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by Ruth Langan
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Genre Fiction
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    Ruth Langan
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    Harlequin Mills & Boon (2000)
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Married to her childhood sweetheart, she has raised. Recent titles by the same author: HIGHLAND BARBARIAN.

Ruth Langan traces her ancestry to Scotland and Ireland. It is no. surprise, then, that she feels a kinship with the characters in her. historical novels. Married to her childhood sweetheart, she has raised. MILLS &l BOON <^^. To Aubrey Langan Bissonnette. And to her proud parents, Carol and. Bryon.

Highland Heather (Historical Romance). Ms Langan has the ability to stir strong emotions in the reader. Highland Fire (Historical Romance . Ruth Langan. This book has all the elements that make a great read; intrigue, romance, humor, traitors, kidnapping, battles, revenge, et. . A great read, and highly recommended.

Texas Historical Romance Box Set. Ruth Ryan Langan.

Brenna MacAlpin is leader of her clan, and a powerful woman in Scotland, but when she faces Morgan Grey, known throughout her land as The Queen's Savage, a fierce English warrior who rides in defense of his queen, she is willing to fight him to the death. Texas Historical Romance Box Set.

We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever afters-they transport us back decades, even . Heather Graham’s Triumph, the final book in the Old Florida series, follows the star-crossed affair between a Union soldier and Southern belle.

We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever afters-they transport us back decades, even centuries, and to places we can never go. And when you combine a swoon-worthy love story with a lush historical setting, you've got a recipe for an irresistible literary escape. From the Wild Wild West to Regency England, these 24 historical romance novels are the best of the best. War, hostile families, and an unfortunate marriage stand between the two lovers, threatening to destroy their relationship.

Highland Heart 070-011-4. rich, vivid and passionate "I want you to leave. To Caitlin Bea Shrader, And to her proud and happy parents, Mary and. 0 By: Ruth Langan Synopsis: amie MacDonalds was a lonely and dangerous task unite the feuding Highland clans against a traitor's conspiracy.

Award-winning author (New York Times Extended List and USA Today best-seller) Ruth Ryan Langan has written more than fifty novels, both contemporary and historical.

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. Award-winning author (New York Times Extended List and USA Today best-seller) Ruth Ryan Langan has written more than fifty novels, both contemporary and historical. She creates characters that Affaire de Coeur magazine calls, "so incredibly human the reader will expect them to come over for tea", and Rendezvouz described as, "Absolutely soar with imagery, suspense, plot twists, and passionate, sexual tension.

Highland Heather book. Published (first published January 1st 1991). Details (if other): Cancel. 0263823008 (ISBN13: 9780263823004).

Find highland romance from a vast selection of Books. Lot of 7 SCOTTISH HIGHLAND ROMANCE Books -FREE SHIPPING. Customs services and international tracking provided. The Reluctant Highlander: A Highland Romance by Amanda Scott (English) Paperback.

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I read the first book in this series and enjoyed it, but this one was definitely not as good. I did NOT like the hero at all. He was an arrogant jerk. The worst part was the two main characters couldn't stand each other one minute and the next they are declaring their love for each other. I'm not joking, in one night they go from being rude and insulting to - Oh my goodness you make me burn, I'm soooo in love with you....

I did not like the way the queen was portrayed and the supporting characters were lacking in my opinion.

Unfortunately the rest of the book I skimmed and what parts I did read I was rolling my eyes.

I'm sorry to say that this book was a very disappointing second book in the series after enjoying the first book so much, not sure if I will go any further in this series.
I mostly enjoyed this one. My only complaint is it was very similar to the first book to where it almost felt like the same book. A few of the details between the love interests seemed almost identical. Also I wish there was more romantic development described between Morgan and Breena. He pretty much just kisses her into submission the first half of the book and then they are suddenly in love with minimal development. I also wish there were less meals described. You end up reading about them eating every other chapter and it's the same details of those meals over and over. On a plus side this had a lot of action and intrigue and you even get a little bonus romance story between a couple side characters. I love the writing style. The author has so many likable characters and you feel like you know them all. The pace isn't too slow and it isn't sexually graphic but there is sex in it. Overall if you didn't read the first book you will probably enjoy this one but if you did read the first book this one isn't as good in comparison.
I enjoyed book 1 of this series. There were a few things that kept me from also liking Highland Heather.
The dislike between the Brenna and Morgan was really played up. Brenna was also presented as a smart, capable, fierce woman. So, I found it aggravating that she just loses all ability to think or control herself because Morgan's kisses and touches are so overwhelming. Yeah, I know it's a romance novel, but, in my eyes, that diminishes the heroine.
The thing that I found the most upsetting was that Morgan just walked away from the woman he, supposedly, loved without asking her anything about a choice that she made.
I don't recommend this book.
the Highland Barbarian gave a little insight into this book's heroine, Brenna, so you might feel that you understand/know her.But I like those books that pit family obligations and honor against the wishes of the heart and how the players resolve these issues. This author, Ruth Ryan Langan, lets you in on the struggle, but it is not overly done-no one is beating their chest-and the reader feels and understands the struggle and then is completely satisfied with the outcome and finally feel that they have finished a very good book. At least I did!!!
Excellent book a must read and with each word that is read you really are hooked, what an excellent writer! I never want to miss a book in every series and I highly recommend this book and all books by this author! Fantastic book, you will not want to put it down, I know I didn't and I wanted more and I feel that you will also! Great, Great, Book!
This a beautiful love story. Morgan and Brenna both are loyal subjects. Morgan kidnaps Brenna and brings her to the English queen. Their adventures bring about dastardly results. There is always a really evil person who causes pain and destruction. Morgan and Brenna find the worst. It is a happy ending. Ms. Langland writes a really superb book. Don't miss her series. This is a must read.
Loved the audio option I was having troubles focusing due to watery eye during spring allergy season. I found between able to hear and see the words' shapes I was able to follow along better than expected. My Kindle saved the day again.
Wasn't sure I would like this series so I started with the second book after reading the captions. I found this book very interesting and enjoyable to read. The first time read from this Author but will not be the last. I like her aggressive beginning and plot and 'to the point' dialogue.