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by Byron Preiss
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Genre Fiction
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    Byron Preiss
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    Headline (September 24, 1992)
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    384 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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The Ultimate Werewolf (1991 reissue.

In 1982, Preiss published The Secret, a puzzle book that combined 12 short verses and 12 elaborate fantasy paintings by John Jude Palencar. Readers were expected to pair each painting with a verse in a way that would provide clues to finding one of 12 plexiglass boxes buried in various parks around North America. The Ultimate Werewolf (1991 reissue. The Ultimate Dinosaur: Past, Present, and Future (1992). The Vampire State Building (1992).

The Ultimate Werewolf book. He produced The Words of Gandhi, Byron Preiss was the president of Byron Preiss Visual Publications and Ibooks, and was recognized as a pioneer in digital publishing. He was among the first publishers to release CD-ROM's and electronic books. Born in Brooklyn, . Preiss graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972 and earned a master's degree in communications from Stanford University. He produced The Words of Gandhi, an audio book that won a Grammy Award in 1985.

The Ultimate Werewolf Paperback – September 24, 1992. by Byron Preiss (Author).

A collection of stories inspired by the legend of the werewolf include contributions by . Some of them are really scary, and almost none of them is boring! By far the best story for me is "Raymond"-about a weird kid who is a werewolf. Amazing!!!! To complete your collection, or because some are very good.

The Ultimate Werewolf. A collection of stories inspired by the legend of the werewolf. Wolf in My Time Machine Pat Murphy South of Oregon City Kevin J. Anderson Special Makeup . Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley Pure Silver Brad Linaweaver Close Shave Robert J. Randisi Partners Bill Pronzini Ancient Evil Brad Strickland And the Moon Shines Full and Bright Stuart M. Kaminsky Full Moon Over Moscow Robert E. Weinberg Wolf Watch Robert Silverberg The Werewolf Gambit.

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For this book was born on a freezing night in 1906, on the shore of an Oklahoma lake, where the son of a great actor-to-be was immersed in the waters of. .Other author's books: The Ultimate Dracula.

For this book was born on a freezing night in 1906, on the shore of an Oklahoma lake, where the son of a great actor-to-be was immersed in the waters of posterity. Lon Chaney, Jr. changed for us in 1941; and we've been changing ever since. The Ultimate Frankenstein.

1st Headline edition paperback fine Harlan Ellison, Nancy Collins etc In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

I don't know if this book was any good or not. WHY CAN'T I CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE FONT? Whoever set up the Kindle edition needs to be horsewhipped, and I'll supply the horse. It was completely illegible. It had very thin, very small, white font on a black background. I even bought magnifying glasses hoping that would help, but sadly I still couldn't read it. I should get my money back and whoever set it up like this should personally apologize for the poor quality.
This book was obviously scanned with a photocopier. The print is too small and virtually unreadable. I'm surprised that Amazon would even sell a Kindle book of this type.
Over all, I found this anthology to be a hit and miss collection of stories. I did enjoy the many different points of views on lycanthropes, but I often had to force myself through stories. I enjoyed stories such as "Moonlight on the Gazebo" and "Pure Silver". However, stories like "Wolf, Iron, and Moth" and "There's a Wolf in My Time Machine" just left me bored, not to mention the not so infrequent spelling errors ("she shook her heard", for instance). I understand everyone makes mistakes, but I noticed mistakes like this a lot more often than I should have.

If you're looking simply for a collection of wolf stories that step away from the romance (and/or Twilight) genres, then the good stories make up for the bad. However, if you're looking for stories that are bursting with action and gory horror, perhaps seek another collection.
Not all the short stories in this anthology are uniformly amazing. For instance, Ellison's own about Lawrence Talbot's search for his soul, "Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans," is just plain *wierd.* (And, no, I don't mean that in a nice way.) There are several stories about policemen/ werewolves, kind of an interesting angle, including the great "Partners" by Robert Randisi. Also special is "Pure Silver" by AC Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley about the relationship between a homeless man/ Holocaust survivor/ werewolf and an animal shelter worker and her K9 cop boyfiend. It's regret- filled, sad, lonely and wonderful. "South of Oregon City" by Pat Murphy is historical, taking place in the 19 the century when the far west was a wilderness. A trapper falls in love with a strange woman who turns ut to be a werewolf; it's very sweet. Others of the stories I've read in other collections of werewolf short stories. So, I guess what I'm saying is, the book has some very good stories, but don't spend too much money on it, or have too high expectations.
This book is highly recomended to anyone who likes werewolves. Some of them are really scary, and almost none of them is boring! By far the best story for me is "Raymond"-about a weird kid who is a werewolf. Amazing!!!!
A most compelling read for a collection of Werewolf tales. Ranging from the common, to the not so common time traveling Lyncanthrop, this collection holds a wide gambit of tales all published in 1991. However, the real gem of the books shines forth at the end when a brief filmography is given for Werewolf movies
This is not only one of the best collections of werewolf stories I have come across, but one of the best horror compilations as well. Stories range from more traditional werewolf tales, to original science fiction pieces.
20 werewolf stories in a variety of different genres - horror, sci-fi, humor, mystery, western, romantic, etc. including pretentious. Some good, some boring, one pretentious with almost nothing to do with the werewolf legend a la Harlan Ellison. I took off a start for his "story" and one for his "essay." Brad Linaweaver is the best and wittiest treatment.The title of the book is somewhat mis-leading though.