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by Holly Jacobs
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    Holly Jacobs
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    Harlequin Flipside; Original edition (January 23, 2004)
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I write for Montlake Romance and Harlequin. but at heart, they're all stories of love

Ari Kelly thought she had a perfect life. I write for Montlake Romance and Harlequin. but at heart, they're all stories of love.

Hung Up on You Holly Jacobs. Books by Holly Jacobs. Hung Up (сингл) - Hung Up Сингл Мадонны c альбома Confessions on a Dance Floor Выпущен 17 октябр. икипедия. Hung Up - Hung Up Сингл Мадонны из альбома Confessions on a Dance Floor Выпущен.

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Format: Mass Market Paperback.

Hung Up on You by Holly Jacobs Harlequin Flipside ISBN 0-373-44183-5 February 2004. From the book: Hung Up on You. By: Holly Jacobs. Imprint and Series: Harlequin Flipside. Publication Date: 2/04. Chapter One. "So, I guess we should just do it," Collin Walters said without a hint of enthusiasm. Pardon?" Adrienne Kelly asked her long-time fiancé. ISBN: ISBN 0-373-44183-5.

Holly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adventure. Hope this helps! Thank you to everyone who's picked up a single book, or more of them. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much support!

Holly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adventure. Well, my fictional life sounds more interesting, but not better than my real life. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much support! Holly. PS I have had problems with books I didn't write being self-published here and listed 'by Holly Jacobs'.

Segments that make you smile have built up her entire career.

Princess Marie Anna Parker Mickovich Dillonetti, aka Parker Dillon, may have convinced some folks that she was just a waitress. Fans of Holly Jacobs’ I WAXED MY LEGS FOR THIS? are in for another zany romantic comedy in this Holly Jacobs’ Classic Romance. Nice News matters to reporter Paige Montgomery, aka Pollyanna Paige. Segments that make you smile have built up her entire career. cynical newsman, Riley Calhoon.

Holly Jacobs, Author (Official). It was a short-lived series, but I did write two books for it–Hung Up on You was the first. This is one of the few stories that isn’t set in, or around, Erie. e side of the state in Philadelphia.

Somewhere in between managing the family business and dealing with out-of-control relatives, Ari Kelly had done something for herself–finished her thesis on stress and phone-answering systems

Somewhere in between managing the family business and dealing with out-of-control relatives, Ari Kelly had done something for herself–finished her thesis on stress and phone-answering systems. And now that was causing her more stress than anything else! Because her brilliant thesis had been picked up by the newspapers (yeah!) and had had the facts twisted (uh-oh). Now her phone was ringing off the hook–and a gorgeous hunk was pounding down her door, determined to make her retract her statements about his new answering service.

Hung Up On You by Holly Jacobs released on Jan 23, 2004 is available now for purchase.

Just read Holly's book Hung Up On You. As always Holly brings unique characters to life and has you ready to cry one second and burst out laughing the next.

For those wanting a review with a brief synopsis, here it is...
Ari is the kind of woman who tried her best, but life pushes her around constantly. She still tries her best, working her way to the dream job and the dream fiancé. Just when she thinks things are finally going right, everything blows up! Her work gets misinterpreted in a tabloid, her parents argue, making her mother move on with her, and her fiancé wants 'a break'!
Enter wet dream worthy Simon... His company, the love of his life, is directly damaged by the misquoted article! Take charge Simon demand Ari help him prove the article wrong.
The result is a comedy of errors worthy of a Rock Hudson Doris Day movie! Confusion, emotion and lovable characters combine fir the type of happily ever after that you expect from a Holly Jacobs story.
This is a fun book to read but sadly not a keeper. Holly Jacobs next book is a keeper. It is called “Found and Lost”. Definitely get it.
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The study is in, Ms. Jacob's latest, Hung Up on You, has been proven to reduce stress and lighten one's mood immensely, being the cure to the pressures of every day life.

Adrienne 'Ari' Kelly has a "perfectly wonderful" life. She has just finished her thesis, on the relationship between telephone answering systems and increased stress, her dream job was wrapped up and waiting for her, and her fiancé was finally ready to tie the knot. So why wasn't she jumping for joy?

