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by Cassie Walder
Download Dream Lover fb2
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    Cassie Walder
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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 12, 2009)
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MS Reader (LIT) ISBN 1-84360-227-X. Cover Art by Darrell King.

MS Reader (LIT) ISBN 1-84360-227-X. Mobipocket (PRC) ISBN 1-84360-228-8. All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave. Warning: The following material contains strong sexual content meant for mature readers.

Dream Lover by. Cassie Walder. Dream Job by.

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Are they just dreams or visions of the future? Edwina’s been dreaming of Klaus since she was ten years old.

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Are they dreams or visions of the future? Edwina first dreamed of Klaus von Bruner when she was only ten years old. Since then, not a night has passed by that visions of him haven't haunted her. She has compared every man she's ever known to Klaus, all of them suffering by comparison.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Clearly, that's more than just being her Dream Lover. Are they just dreams or visions of the future? Edwina’s been dreaming of Klaus since she was ten years old. Now, he's walked into her life, by walking into her shop. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Sleeping Beagle BooksReleased: Sep 5, 2009ISBN: 9781458024619Format: book. carousel previous carousel next. Who is he? WHAT is he?

Are they just dreams or visions of the future? Edwina’s been dreaming of Klaus since she was ten years old. Who is he? WHAT is he? More importantly, what does he want from her? Clearly, that's more than just being her Dream Lover.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 486 Kb. Nights and Darkness. 359 Kb. Hearts of Steel. Stewart Elizabeth, Walder Cassie, dunne Jennifer. 807 Kb. 455 Kb. Night And Darkness. 413 Kb. The Peasant's Wise Daughter.

Are they just dreams or visions of the future? Edwina began dreaming of Klaus when she was ten years old. Since then, he's been in her dreams every night. Now, he's walked into her life, by walking into her shop. Who is he? WHAT is he? More importantly, what does he want from her? Clearly, that's more than just being her Dream Lover.

It would be wonderful if we could all experience the all encompassing love that Klaus has for Edwina it would be a wonderful address. Edwina is a smart, confident, private and caring individual. She has had dreams about Klaus since childhood. No man has ever been able to live up to his standard, so she has remained a virgin. When he walks into her gardening shop, she is as drawn to him in the flesh as she is in her dreams.
Klaus has wanted Edwina for a long time and has no desire to wait any longer. He will do whatever it takes to win her as his companion and wife. He is a determined, driven, compassionate, and understanding person. He is gentle and loving with Edwina. I highly recommend this book.
Edwina Johnson started dreaming about a special man when she was only 10 years old and now twenty-five years later; he is still in her dreams almost every night. This fantasy man has woven a world of titillating romance and erotic adventure. After all this time, she has stopped wondering about the interpretation of the dreams and just enjoys.

No wonder Edwina never finds a man good enough in the real world. No one measures up to the unbelievable man in her dreams.

And night the mysterious Klaus von Bruner shows up at her store and totally blows her away. They are drawn into a web of hot erotic attraction but Edwina wants
to take her time getting to know Klaus before everything gets too out of control.

Klaus has been watching Edwina for many years and knows her research in genealogy is brilliant and may have some answers for him. He wants her for his wife but wants her to make that decision on her own.

The tension between the two people is scorching. Klaus is protective, respectful, caring and hungers for Edwina. When a disgruntled tenant threatens Edwina, Klaus wants to keep her safe with him so that they can have a life together...for all eternity.

Cassie Walder has written a marvelous story about vampires that has a new refreshing outlook. In this case, this enticing story draws you to the creatures of the night with a whole new prospective. Makes you wonder, if all dreams can come true. Just maybe, they will.
Early Waffle
"Life is but a dream."
Dreams can sometimes be used to tell us our innermost secrets if one can interpret them correctly. Sometimes dreams may even be erotic fantasies. Now, imagine you dream of the same man almost every night . . . for twenty-five years. In your dreams, he knows you intimately and you even watch yourself sharing his life and bearing his children. Edwina Johnson has been having such dreams since she was ten. She has grown to love this man in her dreams and no other man will ever measure up to the reality of her fantasy. That is, until the dream walks into her shop. Her dream. In the flesh!
Klaus von Bruner has watched Edwina since he first became aware of her genetic research. He recognized it for what it was; brilliant. He knows that she may be the key to the future of his kind. His own future with this woman is a bit more personal. He finds himself completely infatuated with her. Never in all his long years has a woman captured his imagination as completely as Edwina has. The first night he met her in her shop was almost like a dream come true for him. He had kissed her senseless and she had given herself over to his control without a fight at first. He could have taken her the first time there, but he knew to do so would quite possibly be to lose her forever. He wanted her to come to him willingly, without reservation.
Edwina knew she could not fight her attraction for the handsome Klaus. Her only hope was to put him off for a while, until she could get to know him outside of the dream. But she was finding out rather quickly that her sweetest dreams and reality were one in the same.
When Edwina is threatened by a disgruntled tenant, Klaus knows he must do his best to speed up his plans to marry her. He wants her safe with him . . . for eternity. Before he can take her into his life, she must learn exactly what she is dealing with. Edwina already suspects Klaus is much more than he seems. But sometimes, dreams only hint at reality and that is what the lovely Edwina is about to find out.
Forget everything you think you know about vampires. This story creates a refreshing new legend to capture the reader's imagination and makes you look twice at those people insisting upon working the night shift! Ms. Walder tells a wonderful tale that is at once intelligent and engaging. Once you enter this particular dream world, you may find yourself hoping that life IS but a dream .
In Champaign, Illinois Kit Anderson needs money to complete her doctorate, so she applies for a job at a highly secure nearby research center. Though reluctant, Kit agrees to a middle of the night interview with the center's top scientist, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Carl Roddenberg. Lacking cash for a cab and with no public transpiration, Kit walks alone in the dark until two nasty powerful thugs assault her using extraordinary physical means beyond the capability of humans. She kills one and escapes from the other by gliding through a research center door that was opened less than an inch, an impossible feat that fails to register in Kit's mind.
Carl studies the security film that shows her incredible escape and her DNA results. He knows he must help her understand her true inner essence and assist herin becoming a member of the Community he protects. Though he keeps much secret from his new employee, Carl and Kit fall in love, but lurking out there is a vampire wanting Kit dead.
DREAM JOB is a strong vampire romance with some erotic elements that makes the supernatural seem authentic due to a powerful cast headed by two capable individuals. Kit and Carl are a delightful pair while the support cast especially a vampiric scoundrel provides the depth to this exciting story line though that also slows the down action. Fans of supernatural romances will appreciate this thriller and dream of novels past and future by talented Cassie Walder.
Harriet Klausner