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by Greg Iles
Download Dead Sleep fb2
Genre Fiction
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    Greg Iles
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    Hodder & Stoughton (2001)
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    480 pages
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    Genre Fiction
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Praise for greg iles. Rejoice: Greg Iles has published another thriller. prose is clean, his characters motivated by deep-seated emotion buried in their troubled past.

Praise for greg iles. South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Iles continues to amaze with his incredible range, this time around crafting a complex serial killer novel. The Orlando Sentinel. Deep Sleep is filled with nonstop action, but enough serious subject matter to leave you with something to think about. The New Orleans Times-Picayune. Atmospheric, sexy, and provocative.

How have I never read any Greg Iles? What an oversight.

I bought this book after reading my first novel by Greg Iles.

I am not at that meeting. I’ve been banished to SAC Bowles’s office. Once again, exclusion defines my status as an outsider

I am not at that meeting. Once again, exclusion defines my status as an outsider. Attorney for New Orleans, the New Orleans chief of police, the sheriff of Jefferson Parish, and various other big shots. It’s amazing how they come out of the woodwork when there’s a whiff of success in the air. While I wait, my mind whirls with memories of Marcel de Becque, his paintings, his beautiful Vietnamese servant, and the photo of my father on his wall.

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Greg Iles is the author of thirteen international bestselling novels, including Turning Angel, True Evil, Third Degree and the New York Times N. bestseller The Devil’s Punchbowl.

Greg Iles is the author of thirteen international bestselling novels, including Turning Angel, True Evil, Third Degree and the New York Times N.

exceptional !!!!! very,very good!! enjoyed !!
Simply a poor novel, by an author who has written much better books. The characters are unsympathetic, the plot is implausible, and the reader is left not caring about the ending at all.
Loved it!!
I downloaded this book because I saw it on a (want to read list) from someone on Goodreads. The title inspired me to look into the reviews of the book and I was hooked! I am not one for going into a lot of detail, I HAVE HAD TOO MANY BOOKS SPOILED FOR ME THAT WAY. Even reading the reviews on this book could have left some major parts out. I guess I'm saying is that this was an excellent book for me. A lot of twists throughout the book. Even though some might criticize the incompetency of the FBI in this story, I couldn't have cared less- IT'S A STORY!!! Well written, I loved the way he wrote about Jordan's character, some background eh? All in all for me this was a 5 star, (and I'm sticking to it!) Great imagination, I'm sick of all these alcoholic woman who see things in their stupor and don't do anything about it until the last chapter, Give me a book I can sink my teeth into , thank you very much!
I bought this book after reading my first novel by Greg Iles. There was an excerpt of this novel at the end of that book, and it interested me so much that I had to buy it. Mr Iles is a sophisticated, talented author who writes very interesting fiction-that's my evaluation after reading 2 of his novels. I will certainly buy more-from AMAZON'S USED BOOKS SELLERS. I have never been unsatisfied by books sent from used book sellers on Amazon. The plot centers on murders of women who were painted in death. These paintings were called "Sleeping Women". One picture in Asia stunned a war-photographer, who saw her own face and body on a picture being shown in an art gallery. I won't give away anymore of this interesting story, except to say that the "Bad Person" isn't easy to detect in the course of the plot. There are actually many people to suspect. The reason I gave the novel a 4 instead of a 5 is that some of the events are pretty unlikely in "the real world", although our real world is pretty strange now itself!
This story plot really had me hooked. I could barely put the book down. I liked the cast of characters. Unfortunately, Iles tread into so much sex, rape and abuse you loose the fun of the mystery. You get exhausted in the sordidness. Why does every woman need to be raped or abused in his books? These seem to be a recurrent themes in his books. The ending was too drawn out and gave the heroine almost superhuman skills, intelligence and strength to save herself. Maybe I just like my heroes believable.
After reading several of Iles books, and initially liking the premise , storyline and characters , flawed and otherwise, and being drawn into the story, I am disappointed because Iles cannot resist dirtying the story ending with dehumanizing sex , and over the top heroics.
I am beginning to wonder if the fun of the beginning of his books is worth the disappointing endings. Of course I may not live long enough to finish the trilogy of Natchez Burning.
Greg Iles is a master of the imaginative crime, complex plot and conflicted characters. This novel is typical. The story involves a world-famous photographer who discovers a painting of her missing identical twin sister, a serial kidnap victim in New Orleans, in a gallery in Hong Kong. The painting is one of a series of nude “sleeping” women, possibly dead, that has become a favorite of rich collectors. The story quickly morphs into an FBI procedural as the photographer joins an FBI team in New Orleans to correlate the paintings with the missing women and to find the perpetrator(s). I have two major issues with this story which lower its appeal for me. First, I thought the ending was too sweet, though I am sure many readers appreciate a happy ending. Second, I am not a fan of Iles’ typical “thriller” sequences, in which he puts his protagonists into a precarious position from which they must rescue themselves by almost superhuman efforts. However, I am sure that these sequences sell more books (and movie scripts?) than the parts I like. I also have two minor quibbles. The book is one of the “Mississippi” series, though almost nothing of consequence happens in that state. Iles seems to have a minor obsession with Viet Nam and its veterans, though maybe that is simply a convenient plot element.
Although the basic plot is quite interesting, I thought that this book bogged down in the middle of the story and was less compelling than many of Iles' other efforts.