It ended with me thinking, "wow." Which isn't very astute, but books don't do that to me that often. My only complaint is that it ended too quickly. You want to see how the big adventure Leen sets out on turns out.