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact a rag magazine had taken her thesis results and twisted them for a good story. It definitely couldn't be that her dream job was gone because of the butchered study.... Or because her fiancé decided they needed to take a break from each other and postpone the wedding, after all, he can't, as a brilliant doctor, have any negative publicity besmirching his name. Or her family falling apart all around her. No.. It couldn't be any of that, could it?

Simon Masterson has dedicated all of his time in the past few years, even at the sacrifice of his personal life, to building his company, SimonSays, which develops telephone answering systems. He is presently putting the finishing touches on what was his best system yet, Cindy, guaranteed to make telephone mazes simpler and easier to navigate. The last thing he needs is some uptight female ruining things for him with her study that is all made up of lies. When he shows up on her doorstep demanding a retraction of the story, things just go from bad to worse.

When Ari and Simon meet at her door, sparks fly and tempers flare... Until they realize they may be the solution to each other's problems. Simon convinces Ari to do another study, this time on Cindy, and maybe find out if that wasn't just the best one out there. In trade, he will help her out with her family crisis, stepping in to assist in cleaning up the mess. Meanwhile, they will both be free to explore their mutual attraction to each other, with no strings, and even a "done-deal" set date. But neither counted on the fact that what they thought was their worst nightmare, may actually be a dream come true.

The story is full of wit and humor, with an unusual subject for the plotline, in this, Ms. Jacobs' first Flipside book. Comedy at its best, there are always the requisite scenes for making a reader laugh out loud over the vivid images created. Most certainly too, this reviewer will never look at a game of Monopoly in quite the same way again. Why? Well read the book and understand. The details of Ari and Simon's "deal" are amusing; in some of the ways it can be mutually beneficial to them both.

As always, Ms. Jacobs, a talented romantic comedy writer, delivers a pleasing tale. Her sense of humor prevails, making for a book that is chock-full of hilarity. One would have never imagined telephone answering systems, complete with mechanical voices and bad muzak, could be funny. Nor could it have been dreamed that they could have such a long range of reaction attached to them.

All of the characters are enchanting, as is a trademark of the author. Who would have thought two such different people as Ari and Simon would come together? They are more then a match for each other in fire and attitude. The secondary characters always add a new element, from Ari's irrepressible mother to her walker-brandishing grandmother, Bubbi. And one can't forget Simon's indomitable office assistant, Celia, among others. What an eclectic bunch of personalities here!

Ms. Jacobs' book is well worth picking up for some light reading, or for the next time the reader is stuck in a dead-end telephone maze. It will certainly prevent one's stress level from rising, maybe even counteracting the tension of everyday life.

© Kelley A. Hartsell, December 2003. All rights reserved.
In Philadelphia Adrienne "Ari" Kelly knows stress as she is proud that her thesis "The Effects of Telephone Answering Systems on Psychological and Physical Well Being" was published by Psychology Forum. The paper centered on the stress caused by phone-answering systems that leave customers in frustrating loops and make it easier to gain an audience with the Pope than talk to a human. Her family and the family business add extra pressures on Ari besides two years of hard work obtaining her advanced degree.
Popular Rag Magazine distorts Ari's paper with an article on "If the Wait Doesn't Kill You ... The Answering System Will. This causes Simon Masterson's stress level to go stratospheric when the influential Financial Journal picks up the story and wants to interview him on the impact of his firm's computerized telephone answering systems have on people's stress level. Simon, owner of SimonSays, demands she backs her findings with data or retract her article. She explains to him how Rag distorted her paper and the Rag followed up by making matters worse. Ari's stress is to the moon with her new job on hold, her fiancé ending their engagement, and her libido making her want to study her lust for Simon.
HUNG UP ON YOU is an amusing contemporary romance with an intriguing serious tone involving external stress inducers that readers will empathize with. The story line is fun to follow as Ari's life collapses starting with the Rag's abuse of her thesis. Though her lunatic family takes away from the prime plot starring a delightful mismatched pairing, the audience will enjoy this wonderful tale.
Harriet Klausner