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Genre Fiction
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    Carol Ellis
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    Scholastic Point (1996)
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Melanie is not sure who to trust The Body (Carol Ellis)Y/A Thriller. Melanie is new in town and takes on a job reading to Lisa Randolph

Melanie is not sure who to trust The Body (Carol Ellis)Y/A Thriller. Melanie is new in town and takes on a job reading to Lisa Randolph. Lisa had an accident and ended up in a wheel chair and unable to speak.

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Carol Ellis is such an author, and Silent Witness was a worthy addition to the genre. A true young-adult whodunit mystery that will have you guessing til the end. The book is fairly wholesome, the violence is minimal and when it does occur it is only briefly described without the kind of gory details that some other authors favored. Unlike "The Body" which I have also read, Ellis doesn't play fair this time around as there are no real clues as to who the real villain is, the killer's identity seems to come right out of left field.

Point Horror is a series of young adult horror fiction books. The series was most popular among teenaged girls

Point Horror is a series of young adult horror fiction books. The series was most popular among teenaged girls. The Point Horror series was launched in 1991 by Scholastic Inc, with the publisher re-releasing several of its previous titles under the Point Horror banner. Authors who published under the label of Point Horror include . Stine, Diane Hoh, Richie Tankersley Cusick, Christopher Pike, and Caroline B. Cooney. The series was notable as Blind Date was one of .

Books come from a smoke & pet free home! Spooky stories are always a great gift for the Horror/Halloween lover in your life. Mirror, Mirror by . Athkins 1992 YA Point Horror Paperback Book. Free shipping eligible. Learn more about this item. Shipping & returns.

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Silent Witness (Point Horror . By Carol Ellis. Pretty please (point horror nightmare hall . by dianne hoh. Beach House (Point Horror) By R. L. Stine. Dream date (point horror) by sinclair smith.

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My Secret Admirer (Point Horror), Ellis, Carol, Very Good, Paperback. The Cemetery (Point Horror Audio Tapes ., Athkins, . Very Good, Paperback. The Baby-Sitter (Point Horror ., Stine, R.

To celebrate, we're revisiting classic recaps on the site. This episode: Camp Fear by Carol Ellis, one of Wing's favourite books growing up.

A place for fans of the Point Horror book series, with recaps from The Devil's Elbow (PointHorror. To celebrate, we're revisiting classic recaps on the site. 5 July 2018 ·. podbean. Devil's Elbow Camp Fear by Carol Ellis. 2018 is the 5th anniversary of Devil's Elbow.

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Mysterious Happenings
The Body
By Carol Ellis
fiction book review

"Wanted," the ad said, "Reader. Reliable, responsible, flexible hours." The Body is about a girl named Melanie who was hired to read to Lisa Randolph, who was a high school student. Melanie was new to Clinton, Massachusetts, and wanted a job. She was a high school student too. She was worried that she would not have any friends in this new town. This was the last place that she wanted to be. When Melanie met Lisa, she was in a wheel chair with a yellow robe on. She had green eyes with golden flecks on the edges. Lisa was mostly paralyzed and mute. She fell off of a cliff and nobody knows how. Melanie felt awkward the first couple times that she was in the room with Lisa because all Lisa could do was stare. She couldn't answer questions or tell Melanie if she needed or wanted something. It was awkward for Melanie to try not to ask questions. Soon she was relaxed and comfortable, until Georgia Hudson, the housekeeper, spoke to her over the monitor explaining that there was a camera in the room so she could keep track of Lisa. Then she was really uncomfortable. Later Melanie met some of Lisa's old friends, Garrett, Rich, Kim, Heather, and Neil. Garrett was Lisa's boyfriend. After she met Lisa's friends, Melanie kept up with her job and visited Lisa almost everyday at 2:00. Melanie started to pick up on Lisa moving her finger on certain words and sentences. She thought that Lisa was trying to give her a message. She was right, and from the way people were acting, she could tell that it was injurious to herself and Lisa.

I liked this book because it was age appropriate for my age (only one swear) and I could understand it easily. The author of this book describes things nicely and really puts the detail that is needed in a very understandable and presentable way. The one thing that I can't express enough is that the author leaves the greatest cliff hangers ever at the end of every chapter. Most of the time she ends the chapter when something horrible happens so you really want to read more. An example; "The doors read, BE CAREFUL MELANIE, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING." Then the chapter would end. If you are interested in reading this book, get used to stopping in the middle of the chapter because that's what you have to do before getting caught up in the next surprising event.

I have not read any other books quite like this one but I have read other mystery books. The book that is most like this book is a book that I am currently reading. The book is called Relic. It is a book in the Agent Pendergast series. This book is about murders, crimes, and the people who are trying to solve them. The Body has the same ideas, like the murder and someone committing a crime. I think that Relic is a book that is for an older audience. The cliff hangers in this book are not as good as they are in The Body. Some of Relic's chapter ends just leave you at the end of an event. It doesn't make you want to read more. The Body will definitely keep you interested from front to back. In Relic there are some slow spots that you have to get through. I would prefer to read The Body. Overall I rate The Body a 10 out of 10. This book is great for people looking for an appropriate read, good book, interesting storyline, and something that they can't put down. If you read Relic you should definitely read The Body. Happy reading!
This book was a mystery till the end. It was about a girl named Lisa who is paralyzed and can't talk because she fell off a cliff. Then this girl named Melanie starts reading to her. After she starts reading to her she gets prank calls and scary letters. Who could it be doing this to Melanie, and why?
I thought this was a good book for these reasons. This book is about a girl named Melanie who is new to a town. She needs a job and gets one reading to a named Lisa who is handicapped. Melanie soon finds out the horrible thing that happenens and tries to find out what Lisa is trying to say.
I am actually sixteen now, but I read this book when i was 13 or so. This is the best book i have ever read. i don't do much reading, because i don't really like to read. But this kind of book makes me want to read. it's not very scary at all, but it sure is interesting!
This was a great mystery book from Carol Ellis. I almost never read, and I couldn't put it down. I kept reading because I needed to know who did it!